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    don't do their job, I can do 5 races easily and balanced, but that's their job, not yours

    But this is the game we love. And we will definitely work for its development. They do their job too. And as the game progresses, we enjoy it even more. Even if they do not like to add a new tribe to the game, I say my opinion.

    Hero Feature:

    +5 daily culture point per hero level

    +25 daily culture point per village

    Usually 1% of players have a level 100 hero after half the game time. 100 * 5 = 500

    500 cultural points is equivalent to a complete village. This means that after half of the game, about 1% of players will receive the equivalent of a full village cultural points if they use this trick. And this is while at this time of the game more than 5% of the players have 9 villages. So the cultural advantage that a player gets from increasing the level of the champion is not so much.

    About 25 cultural points for each village. Level 20 warehouse has a cultural score of 38. This means that this feature is not equivalent to a cultural advantage that a level 20 warehouse produces. These 25 points give the player about 5% more cultural points. The best players have 9 villages in the middle of the game. That is, they get 225 cultural points per day from this feature.

    But why is this feature intended for this tribe?

    If you look closely at the force analysis tables, you can see that this too can make the weakest hammer. Its cavalry is also in the last category for looting. And its two infantry are not suitable for small looting because they are a group. You can hardly see this tribe among the looters. Of course, professional players can definitely use the unique features of each trophy properly, but with these troop, this tribe will have a lot of trouble to progress. Having the advantage of cultural points makes it possible for the player to provide the required resources by building more villages.

    Thus, the advantage of cultural points has been created to compensate for the weakness of the attacking troop.

    Unknown Thanks for the positive feedback you always have.

    But about the questions you asked:


    Different methods can be chosen about the group of soldiers. You know that ideas are endless. But what I suggest is a very simple way so that the development team does not have to spend a lot of time. My definition of a group is a hypothetical definition. What you finally have to imagine is a soldier. We have a group, but all the actions of the game towards that group are like one soldier, not several soldiers. Like cavalry. We know that a cavalry consists of a soldier and a horse. In other words, it is a group. But the game's actions towards it are like a soldier, not a group. The same goes for catapults. A catapult is led by a group of 6 people. But the game considers it a unit and all operations on it are like a soldier. So our definition of a group is a hypothetical one because each Sparabara is known as one troop, not as 5 archers or immortals as one troop, not as 10 soldiers. I repeat again. We can have better definitions of the group, but choosing this definition is just to make it easier to add to the game.

    One might ask, well, this definition is not very different and has no special features. But I will explain to you why being a group is a special feature and what new strategies it can create. For example, in other tribes, each bandage can revive one troop. In other words, in a war with 10 thousand troop, you can revive 3333 troopwith 3333 bandages. But in Persian tribe instead of 10 thousand troop; We have 1000 immortals. And with just 333 bandages, we can revive 333 immortals that have the same power as 3333 troop of other tribe. And this is the exact definition of Immortals. Soldiers who die with difficulty.

    Play with Persian Tribes

    The troop of this tribe are quite special. In such a way that each of them gives the player different strategies. Also, the hero feature of this tribe, which is the production of cultural points, is suitable for players who want to build more villages. Here are some special buildings or alternative buildings, each of which adds a new strategy to the game. I believe this tribe is very suitable for professional players. Of course, inexperienced players can also use it, but it will definitely be a little harder for them.

    The defensive power of this tribe can persuade defensive players to use this tribe instead of playing with the Gaul or even Roman tribe. The original features of this tribe are not similar to Teuton. And if you check, you will find that usually 80% of server players use Roman or Gaul tribe. I think a significant percentage of these players will play with this tribe.

    The Balance

    One of the most important things I emphasized was keeping the balance of the game. Other soldiers can be selected for Persian Tribe. But the selection of these soldiers because of their characteristics and the details of each has been done with a lot of careful research. For hundreds of hours, I have done complex calculations on their exact numbers to balance the game in addition to the uniqueness of the tribal soldiers. However, after testing it on test servers, it may be necessary to make small changes, but in general, everything is carefully selected.

    My friends, I saw the troop he says. Large barracks and stables are needed to build these troop. Also, that player has only one village and is in a small kingdom with 2 players. And that there were not in the top 10.

    To build these troop, at least 13 days of resources of 13 villages of level 10 are needed.

    The very bad thing is that these hammers are created at the beginning of the game and destroy a kingdom and will menhir it to another place and destroy another kingdom. I hope such movements will be stopped ...

    Hello friends. As you know, we have few players in speed 1 servers. Some players also leave their account after a few days or weeks for some reason. Here is an idea to support new players who are new to the game or players who want to play but are weak for some reason and their villages are easily attacked by other players.

    Support Fund. Each server has a fund called a support fund that adds as much gold to the fund as the gold purchased by the players on that server. Gold is collected each week in the box and will be awarded to eligible players at the end of the following week. But which players receive gold?

    We will have a scoring system for all players based on which gold is awarded. The first 5 percent of the list is given 25 percent of the gold. The second 5% of the list is given 20% of gold. The third 5% of the list is given 15% of gold. The 10% is divided into the fourth 5% of the list and the rest of the gold is divided among the rest of the list.

    But how do players get or lose points?

    Newcomers who experience their first server receive a positive score each week, which decreases over time. Players whose number of troops is less than the average of the total server receive points. Players whose population is less than half the average server population receive points. Players in the top 10 lose points. Players from the top 6 kingdoms lose points in the first 5 weeks. Also, from week 6 onwards, players from the top 3 kingdoms lose points. And ...

    The purpose of this idea is to give a little support to new or weak players to be more encouraged with some gold gifts than the game.

    Unpredictable effects that may have a new effect on the game:

    Players may register on each server with a new account for more points. Players may avoid attending top kingdoms for more points.

    Thanks to Sir Cin Sincere for the idea of A solution for the unpopular Test gold policy

    These images are within the game. It is very good if these items are used. Of course, we do not need all of them ^^

    items@1.25x.png       small.png?c05c6d32b168ff0313c34f4444ea0abfb7fe2863      farmlist.png?18a4bf8057e6a823ea0562cda230d0e7ed31728c

    general.png?40f3b0844d3fd7db902dcd4ce142f0f9a752b992  movement.png?c402faecd1218cbad084bfb4b5579de151e7e354

    hud.png?02e559cbc777973608604e2d11587bcbe0ddec49   hero.png?9d3a4eddf75e947dcdf6ff146dc421145fd8ad89



    general.png?10c4a359d88d5c870eea0df9cd07f933f0a59881 genericItems.png?d7a80e11bc6592be55d86e9017dfe87badc214ed


    maleItems.png?3ac2ce0484512d27e7749d884ab2fb18ee068682  small.png?cfb90f674ff2da9b6c55520a454e7c4cffd7d59d

    How many different opinions and ideas do we have ... That all of them can be great
    But I want to use this post and talk to you a little bit.
    Most of the people who have posted or are posting in this thread are mostly well-thought-out people with new ideas who like this game to progress. That's why they take the time to come up with ideas.

    My friends, we can write hundreds of interesting ideas for the game. But we know that they are difficult to implement or that the development team's priority in other cases. Let's be honest with each other. One of the current problems of the game is the lack of players. I think it would be better if we focus on coming up with new ideas to attract more players or ...

    I believe that if we come up with new ideas on this issue, the development team will welcome them as well. I have read most of your ideas or written my positive or negative comments about them. I know that your mind is very flourishing and you can have great and interesting ideas in this field.

    It is okay to disagree, but I wanted to know - do you have active players on your farm lists?

    Yes but not 100 villages. The server I play on has only 400 active players. So it is unlikely that I will have 100 active villages to loot. Considering the amount of loot I have and the amount of looting of the top 10 people, I can say that almost less than 5 people need this feature on a server. Of course, on more crowded servers, this may be important to more people. The number of professional players like you who need this feature on a server is low. Of course, many may now support and say that it is a good idea, but this feature is either not useful for them or its use is very rare.

    The reason for my opposition is that professional players gain a lot of resources in looting, and their hammer troop sometimes change the fate of the game in low-player servers. Given the problem of lack of players in the game, it is better to support weak players to be more willing to play.

    However I am sure this idea can be useful for busy servers with more than 1000 active players in the middle of the game.

    When I first activated Plus, I was upset that I could not use scouts on the farm list. But as time went on, there was no need for scouts on the farm list. In fact, I adapted to the conditions of the game. I know it's useful to have them, but I feel it's better not to add them to the farm list. If we do everything with one click, everything becomes routine. Sorry if I disagreed with you.

    Great idea. I really enjoy reading some ideas like this. But I have a question. Do we have a crop problem in the game? Of course we have, and the big players and hammers and sometimes the big def makers have a crop problem. Especially kings. But dukes and governors usually have less crop problems because they receive a lot of crop from stolen goods sales. I emphasize again, I did not say it is not a problem. Yes there is. But this is not a general problem.

    As King, I use a number of methods to get governors to use stolen goods. They store them because they have low crop consumption and the stolen goods produce a lot of crop in the kingdoms. Recently, I saw a player with 2,000 stolen goods on the Speed server who did not use them despite the game being over. Or I had a player in my kingdom who had 500 and when for some reason he wanted to delete his account, he agreed to use them so that the kingdom could reach the treasuries.

    But I would be very happy to come up with an idea to make more use of these uninhabited. I like them very much and I enjoy seeing them on the map, but if they are used more, they will be more attractive ...

    What I said was for example. But if we continue the same example, I mean that a player on the Speed server can prepare and attack for chief much faster. But on a normal server this takes longer. By this I mean the importance of time. Everything happens faster on Speed servers. That's why 48 hours is enough, but in speed 1 servers, because everything is slower, 72 hours is more appropriate.


    What mark on the map do you want to make longer?

    field message

    Embassy lvl 15 could add 1 field distance to oasis aswell to make it a bigger bang for the buck. So with embassy 15 one could reach an oasis 4 fields away.

    In Kingdoms, distance from the oasis is very important. Villages within 3 fields have very little effect. At distance of 4 their effect will be much less. Also, this feature can not solve what was stated as a problem. The embassy level 20 is still not worth building in non-capital villages.

    Ok, so I understand that you want all members of the same kingdom to get the same benefit from the oasis, even if they contribute less troops and/or influence, is that correct?

    Would that be fair for all the players?

    This means going backwards. This was the same feature of Travian Legends. Travian Kingdoms oases are more attractive. But even if this feature is added, the problem will still not be solved. Level 20 embassies are also not affordable in non-capital villages.

    These are all features you mentioned. But it has nothing to do with what I said. I say that the level 20 embassy is very expensive and not worth building in non-capital villages. That's why I wrote several suggestions above.

    We have a problem with the number of players. Fewer players means fewer resources. This is not Travian servers from ten years ago where more than ten thousand people played, no matter how resources are wasted. On servers with 300 players, players must be helped to use resources in the right direction to make the game attractive. If it uses those resources to build troop, the game becomes more interesting. Kingdoms is not in a position to trap resources, as you say. Resources must be used in the right direction.

    Yes, definitely I agree. :)

    I am not sure if it is posible, but I understand that you want extra emojis in the forum and the actual forum emojis in game too. Right?

    Yes. If you look at the Travian Legends forum, you can see that there are also troop icons and so on. If we can use the same icons here or in the game, we will have better conversations.

    All these should work ingame too so how many do you want
    ps. I skipped half the categories... and still this many


    Yes, but how do we access them from the PC? I also did not mean such emoticons. I meant the icon of the troop and so on. Emoticons that are more related to the game.

    I suggest that we have the troop icon + resources, etc. both in the forum and in in-game conversations. Also, if we can use the emoticons that the forum has in the game conversations, the conversations will be better.
    Do you agree?

    I think in Speed 1 servers it is better to change the maximum duration from 48 hours to 72 hours or 96 hours. But in the Speed 3 server, the same 48 hours are enough.

    The reason for this offer is because this server is time consuming. For example, to conquer a village takes a lot of time to carry out several attacks.

    Do you agree?

    Unknown Thanks for the comment.

    It is a very radical change you propose here, it would mean a change to the whole game, starting with code and ending with the village's graphics.

    Of course, it is not very big, but big changes that are chosen correctly can have big positive results :)

    What comes to mind is that right now outside the village walls you have some extra slots you can open up in case of need, so I wonder how that plays with this option.

    But this feature is not easily obtained. You either have to be very, very lucky or consume a significant amount of gold to get the card. I could not get this card on the servers I played on. In one of them was found at the end of the game that was no longer useful.

    Personally I like the idea, but I wonder if it would subtract from the game play.

    Right now each player has to make choices based on space, importance of the buildings and the strategy for that specific village.

    That makes the game interesting, changing it how you mention could take away the challenge of choosing... making the whole process easier since you can choose the right village configuration and just more mechanic.

    I agree with you. Choosing the location of a new village is a challenge and should not be removed from the game. But I think I could not convey what I wanted to say. I note again that the number of tiles of this new type in the map determines your answer. By determining the right number of them, in addition to maintaining the previous challenges, new exciting challenges will be added to the game. For example, I'm sure that if 5% of the map is of this type, the previous challenges will definitely remain.

    Did you have a level 20 embassy? Of course, most of the time in the capital village or in the 15s you may have. But did you have an embassy level 20 in Resource Village (6444) or similar villages? If you did, you were literally wrong and wasting your resources. :D Why? I explain to you.

    We all know that building a level 10 embassy is worth it. Here we are talking about level 20. Let's see how much resources are consumed from levels 11 to 20. 1978365 Yes, you may not believe it, but from 11 to 20 we consume 1978365 resources. 1.978 M

    Now we want to examine whether we can get this amount of resources by getting a new oasis? Our goal is not to explore the capital village. Because there can be 20 embassies in the capital due to upgrading resources. We assume that a city (note I said a city, not a village) with 7 crop wants to raise the embassy to level 20. We know that in speed 1 servers, the production rate of each crop is 200 per hour. We know that in speed 1 servers, the production rate of each crop at level 12 is equal to 375 per hour. That is, the city can produce 7 * 375 = 2625 crop per hour. 2625 * 24 becomes 63000 crop per day. If we get a crop oasis with the embassy level 20, which we also receive a full 50% score, the amount of crop produced by the oasis per day is equal to 31500 crop. Now we divide the amount of resources needed to build level 20 embassies by the amount of resources that come from the oasis. 1978365 / 31500 = 62.8

    I know we had a lot of calculations. In short, at best, it takes 62 days to get as much resource from the oasis as the resources used to build. I emphasize again that this was one of the best cases. This best happens very, very, very rarely. If we did these calculations for an oasis of 25% crop + 25% wood, the number of days will definitely increase. How many months do you think the life of a speed 1 server is? Is it worth it to consume about 2 million resources now to benefit from another 2 months? We all know that each resource on the first server is worth more than a few days later or a few months later. And I emphasize again that we considered all the conditions for the best conditions ...

    OK. Now that you all understand why I call the embassy level 20 a giant, let's look at how to turn this giant into something better. I have many different ways. Some of them are not attractive to me at all, but because the TG development team is very bored with coding, I suggest them so that they can make a difference with a few minutes of writing code :D (I was joking, do not be upset ;) )

    Idea 1. You have no right to object. If you want to comment, comment on our new child graphics. Nothing can be changed except graphics and forums and buying gold and things like that. :D

    Idea 2. Only the capital can have level 20. In the village and other cities, the maximum level of the embassy will be 10 and you can not have more than 2 oases in them. (Such as palaces and residences)

    Idea 3. Reduce the cost of building the embassy from level 11 to 20 so that its upgrade is more valuable for the players.

    Idea 4. From level 11 onwards, for each level, 1% was added to the player's oasis score in non-capital villages. For example, in level 11, if the player has two oases, one with 40% and the other with 10% points for the user, their value will be 41 and 11. And this amount has no effect on other players. That is, with a level of 20 embassies, each oasis player will have 10% more points in that village or city.

    Idea 5. Have 75% and 100% oases that the player needs a level 20 embassy to take them in non-capital villages.

    what is your opinion? Do you agree with me? Which idea do you like the most? If you have a new idea, write so I can add it to the list.