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    Hello all,

    I'm Gab, I started playing Travian back in the day on 2008, but I was a super noob and had to send my resources daily to someone to not be farmed and be protected by him lol.

    I quit Travian in 2010 and then came back in November 2015 out of curiosity and found TK and haven't stopped playing since then. Started with Pirates on the now deceased usx3 and then moved on to play servers with Pirates, North, Shameless, BM, UFO, DOOM, AutoBots, HellFarm and many other I may have forgotten.

    I love getting involved in leadership and of course I love the juicy tributes :P

    I keep saying I will retire from this game, but it's the great friendships I've made in this game that keep me going :D

    Nice to meet you all :)