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    Hi, I conquer a village. and I thought once I conquered it will have two open expansion slots for me to use. but it has an expansion slot occupied by the previous owner. Is this intended?

    Hi, would it be possible for a server to have the mechanics like TL but with the graphics of TK. I know this will be a complete overhaul and it would take a massive amount of time and resource to do so, not to mention its not sure whether will people play on it or not. But it would be a nice version of T4, since i stop playing it mainly cuz of the graphics.

    Am I crazy but there’s a guides section now? I apologize if it was there before and I was being dumb, but I still thank you so much. I’m a noob

    Dont worry about it. the Guide section hasnt been pumped by new guides recently, those guides are just in my bookmark now. ^^

    I havent seen one that is more generalised, but i have used the guide to Gaul as my basis for all playthrough. even if im not a Gaul.


    Basically turns your village/city into fortress, but it has its pros n cons
    during a siege, your city:

    -Produce double the crop (when your hero automatically produce crop and cannot be change if the hero is in the city)

    -duration of the siege is 12hrs, I thought of this first to be 24hrs but its OP.

    -stiffens your walls to 25% more durability

    -your other villages gains bonus movement speed when sending troops to your siege city.


    -Your city under siege stop producing other resources except for crop during the duration of the siege

    -You can only do this in your capital

    -You will need atleast level 5 Rally point

    -You will be unable to attack from that city during the duration of a siege (well ofcourse, why would you attack if your under siege)

    -after the siege 12hrs is done, your resource goes back to normal, but you'll get 50% negative crop production in that city for 12hrs as well.

    All feedback is welcome:thumbsup:

    Forgot to add that there should be a cooldown of 72hrs before you can activate siege mode again.

    I've recently had an idea on having a chat interface in the action, about on seeing who is competing for that cage I desperately need. Its funny just to be able to talk to them, and "maybe" convince them to backout of the auction. Just an idea, but I hope it gets recognized.

    I know, this has been in the previous threads before, but i wish that the new tribes from legend could be implemented here. just for a test server or something like that. It would be awesome to have those Egyptian mass troops and Hunnic cavalry.

    Just out of curiosity, Would it be good to have a TK graphics but with Classics gameplay? I love the classics, but the graphics is kinda old looking.
    Please reply to those who saw this, I would love to know the answers of my fellow travianiers. :D:thumbsup: hahaha :!:

    @Thorsson Well then, i say that you are a good player and you wouldn't understand why I stated this idea for the game, when I played this game, and others like it. I always got attacked. even if i follow the guides, the best guides, and the experienced leaders. I always got attacked, and some of those made me a farm. 2k plus players atmost join one server, then only about 500 or so remain till the end. what happens to the 1.5k ? they became farms, if there are no farms, there would be no other source of reso, other than trade, economy or quests.

    Stop with this silly ideas to make this game total simcity please, those grey(inactive) villages doing enough damage to the game already !

    @PoLo no need for you to be angry, this is the forums for Ideas and suggestion, if you dont want to see ideas like this, dont click on it. there is a reason why you are here, its either you're interested or you just want to bully someone.

    @Curtain Yeah, it might be a too far fetch since you would let your enemy build up after you defeat them. But it is meant for the majority of the none finishers of one server, rather than the few players who do.

    Wow, Veterans are replying to my ideas for the game, lets just make it simple.
    Yes, @Thorsson, the stronger will never agree to it. I mean, who would? even i wounldn't especially if im winning. but the truce is for the losing side not to the strongest side, This will make the more weaker or newer kingdoms survive rather than be wiped out in a day or two. (truce will only work if two kingdoms are at war.)

    @Ariakus yeah, It still doesent make sense, but if you grasp the concept, jsut the concept like the warscore will not just be calculated from troops or the number of it, it will be calculated from the nnumber of damages dealt to the kingdom, a point system if you must. the treasures cost points, the reso cost point, and the building levels cost points, this is just a concept and it need more improvement, like the truce, concept and needs more improvement.

    @Lothar#EN(4) You are right, travian players are like that farm till the enemy quits, but what happens to the new players ? will there be no more new players to join, or new people to try this genre of games, when the other players are bullying them to death. Thats why i came up with the idea to help those newbie get on their feet. Just remember the days when you are still the runt of the little, you got bullied often, no player in travian never got bullied in attacks.