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    Oh yes, there is an option to hide. I stay corrected.

    Seeing reports are adding very little value, I insist.

    In any case, it was always balance between playing with a team and risking spying and ruling solo or with limited number of people.

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    On us1 5 people with 2 villages. 2/3 kings/governors, mostly settled right next to their spawn.

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    On com3, my beloved king (who has read the thread, welcome) lost some troops recently so I have my doubts that tax rate will be lowered soon :D

    There are always been low number of 150% 15C and with the small map the number is even lower (the same proportion). Actually, maybe there is a reason to have more high yield croppers closer to center as most people start early and those later available croppers in boonies are kinda useless, given the length of servers.
    So Kawaii, nobody argued with your math before and I did not in my last post. My point is that there are other than pure profit reasons to chose location for second village. For you it was distance, for someone else it will be amount of gold, settling near someone they plan to defend, location of other villages and oasis etc.

    lol. Reports were always available to everyone on T4. I doubt it added much to spying. On-line time is much more valuable info in this regards and it was and still is available to everyone.

    I said it before and can only repeat it - there is no way to be involve in leadership unless you a king, duke or a sitter for a king or a duke. This is fundamental mistake, in my view. The main problem with travian for me and for almost everyone I know is the fact that is time consuming. Time is several folds more valuable resource for leaders. The only way to deal with it is to share the load with many people and there are no such people anymore. Duke's position comes with a burden of building a treasury and defending treasures (with no benefits at all, btw).

    First second village on us1. A governor, pop of spawn 253. I'm 24 hours away and i don't know how to sim it faster to be honest so I guess a raider. Anyway 6C next door to his spawn as the second. Go figure....

    On US1 my king deleted. I ended up in nearby kingdom. The king is not big enough to get me under his influence, the ex-king was not in the same alliance as the second one. yet, i belong to that kingdom. Any ideas how that happened?

    BTW, when I log, I got 2 notifications with crowns (about kingdom change etc). However, when I click on it i only see one and the notification disappear. This is true about all notifications that don't result in report (oases ownership change for example) so if you got more than one, they are useless.

    3x3 is 9 squares. Nobody settles all villages in 3x3 and there is no reason to do so.
    And in 3x3 around your spawn are 6 (including spawn) and only 1 uneven field.

    BTW, you settle 15C but not 150% :D Will you admit that there are reasons not to settle best yield field for many players including yourself?

    Animals produce resources and crop as well. That is why scouting showed 600 crop. However, after animals are killed, goods disappear. The only way to get them is to send troops in the same raid with hero, I don't know if that is the way the games was planned (and if so why) or it's a bug.

    Why people take all available oases? I have looked around on US1 and found only one within 30 mins distance for hero that has animals, the rest is occupied by kingdoms. Instead of pumping their heroes on animals, people put troops there, making them easy kill. Am I missing something?

    Done all that :)

    Even more actually. He is not getting any tribute from several villages (duke's village pays nothing, second largest village is not under influence and 3 more are settled not in the territory either, those are croppers though, so not that big of a deal) so he loses even less compare to what governors gain.

    Yeap. And most like slight increase in dukes number on com3 comes from kings who abdicated to join different kingdom.

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    I think that game will get much better balance if the roles would name differently (for example "treasury keeper" instead of king)

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    A couple of quotes to follow my discussion with the king:

    "technically you are not producing less, you are producing less if you are producing 90% of your 100% possible... At the moment if i let you produce 110% is an over production, like the gold bonus, but we loose a lot by doing that"
    "you are in one of the richest kingdom in the game and you complain to me because you don't produce 10% more?"

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    Well... we will see how it develops but I have a feeling that a decent governor with noticeable attacks points and very strong hero will be willing to accept duke's position in hostile environment :D

    The day everyone start raiding I would stop it completely because it will be not profitable.

    I have no doubt that there are some players for whom an account built exclusively on 9/15C works best. The point of this discussion is that it's not the case for all players, not even for majority of players.