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    Bolo by celkom fajn uzavriet toto vlakno kedze je uz skoro 2.5 roka stare a tym padom aj absolutne nerelevantne. Hlavne ked aj z nazvu je zjavne ze islo o konkretny server CZ4, ktory sa mal vtedy spustat.

    Tkey Prosim uzavri to aby nedochadzalo k nedorozumeniam :)


    Hey there Avlac,

    same thing happened to me also on COM3. I thought that I was tripping or something :D But it was some kind of bug. Just write ticket to support and they should refund your resources. Even though its a bit sucky due to the lost building time, but at least something I guess... :D

    Multi accounts always were and also will be an issue. The only problem is, that with current state of relocating mc15s its easily abusable and in general much more game impacting. Right now its more like a flaw in game design so I can understand why MHs and Admins are in most cases shorthanded, but it definitively needs to be handled. Didn't have chance to play on the newest test server, so I am not sure how well its being handled with the menhir era update.

    On other note, if you see someone doing actually something against rules, grab all the evidence you can and report it. From my experiences Admins were taking that pretty seriously and in most cases if accusations were correct, they were handled pretty fast within 12-24 hours.

    Idea with managing your own resources sounds really interesting. Some might think that it will loose the competitive edge, but I believe just the opposite. Imagine this:

    - All the resource fields will stay the same as it is right now. I mean the starting locations of MCs and all the variations of resource fields like 3546 etc.
    - New building will be added to the game (call it as you like), but to actually build it, it will have a high requirements, like all the fields to lvl 10 for example.
    - Once you build it, you will be able to change 1 field to something else. That number will increase by the level of building. Total number of fields you would be able to change shouldn't exceed 5 or 6. To keep MC15 still a unique property.
    - That way the early game will bring even more options for future building strategies and will keep the current ones still available.
    - People will be able to adjust their economy more properly
    - Oases will bring much higher meaning to both early and late game. Who the hell cares about oases in late game besides your capital ones right now? It has just a really little meaning, but imagine that you will be building clay farms, wood farms, iron farms. Setting up proper distribution to all the villages as needed etc. It will just bring a totally new ways of infrastructure development.
    - TK team might think that adjusting resource fields will mean lower use of gold for NPC. Again opposite is just the right. The biggest gold users are the ones who try-hard. This will bring so many new opportunities to build single resource oriented villages (as it is right now with MCs), that in the end they will use NPC even more. But the best thing is that it will benefit also non-gold users or low-gold users + there will be a much bigger use of trading routes.

    Overall I cant think of a single negative aspect that this would bring if balanced properly. If there is anything please share it :)

    Kedze sa jedna o COM server tak pochybujem ze na to ma nas CZ support dosah. Skus napisat normalne ticket na international support.

    Hey there guys,

    I would like to ask you what is the current state of VP stealing. How much do you earn right now per 1 stolen active treasure and how is the level of WW affecting all of this.

    Lets bring up some use case scenario for better understanding:

    Kingdom A (1st place) - 2,000,000 VP
    Kingdom B (2nd place) - 1,000,000 VP

    Kingdom B is going to attack on Kingdom A treasures. WW level of Kingdom A is 20. How many active treasures has to kingdom B steal to even up their VP points?

    Thank you,

    Tak to si ho hraj sám Blacku :-)

    Nebrání, to máš pravdu - ale někteří hráči hráli minulý věk cz4 a chtěj ho hrát znovu a vy to takhle "kazíte", zatím jsem tady na fóru viděl převážně negativní názory na tenhle noční mír, nechápu co to je za módu, tyhle noční míry.

    Ale pokud je tohle Váš krok tak prosím, nikdo Vám do toho nemůže kecat. Příště alespoň v loby označte že jde o nehratelný noční mír, ať tady jako idioti nečekáme na nový cz4, který končil před pár měsíci a nebyl žádný blbý noční mír.

    Minuly CZ4 mal tiez nocny mier :)

    Jednak som tiez "bojoval" proti nemu a neskor som tam aj hral kedze nebolo moc na vyber. Zbytocne sa budes stazovat, riesil som to s adminmi ako BridgetB, Georgi, JJ a podobne. Oni to maju naplanovane uz dlhodobo dopredu a zmeny za behu nemozu robit kvoli alokovanym budgetom na marketing, development atd. Nezostava ti nic ine len to hrat, alebo cakat par mesiacov kym zacne novy server :) Najblizsie to bude CZ2 kde sa este nezacali stavat ani divy takze si pockas.

    Teraz kratky feedback na nocny mier. Mam ho poriadne zazity takze je pomerne adekvatny :D Urcite si najde svojich nadsencov, stretol som sa s viacerymi hracmi, ktori si ho vychvalovali. Pre mna to je vsak osobne nieco ako farmvill... Raj pre popkarov a peklo pre offarov / aktivnych defarov. Zivit offku cez FL je skoro nerealne (obmedzeny cas + malo hracov). Hromadne off akcie taktiez nerealne. Museli sme planovat tyzden dopredu aby si ludia spravili pocas prace volno, alebo to posielali rano. Cize sa utocilo prevezne solo, alebo v malych skupinach.
    Celkovo mi to pride ako taka kids-friendly verzia travianu, ktoru si zahras len ked fakt nemas co robit, alebo si to chces klikat len par krat do dna :) Nic pre mna :D

    Tak prej nakonec ne, nějak mě nepochopil co po něm chci. To je škoda, nechápu proč tohle travian nechce dovolit, když to sám neumožňuje, například nějaké pokročilejší statistiky na základě logů! Nic automatickéh, žádnej bot, odesílač či něco hnusného!

    Jejich rest api stejně tomu napomáhá, brzo jim to někdo hackne, a hlavně když posílají token v těle requestu!

    Hmm tak to je divne, bola aj odpoved ze preco? Pokial viem tak v pravidlach sa zakazuju len scripty na automatizovanie gameplayu.

    Je proti pravidlům vytvořit a používat aplikaci, která bude číst data přímo z rest api travianu a bude je vizualizovat?

    Tím myslím, kolik jsem nafarmil, kolik jsem ztratil jednotek.

    Nebude žádným způsobem nic posílat za hráče.

    Jale, prosimta daj sem vediet ak ti na to niekto odpovie :)

    Hey @FabianF

    yeah finding the right balance between releases of new updates might be able to do it :)

    I dont see a problem in meta kingdoms with more wings, because of the fact that its happening also now and with the current design of the game it will always do. The main point though is that more wings kingdoms has, more and more weaker they are. Lets say one meta kingdom is separated into 3 wings. Communication between kingdoms is harder to keep up. Kings aren't able to snowball that much because they have 3 times less tributes. Same goes with members because of less number of robber camps. Same goes with generating of VP etc. Of course you are not able to stop people playing to together.. nobody would play travian then, but you can stop allowing them to create huge kingdoms with these small "limitations". This could be one approach, but I am not sure about the outcome though.

    On the other hand, yes Natars would be able to help with the balancing issue quite really well. As you said, more treasures kingdoms has, more attacks or stronger attacks they will receive. It will help with regulating of armies and will keep them busy. But I am not sure if they should attack only treasuries, because it will be really easy to predict their behavior and kingdoms will be defending them quite easily without any looses. Treasuries will be stacked up with huge perma def and it will even more discourage people from attacking them.
    More attacks on random players in a huge kingdoms, will force them to move their def units quite often which will make them more vulnerable to enemy attacks and that will encourage people to be more active in general.

    Hi @'JJ'

    I totally get your point. Regarding the testing I meant it more like:
    Test new set of features on test servers which lasts for 2 months. Trough out that time you have time to fix all the bugs (functionality and game design related), collect all the feedback from players and after that push it to live game worlds. Of course that you will have to release small updates to live servers, there are always unexpected bugs/unworking features in certain scenarios, but these are only small edge cases. The point was that this "method" will be applied only to new features and hardcore gameplay changes. Real case scenarios:

    • Let the kingdom Unions play out first on full round of test server with both functionalities working (first and second part of changes) and then put it to upcoming servers.
    • Night truce. I understand that these are really not able to be properly tested on international test servers because of the time zones, but at least put it to some really populated same language speaking country. What happend now was a bug fest :D First couple weeks were really funny with the amount of bugs and really huge ones with FL, which lasted for more then month. All of this could be avoided with one round of a test server :)

    Dropping players from one server to another because of changes in the game is happening also right now. For instance kingdom Unions were applied only to new upcoming servers so if players from active worlds wanted to try it they had to either drop the last one or play 2 worlds in the same time.
    Either way thank you for bringing this into your internal conversation and hopefully it will be at least somehow helpful :)

    Regarding the Natars, yeah I really believe that there is a huge potential :) I can see reactions from my fellow clan members and mostly new players when natars are sending out scout attacks during the 3day countdown for WWs. It's basically like their only integration with huge scale of players and they love it! So I am really looking forward to reactions from your game designers :)

    Thank you as always,