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    Hello Travian Employees and Travian Players too!

    I have become disgusted by how the game hides the identity of defenders. This has created an extremely underhanded way for players to kill other player's troops with no consequence. Today I lost troops due to some player or players reinforcing a village and I am sure they are players from a kingdom we recently made a NAP with. Our inability to see who did it and take action accordingly has made the game a sad joke. Why should I not know who defended against me? Why should they get to lie and say "wasn't me"? Why do you have players who do not even finish a server, going around reinforcing grey inactive cities with defense just to kill off players troops with no consequence and then they quit the server anyhow. Travian, YOU opened this door and I suggest you shut it before you lose some very fine and creative players of your game.

    I have nothing good to say about Travian today.

    Yours Truly,


    Screenshot by Lightshot

    I am disgusted. What strategy do we have for the server being a complete failure? We can all quit and let Travian get away with the loot and move on (with our gaming life maybe, find something more worthy of time and effort/money spent)?

    It is too late to make it right now, with fixing it so we can merge kingdoms. That would be too little, too late.

    Kill 2X3!!!