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    Even if now you are saying truth but we can all agree thats this is bs
    you just want to get free win thats all
    you'v created masiv meta and thing you are god players... how many of you are on this serwer? 300-400?

    you have no wonder why you will not be able to win this server,

    Funny that you mention that... but i don't think you have one either and yes we are here not to win, but to play for fun, in other case we would be under the different name.

    the server is fun,but we do not attack all

    jesus... playing with so massive advantage in human resources is fun for you? and you don't want to attack everybody? just go play simcity...

    Sorry but this might be one of the worst changes in the game.

    This change mean that there will be no more treasures from robber camp for activ players and they are the ones who make the most usage from them.

    Heroes are to busiy to just send them to robbers camp so only those playeres who play simcity will benefit from that(if only they will know what to do with all that crop).

    How do you get someone to stop doing something that bothers you? Do you go to your teacher, your parent, the police, your politicians? No, you either find a way to avoid that person or you find a way to talk to them in a manner that will get them to stop.

    On a side note - players are generally lazy. They won't reinforce inactives across the map. Only a small percentage of players even farm the whole map. Therefore, if you are looking for the spiking player, often times it's a local to that village that is frustrated that they aren't getting free reign to the resources as they believe they have rights to it because it's nearby...or maybe they helped build it as a sitter. Point is, you don't usually have to guess too hard to figure out these things.

    Now i can't do anything because there is no way to find out who did this and it's not always someone who is closest, even if it is its always end up that every copy them and do the same in revenge.

    yeah but if you remove Queen from the board you do it for both sides, now this is looks like "defender" got one and the person who raid don't because no one will find out who did this

    but the game is more interesting when you have to sacrifice construction slots to build more warehouses or granarys.

    Yeah its ok but if you build great barack and great stable, drinking trough or brewery now it's getting little bit "crowded" and if you combine that with treasury, well... having extra 2 slots will not help you.

    1. Grey villages - tere is new topic on the forum, i've posted there what should be added/changed Reinforcing grey villages
    2. Robbers
      1. Hideout - Add timer that will show when they will attack you. Im always wait for that because i don't like waisting my troops on bots, on normal servers there is not to many reoursers from them usuely its for covering your losses, your only profits are stolen goods. Its not a problem when their time of attack was planned out exactly on the night(when you are offilne) because they will just wait for you to be online, but very often that end up that your off troops are raiding or you just send them on the off operation. Speed server are even worse, you can have your whole are ready for them but you left computer for couple of minutes and there is too late, you can't siege them.
      2. Camps - Improve spawnings slots. Thiere always spawn under the newest treasuries even when you have space for them under the old one. Reduce number of them but add more waves so more people can have something from them. Now its looks like that: 10 camps spawn, 3 of them have 5-6 waves the rest of them 2 maybe 3.
    3. Inbound/Outbound troops - Add some filter to that. I don't want to see deff that incoming to me within my 999 returning troops from raids or looking for the attack/reinforcement that i want to cancel between all of that
    4. in game chat
      1. Be able to "click" nickname the person who posted something.
      2. Possibility to assign role. Kings/dukes or the creator of the ss should have that kind of power for example give someone permission to write or lock the topic and you can post only the reports.
      3. Deleting/Editing.

    I've have had more ideas but you always forget about them. But i don't think you have to start new test server for "small" changes like that. You can create server for a week or two just to find if there is no bug. If you want to test something fully let it be worth of that something that will change gameplay like Hun and Egyptian or new building.

    Ps. Maybe new game mode? Server without WW so it will encourage players for more aggressive playstyle.

    But why you defend them if you can raid them and have free resources... and if you do so why defeder know who attacks, why the the person who raid them don't have chance to find out who sent deff?
    This game already gets boring somewhere in the middle of the server when ppl are starting to play simcity because they afraid losing their troops before WW. And now you can't even raids inactive players.

    Changing that you don't get deff points when someone attack grey village was for me the stupides idea. If someone send deff there, now we can't track them down, i want to be able to take my revenge on them.

    I have few more idieas for grey villages

    1. Be able to destroy capitol if this is 9c or 15c. If somoeone is inactive he don't need them, if he come back just let him start the tutorial one more time and chose where he wanted to spawn.

    2. Baned players- let us be able to attack them when they tourn into grey. There is no need to proteckt cheaters.