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    I agree with all the above. Except the last point.

    Sometimes your best weapon is a wee conceited ally, a safe source of resources and defenses who your enemies are not suspecting.

    Finally the results

    Now my treasury in the new village is activated. And here is the summary and conclusion for the benefit of everyone:

    When I deactivated my treasury in village one, all treasures stored in my treasury disappeared (600 treasures). But the total value of all my 4 dukes treasures was showing as my kingdom total number of treasures (300 treasures).

    Once my treasury in my new village was activated, my new village treasury showed 600 treasures and my total is back to 1,000 treasures.

    What might have helped protect my treasures is the following: (I am guessing here)
    1 - Both kings close to me had a very low treasures count [120 and 28] indicating lower treasury levels than mine, so they could not store my treasures when I deactivated.
    2 - Both Kings villages and their governors villages close to my first village had lower population count than my villages and my governors
    villages in that area. Even now after deactivating my treasury in that village the other kings influence did not take over my governor villages.
    I think this is why my treasures were held for the new treasury to be activated, and remained in my Kingdom.

    I gambled and was lucky.

    I have no better guess. In the absence of better feedback from the developer, this is what I would recommend to you.

    Thank you for all those who tried to help. Much appreciated.

    Update as promised:

    My first treasury is deactivated.

    I started the activation of the treasury in the new village. (I was not able to do it before)

    My treasures disappeared from both treasuries they are nowhere.

    I did not see any neighbouring king increased in treasury count.

    We will not know where did the treasures go before 12 hrs maybe.

    Will update you only if anything changes

    Does the other king need to have a large enough treasury to take my treasures.

    eg. If his treasury is at level three and he can store 300 treasures but I have 1000 treasure,
    will 300 of my treasures be transferred to him?
    what happens to my remaining 700?
    will they be transferred to another king treasury or to my new village treasury?

    I wrote to support here is what they answered (very disappointing):

    Thank you for your message.
    The safest way is to wait for 4000 treasures so that you can have another active treasury. Otherwise you will have to abdicate in order to deactivate your only active treasury and someone may collect or steal your treasures meanwhile
    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
    Kind regards,
    Travian: Kingdoms team

    I am waiting for the deactivation and will see what will happen

    I can not tell what influence another king can have while my treasury is active, because my influence is stronger, and my population is higher, and I have more treasures than he does.

    I can not attack myself because I have 100 crocodile and 90 Bear... that will be very costly

    The only option is to deactivate and activate the new one but this will mean twice the time at high risk of losing my treasures

    I am a King,
    I have one active treasury and only 4 villages.
    I need to move my active treasury from village 1 to village 2.
    I built a treasury in Village 2 But I can not activate it I am too far from the 4.000 treasure
    What is the right way to make my treasury in village 2 Active and deactivate my treasury in village 1 without losing my treasures to another village?