So I look some other similar thread. Seems this was brought up many times and Mr Georgi said it is in the priority list.

    After 1+ year no update! Perhaps all the effort went towards this new roman hairstyle???

    On positive note, i appreciate you finally put chat in the mobile at least.

    So we know robber hideouts will attack us governors. After they spawn, maybe its like 24h or something but they do attack/spawn after random/ fixed time. You also have to be online for them to start attacks on you.

    But my question is why not add a timer for when robber will attack and when robber will spawn? After you clear one, there could be a countdown on a cell where your next hideout will appear. If it is fixed times for attack/spawn of robbers, then tryhard players could just time it anyways. Might as well put a timer to help newbies learn.

    I feel its just an overdue quality of life update. Its not something that can really be manipulated to being OP (if you think otherwise, please share). It could actually be interesting to see governor players play around these times and develop strategies to be more efficient. Right now I think robber camps show attack timer. Thats not really important because everyone just piles them when they spawn anyways.

    The idea of robbers is completely new to this travian version. Hope you guys can look for ways to improve this essential part of every governor's life. Not asking to make them easier or give more resource or anything like that. But maybe make more dynamic gameplay possible? Maybe consider change number of hideouts, number of troops/res in each hideout, how and where hideouts spawn relative to capital. Risk/reward for clearing them instead of waiting for them to launch. I dunno, I leave it to you guys but can you start with a timer?????

    Anyways, its late and this something I thought about before and how much it pisses me off when the robbers attack me right after i send out an attack or farm list.. Sorry if I'm not making good sense cause I been writing an essay all night and I'm just performing verbal diarrhea by now. <X

    Can we get an ETA for chat function in Travian app? I know its been asked many times but its so important and I personally cant get my friends to play this game if they cannot play it on an app with complete futures (most importantly chat). Please!!! I need these defence slaves!!!

    The game is about efficiency. Some people know the tricks and good build orders so it seems they are on 2x speed or something. Theres many way to play the early. If you make lots of troops, yes your pop will be low. But you should be keeping those troops alive and farming. Then you will outgrow those early simmers. Farming is an exponential game. more troops = more farm. more farm = more troops.Alternative is to focus on developing your village early. If you are gaul, the traps will often deter most attackers as you build up a strong foundation. But the fastest growers will always be top raiders, and king with large kingdom.

    You picked arguably the most challenging tribe. IMO if you make too many mistake as teuton early, recovering and becoming on top again is very hard, maybe even impossible. You really need to know what you're doing. Your clubs are also your income. Since you made clubs, you need to keep them alive and keep them farming. You need travian plus for this. It sound like you are a lone player who is playing offense teuton. That itself already sounds like a recipe for disaster. You need some personal defender if you play offensive teuton. Since you are probably definitely going to be attacked back by the players you plunder. If you play alone, I suggest you play gaul. you can sim and cranny and dodge troops with chicken boots. You are almost guaranteed to make it out of early game no problem.

    Just keep playing and learning from your mistakes. Once you understand more about travian, you'll become the "random disgusting loner" who attacks the noobs with 3x their troops. xD