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    Com3. Can't say things change much regarding dukes, a little but not really

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    yes, i told him to wait and collect all at once, but the plan has not change.

    Well... even after he figured it out he keeps saying "next week". I'm not happy :)

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    Also, hero brought 1 (one) ei from adventure. What I suppose to do with 1 ei? I mean, yeah, I know there are some instances when It can be useful but it's very strange award anyway...

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    Current state of affair on us1

    Only 40 kings bother do appoint a duke on after 2 days

    Settling pattern is pretty different from T4. I believe on com3 first person (a king) settled in about 130-140 hours from the server start and we have people settling every hour or two after that and than more often. I checked out first 8 second villages and they were evenly divided between kings and governors. I had not patience to check any farther (thanks to one window system). It seems that people settling much closer to spawn village, not sure if it's due to complected process of finding high yield croppers, willingness to stay in current territory, potentially lower crop usage or something else. Probably combination of all above.
    I expected much more governors than kings among first 10, the outcome surprised me.

    Developers were asked numerous time to explain what their intentions are. Answers are sporadic and I, personally, did not manage to get the picture. I gave up that path.

    I don't know who are TK targeted audience, as I watch the new game evolve, I'm getting the feeling that it's not me. The fact that in my pretty wide travian network I could not find a single dual for kingdoms (meaning none of people with similar skills set and attitude toward the game wants to play) proofs a lot to me. What am i still doing here? I don't know. I like the original idea of king/governors set up and I still have some hopes or maybe I'm just masochistic.
    I have no intention of bashing the developers in this thread though, as I said earlier - the intentions are to either show that game does not actually works as developers intended or confirm to myself that it's not the game for me or something in between. And not by speculations how it will be but by day to day (or just occasional) observations.

    The most annoying thing about being a governor is the feeling of being second class citizen. The main issue is lack of information. It's always been problem for me, I took on some leadership task on several travian servers mostly because getting into leadership skype chat is sometimes the only way to get informed. But it is way worse on Kingdoms than Travian. I feel like I have blinders that don't allow me look anywhere but my own account.
    Getting information is a problem for everyone. Starting from the fact that even king does not see who is attacking an oasis, not even after attack unless you had defense there. Then through all attempts to look up anything in statistics with annoying one page system. And on top of it governors don't see results of alliance attacks, other players don't get notifications about group messages sent by a governor. There is no option to give governor any rights unless the king appoint him a duke. So to perform OC or DC job one must be a king or a duke, the only other option is to create a secret society that will include everybody but it does not sound like the purpose of secret society, not to mention that player can create only one for whatever reason.

    Oh sorry, wrong part quoted


    At the beginning (first 7 days) every king gets a bonus dependend from the amount of governors.. so basically at the beginning every king should have the same amount of resources.

    This part.

    On com3 I got lucky with a king who is as active as I'm if not more and knowledgeable too. We are doing pretty well so far, have footprints in top statistics, both as the kingdom and individual accounts. This is there travian got some of my money. It's gold using account, not crazy, but I'm willing to spend on everything that I find reasonable. Number i will post later.

    And finally, just o have more options to annoy Feanor, I registered on US1. My king there will inevitably die, he is not active enough and getting attack already. I'm still under BP so can not help at all and not willing to help. This account, if stays, will go without or with very limited gold.

    It took me 3 attempts to actually spawn near good king. I tried on com2, which was not meant to be serious anyway, even moved with my second village to join someone I know only to see the person stop playing in a week or two. The account is deleted long ago.
    I tried ru2 thinking I will stick there if it goes decent. Not one, not two but 3 kings went inactive in the first week (to of the I see on com3 now :D) The 4th one, instead of trying to recruit active and growing well player made his governor 2 fields away a duke (no area gained) and start attacking me. Go figure... I'm to lazy to stick to a server with only goal to cata someone so that account is gone too.

    I have been nursing the idea of such thread for awhile, trying to find time for long and thoughtful opening post. The list of thing I want to mention gets longer, I forget some of my thoughts and good time never comes so I decided to start see how it goes.

    The goal is not to point out bugs, there are many places to do so, or brag about my achievements, not impressive so far anyway. The goal is to make some notes about game dynamic from a player point of view, maybe develop some strategies and figure out some tricks for future rounds, hopefully either collect some arguments against changes I don't like or reasons to accept them. In no way I take on a task of complete analyses or make long-term commitment. I may get bored tomorrow or there will be no interest to such dairy. Everybody is welcome to participate with comments, rants, brags or complains, but please keep in mind that the idea is to get better understanding and feeling of the game in general, not to listen specific server stories. Also please not that the title calls for governors. Kings are welcome to create rival thread. I, personally, would be very interested in leadership related diary :)

    I'm posting this in General section as it will be multiple servers thread and, if successful, live longer than a server. However if admins think it belongs to different section, please move it to com3 as this is my main server at the moment.

    Negative. Natasha said it. Travian rewards time invested in the game over long period of time, more than one time ingenious plans. I'm aware that TK is different game but I believe they are still after the same players' base :)

    Поймать можно, только в тот момент, когда он оденет корону снова, тогда атака запущенная пока он король настигнет его, даже если он опять снимет корону, верно? Или нет никакой управы на таких?

    Одеть корону занимает 24 часа. Ну и защищаться то надо все равно, королей вокруг полно да и на 200 населения выйти недолго.