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    Specific Questions:

    • What kind of little rewards or special items would you think would be fair for successfully defending against these NPC troops? We are thinking about resource chest. Would you prefer resource piles? Or something else?

    Would love to get a speciel item for the hero that is unique to doing this. Could be a armor that reduce damage on troops or something else. This would give the game a new level for players. I would love this.

    • Should this new NPC tribe have siege engines and therefore the power to destroy player buildings and/or even whole villages? Or would that be OP in your eyes? If so, which kind of restrictions would even it out or would you prefer to just cut out this option for good?

    I would love it. It would make the game more fun and give it a new level. But i would also want a unique reward for my hero. This way i dont mind the challenge.

    • Is there anything else you would want to change? What is your general opinion of this concept? What do you think, will be other benefits of this new feature?

    I like the new feature, hopefully it can be ready for a test soon or for the new server in end feb. I would enjoy special items for heroes. Right now I miss new content that isnt just changing how we play but also add to it. New races or items could both add this. In this case defending against natars could provide such a item. I believe plain resources would simply be boring, whats the worth gaining som resources. I mean i often dont even want to farm anymore because there is nothing new to this.

    Anyway high hopes that we will be rewarded something that isnt just resources.