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    I think that there could be like "Yes" or "No" decision to make, where you can see all incoming troops and if you don't click "Yes" or something like that or the sender would be someone outside of your kingdom, the troops would automatically be sent back.

    Any list of people who can send would be just too much to fill up and keep updated, but maybe other kingdoms that are allied to yours could also send?

    I'm not sure if there's any real reason for this, but it just caught my eye and felt kinda odd.

    Why can't we decide if we want or not to receive reinforcing troops from others? Especially from enemies or random players that are just sending one unit or so to get a report if someone attacks you or to see if you're online to send it back right away. I understand that kingdom and allies should be able to do this without any permissions, but an outsider should not be able in my opinion