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    Hii, Fun contest! I found 15 differences (16 if you count two missing candle flames as two differences)

    1. left soldier - color of drink in mug
    2. left soldier - weird creature on left shoulder
    3. left soldier - missing rivet on helmet
    4. flower between left and middle soldier
    5. middle soldier missing part of tattoo on right hand
    6. middle soldier black eye
    7. weird creature between middle and right soldier
    8. right soldier missing strain of hair
    9. right soldier missing bone in ham he is holding
    10. 6th spike in the wall (from right) different color on the tip
    11. extra line on left mountain
    12. table - Jug missing outline
    13. table - apples color not filled in
    14. table - Candles are not lit
    15. table - left candle missing line on the bottom part
    Quote from Adventurer

    When your mother was expectant, she complained about hot weather. I saddled my :pathfinder: and travelled across the lands to ask the mighty :natarian-emperor: for help. He prayed to the old gods. They heard him and hence snow was created. Every year, it snows just for you and your mother.

    :scout: Daddy? Why does it snow? Can you tell me a story?

    :clubswinger: Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick? Global cooling.

    :scout: What is global cooling?

    :clubswinger: Over time world less player. Less player, more cold.

    :scout: How does that work?

    :clubswinger: TravianGames. Goverment. Aliens.