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    Hello I am Heimdall.

    We are playing on the server COM1 where huge metas have been rolled out. Some soon cover 20% of the map, which is fine - Nothing there, its the most active server since i began playing travian. Prices are insane (love it), and nearly every single pro player i met during my last 5 years of playing travian is here. Its truely a mecca for us who love a challenge.

    Here is the problem, I dont believe locking kings after the unity/merge between two kings is a good thing. Yes it works in some sense but when 1 king out of the 2 leaves the game half the coordinating then starts falling on dukes and governors - Kings are suppose to be our core of a kingdom. So i suggest in the case 1 king becomes inactive the other kingdom should be able to leave the current kingdom eventhough a unity have happend. It makes little sense staying in a unity pact when one of the kings have left - Seeing to many good kingdoms fall apart because of this and it ruins the many hours and time we put into the game for not to mention the gold and money.

    If you so choose please run a test to try it, or whatever you need. Im speaking for many players here when I make this request.

    Best Regards Heimdall

    Its not as hard as earliere this server but i have to relog multipel times to build......

    So its just slow it does work, but i will keep you updated.

    /Best Regards Heimdall

    Sounds good because the server lags again, cant instant finish... 00:00:00.

    Looking forward to the maintance

    status 22:37 reload.

    IT works, everything i have tested. Merchants and instant golding.

    not sure if evertyone else has it working, i am not sure it will continue but god it is good

    @Sienka tested too and it works

    Sienka Moonrise22:15

    if it had just occurred and travian had only been made aware of it i can understand. I know what it is like for servers and systems to go down and they are not fun and can take time to fix. But something that has been progressively getting worse for the past 3 days... i will have to say i am disappointed in travian and yes a lot of people probably have had worse problems in game from this than me but you would hope as something that provides a game and a service would do better than wait over 3 days and not publish any form of reason or apologies. I would hope that when this is sorted they post something otherwise their customers will feel massively underappreciated.

    And yes Heimdall you can put this on the forum if you wish since i still get that bloody error

    Cant post this, because of lacks so I will post.

    No, com7 works perfectly

    Heard from ingame player Jlius om com1 that his com3 is terrible as well. He got attacked by someone 4 hours away and he didnt even see the attack before it had happend.

    I only play com1 where it is truely not playable

    No, com7 works perfectly

    Heard from ingame player Jlius om com1 that his com3 is terrible as well. He got attacked by someone 4 hours away and he didnt even see the attack before it had happend.

    I only play com1 where it is truely not playable

    Hi Heimdall

    we're sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced! It's possible that some events such as troop movements get stuck sometimes but all of these should be resolved now.

    Could you please check again and let us know if you still see any stuck movements/events?

    Best regards

    Look above. it havent been fixed. A member of my kingdom said he couldnt enter for 2 hours. There is something seriously wrong. Been playing this games since it released on the old platforms and im telling you this is new and bad.


    Suddenly the server took a worse turn. Now everything freezes at 00:00:00 minutes. And this is giving me a crop and building problem. My villages overflow with resources which i cant spend even if i gold instant upgrade they still freeze at 00:00:00.

    Only way how to the guys reading is to build troops. Hope you dont have a crop problem because that will be really sad for you.

    Reinforcements, hero quests and so forward also freezes.

    Hello travian.

    For 3 days - Last time you started com3x3 and com3 the game have been laggy. Many in my kingdom feel this and today it suddenly wouldnt login properly. I think this is due to a server capacity problem due to "games" servers having to many players compared to what you are use too.

    When are you going to fix this? I have this problem even when i run 1000/100 mbit, and its stable trust me.

    Looking forward to your answer it is rather sad and i cant find anything about this issue eventhough so many people have it - It cant only be com1

    COM1 Super Slow - This can be read too, it seems someone came with this monday. But i could play monday, today i differently cant - The chat ingame works though xD

    Specific Questions:

    • What kind of little rewards or special items would you think would be fair for successfully defending against these NPC troops? We are thinking about resource chest. Would you prefer resource piles? Or something else?

    Would love to get a speciel item for the hero that is unique to doing this. Could be a armor that reduce damage on troops or something else. This would give the game a new level for players. I would love this.

    • Should this new NPC tribe have siege engines and therefore the power to destroy player buildings and/or even whole villages? Or would that be OP in your eyes? If so, which kind of restrictions would even it out or would you prefer to just cut out this option for good?

    I would love it. It would make the game more fun and give it a new level. But i would also want a unique reward for my hero. This way i dont mind the challenge.

    • Is there anything else you would want to change? What is your general opinion of this concept? What do you think, will be other benefits of this new feature?

    I like the new feature, hopefully it can be ready for a test soon or for the new server in end feb. I would enjoy special items for heroes. Right now I miss new content that isnt just changing how we play but also add to it. New races or items could both add this. In this case defending against natars could provide such a item. I believe plain resources would simply be boring, whats the worth gaining som resources. I mean i often dont even want to farm anymore because there is nothing new to this.

    Anyway high hopes that we will be rewarded something that isnt just resources.