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    Hello everyone,

    I am interested in finding a dual or being a dual for someone on the USx3N server.

    If I am unable to find a dual, I would be looking for an active sitter, potentially part of an active team that is looking to participate in the server.

    Please message me privately for additional details on my activity and experience.


    Mr. Tom Foolery

    How about add a button for plus players which sends raids, send scouts, upgrades fields, trains troops, settles new villages automatically. and the player can afk more than ever.

    No, thank you.

    Instead of offering any form of actual criticism for the idea, you chose to provide a "slippery slope" argument.

    Please read: Slippery slope - Wikipedia

    If you're going to provide fallacious arguments, at least have them make sense.

    I would love it if people chose to afk more than ever, it would give me more farms 8o

    Are you not worried that it may be a very OP tool?

    How do you think it would affect players in general in game?

    Great questions! I believe that the tool itself wouldn't be OP, as scouting is purely informational - from the perspective of the "scouted", no resources are robbed, no troops lost.

    I believe that this also ties into your second question - if this were implemented, the importance of scouts would increase, both offensively and defensively.

    With the increased importance of scouts, producing scouts to protect against scouting would reduce the effectiveness of a scout list - even if scoutings via a list were successful (at least one scout lives to provide the information), the loss of scouts would not be insignificant to the offensive party, and the risk of failing the scouting altogether would increase.

    To further level the playing field, new starting quest(s) can be added (or changing existing quests) that reward both experienced players and beginners alike for producing and maintaining scouts.

    What are your thoughts?

    Hey friend,

    It is okay to disagree, but I wanted to know - do you have active players on your farm lists?

    Personally, I include many active players, but I scout them every day, which is very tedious because there is no way to send scouts to 100 villages with a few clicks - instead, I have to use several keystrokes to send scouts to each individual village - multiply by 100 and I've made it through a single active farm list.

    I believe that you are referring to inactive farm lists, which don't require frequent scouting from the cautious raider. These are not the same.


    Mr. Tom Foolery

    Hello Travian Team,

    I was wondering if scout lists have ever been a consideration?

    Today, with the purchase of Plus, raiders are able to create extensive farm lists and send troops more easily via those.

    It would be a major improvement, even if it required Plus, to have the ability to setup scouting lists as well, as many of the scouting efforts could easily be automated and would save countless key strokes every day for the cautious raider that prefers to scout active farms before sending troops.

    I don't know the best way to implement or limit this if implemented, but I believe it should be worthy of some consideration.

    Thanks for reading,

    Mr. Tom Foolery