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    Наконец, я предлагаю вам прочитать Кронштадт 1921 года и право Ленина на самоопределение. Я приехал сюда с именем Нестора Махно, командира анархистов, который был убит в Украине. Ваш стиль и поведение напоминают убийственные белые. Мы столь же благородны, как Красная Армия, и разговариваем с нами достойно. Не бросай нам клевету. играть в свое удовольствие, клеветать с амбициями выиграть наше развлечение.

    Все народы мира являются братьями. Религия, культура, цвет, а не труд велики. Приветствую здесь всех других народов, желаю вам хорошего дня.

    На английском пожалуйста :)

    in English please :):)

    перевод проверь

    I don't know what you mean

    я не пойму о чем ты

    We talk about this place is pointless, nonsense and we decided not to be involved here. This server has a ridiculous diplomacy between the kingdoms. Without including them, we just want to play for fun and avoid that meaningless diplomacy. Therefore, we do not prefer to communicate with anyone other than our own kingdom. Only one kingdom Turk in com2. Because of that, If you say anything negative about the Turks, we will be taken over. in a nutshell, the average age of our members is between thirty and sixty years. therefore, they are not very familiar with other areas of communication, such as the forum. if you want to meet too much, i can talk to our management to get you in our whatsapp group. Wish everyone a good day, enjoyable games :)

    So much lies in one post on this forum still not was.

    1) do You think the forum is meaningless, nor communicate with anyone, but I read it constantly. Eavesdropping on other people's conversations is much more interesting ))

    At the mention of you, you instantly appeared here))

    2) Avoid diplomacy ( very badly avoid)), but conduct joint attacks with OPG to capture treasures on Power-On. participate in the defense of the OPG, against Empire, take a gift from the OPG of their treasures. This is not even hidden by the leaders of the organized criminal group.

    3) the most ridiculous diplomacy on kom2-this when you accept itself in wings their same multi accounts. Your game looks like this:

    4) Looking at the threat of grabs from your side (this is the language of schoolchildren) is your average age from 8 to 15 years. Here very many passes disputes between players, but threats in worded each other nor who not writes.

    5) that my post can capture all my villages, they are well built and ready to cover the tables with Goodies for the guests of honor. Only the capital me leave, I will fleeing from you across the map, until the end of the server.

    6) Invite in group vatsap very a good idea. Invite there on one chief kingdoms server com2 and they will see how many indeed real players you have in the Kingdom

    7) as many account locks as you have, and whole kingdoms of wings were not on any server. Today, the Kingdom of the Turks looks like this

    8) Try not to get confused in their. do not fall into the dirt face

    or your game will end like this


    Then move your chat to the right section in forums.. As Jak said, you are destroying the INTERNATIONAL forum for everyone else who doesn't speak russian.

    And those who do not speak English? I don't speak English. I write in two languages for the convenience of all. What's your problem ?

    А те кто не говорит по английский? Я не владею английским. Пишу на двух языках для удобства всех. В чем у вас проблема ?


    Любалюб, ты сам же подтвердил на этом форуме, что вы обороняли GBB. Сам то отвечаешь за свои слова?

    Lyubalyub, you himself same confirmed on this forum, that you defended GBB. Are you responsible for your words?

    Любалюб, you yourself understand what you write?

    In one night, the Empire destroyed all your off. And later 6 hours she destroyed your deff and basic Treasury
    GGG only provided a platform (ring) to send OPG in a deep knockout.
    If you can't lie, don't lie.
    There is no point in doing a "good face on a bad game"
    The game is still bad ))

    Любалюб, ты сам понимаешь что пишешь?
    За одну ночь Империя уничтожила весь ваш офф и через 6 часов она уничтожила ваш дэфф и основную сокру.
    GGG лишь предоставило площадку (ринг) чтобы отправить ОПГ в глубокий нокаут ;D.
    Если врать не умеешь, не ври.
    Нет смысла делать "хорошую мину при плохой игре"
    Игра то все равно плохая ));):)

    Humankind has always been tried to fill the deficiency of lacking stuff from the begining. In this game it's not different, Kingdoms try to do this too.

    I understand you tho, you lack quality, you try to fill this deficiency with "diplomacy".

    You know nothing on the server, but you invent a lot of fakes:)

    shame, empty phrase:|