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    Hola Verci ... I can't wait to meet you as an enemy ... it will be fun to see if you can hold your ground. Let me know your next ES speed server ;)



    hola Verci... No veo la hora de conocerte como enemigo... será divertido ver si puedes mantenerte firme. Déjame saber tu próximo servidor de velocidad ES;)


    You are the "Hall of fame" guy with 400k phalanx as duke.

    I think you should change game if you do that poor with 300$ xDDD

    A. It’s 458k & 35k druid … obviously not total production as there was defensive spent prior that screenshot. It was taken Right before last WW attack.

    B. if you can do better please let me see.

    I wouldn't mind a bit cheaper gold, but how in hell are you spending on average $300 per server?

    If you buy package for 90€ you can just buy all possible bonuses in game and still have almost 2.5k gold left.

    You are forgetting silver & items market and cards for extra slots and other bonuses.

    I pay in AUD and exchange rate is higher for me. But I admit, I do spend a lot of gold less efficient to what I should be doing.

    Thank you, now all we will get is some facny pancy chat update and game will continue being the dumpster fire it is.

    If you are referring to cheat … then you need reading glasses. That was the first thing I mentioned. Improvements against cheats is always needed. If you are referring to attack rules (camps & hero) I personally against that for the same reason I mentioned before.

    and lots of games cost more so increase the gold price

    what other games do you play and pay more than (on average $300 per server)? Speed servers is like 2 months. So yeah I stick with my thought, it is an expensive game

    The game overall is fine and cheats happen in any game (so obviously some improvements there will be nice )

    Camps are totally fine. Hero condition is not as good as we think especially when Offensive operation in action.

    My only feed back would be a better messaging system (kingdom chat) like reply or quote option or tag option that trigger notifications. I find it hard to keep up with lots of threads and long conversations.

    And lastly, a bit cheaper gold. Lots other games cost less to play.