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    Tak to si ho hraj sám Blacku :-)

    Nebrání, to máš pravdu - ale někteří hráči hráli minulý věk cz4 a chtěj ho hrát znovu a vy to takhle "kazíte", zatím jsem tady na fóru viděl převážně negativní názory na tenhle noční mír, nechápu co to je za módu, tyhle noční míry.

    Ale pokud je tohle Váš krok tak prosím, nikdo Vám do toho nemůže kecat. Příště alespoň v loby označte že jde o nehratelný noční mír, ať tady jako idioti nečekáme na nový cz4, který končil před pár měsíci a nebyl žádný blbý noční mír.

    Minuly CZ4 mal tiez nocny mier :)

    Jednak som tiez "bojoval" proti nemu a neskor som tam aj hral kedze nebolo moc na vyber. Zbytocne sa budes stazovat, riesil som to s adminmi ako BridgetB, Georgi, JJ a podobne. Oni to maju naplanovane uz dlhodobo dopredu a zmeny za behu nemozu robit kvoli alokovanym budgetom na marketing, development atd. Nezostava ti nic ine len to hrat, alebo cakat par mesiacov kym zacne novy server :) Najblizsie to bude CZ2 kde sa este nezacali stavat ani divy takze si pockas.

    Teraz kratky feedback na nocny mier. Mam ho poriadne zazity takze je pomerne adekvatny :D Urcite si najde svojich nadsencov, stretol som sa s viacerymi hracmi, ktori si ho vychvalovali. Pre mna to je vsak osobne nieco ako farmvill... Raj pre popkarov a peklo pre offarov / aktivnych defarov. Zivit offku cez FL je skoro nerealne (obmedzeny cas + malo hracov). Hromadne off akcie taktiez nerealne. Museli sme planovat tyzden dopredu aby si ludia spravili pocas prace volno, alebo to posielali rano. Cize sa utocilo prevezne solo, alebo v malych skupinach.
    Celkovo mi to pride ako taka kids-friendly verzia travianu, ktoru si zahras len ked fakt nemas co robit, alebo si to chces klikat len par krat do dna :) Nic pre mna :D

    Tak prej nakonec ne, nějak mě nepochopil co po něm chci. To je škoda, nechápu proč tohle travian nechce dovolit, když to sám neumožňuje, například nějaké pokročilejší statistiky na základě logů! Nic automatickéh, žádnej bot, odesílač či něco hnusného!

    Jejich rest api stejně tomu napomáhá, brzo jim to někdo hackne, a hlavně když posílají token v těle requestu!

    Hmm tak to je divne, bola aj odpoved ze preco? Pokial viem tak v pravidlach sa zakazuju len scripty na automatizovanie gameplayu.

    Je proti pravidlům vytvořit a používat aplikaci, která bude číst data přímo z rest api travianu a bude je vizualizovat?

    Tím myslím, kolik jsem nafarmil, kolik jsem ztratil jednotek.

    Nebude žádným způsobem nic posílat za hráče.

    Jale, prosimta daj sem vediet ak ti na to niekto odpovie :)

    Hey @FabianF

    yeah finding the right balance between releases of new updates might be able to do it :)

    I dont see a problem in meta kingdoms with more wings, because of the fact that its happening also now and with the current design of the game it will always do. The main point though is that more wings kingdoms has, more and more weaker they are. Lets say one meta kingdom is separated into 3 wings. Communication between kingdoms is harder to keep up. Kings aren't able to snowball that much because they have 3 times less tributes. Same goes with members because of less number of robber camps. Same goes with generating of VP etc. Of course you are not able to stop people playing to together.. nobody would play travian then, but you can stop allowing them to create huge kingdoms with these small "limitations". This could be one approach, but I am not sure about the outcome though.

    On the other hand, yes Natars would be able to help with the balancing issue quite really well. As you said, more treasures kingdoms has, more attacks or stronger attacks they will receive. It will help with regulating of armies and will keep them busy. But I am not sure if they should attack only treasuries, because it will be really easy to predict their behavior and kingdoms will be defending them quite easily without any looses. Treasuries will be stacked up with huge perma def and it will even more discourage people from attacking them.
    More attacks on random players in a huge kingdoms, will force them to move their def units quite often which will make them more vulnerable to enemy attacks and that will encourage people to be more active in general.

    Hi @'JJ'

    I totally get your point. Regarding the testing I meant it more like:
    Test new set of features on test servers which lasts for 2 months. Trough out that time you have time to fix all the bugs (functionality and game design related), collect all the feedback from players and after that push it to live game worlds. Of course that you will have to release small updates to live servers, there are always unexpected bugs/unworking features in certain scenarios, but these are only small edge cases. The point was that this "method" will be applied only to new features and hardcore gameplay changes. Real case scenarios:

    • Let the kingdom Unions play out first on full round of test server with both functionalities working (first and second part of changes) and then put it to upcoming servers.
    • Night truce. I understand that these are really not able to be properly tested on international test servers because of the time zones, but at least put it to some really populated same language speaking country. What happend now was a bug fest :D First couple weeks were really funny with the amount of bugs and really huge ones with FL, which lasted for more then month. All of this could be avoided with one round of a test server :)

    Dropping players from one server to another because of changes in the game is happening also right now. For instance kingdom Unions were applied only to new upcoming servers so if players from active worlds wanted to try it they had to either drop the last one or play 2 worlds in the same time.
    Either way thank you for bringing this into your internal conversation and hopefully it will be at least somehow helpful :)

    Regarding the Natars, yeah I really believe that there is a huge potential :) I can see reactions from my fellow clan members and mostly new players when natars are sending out scout attacks during the 3day countdown for WWs. It's basically like their only integration with huge scale of players and they love it! So I am really looking forward to reactions from your game designers :)

    Thank you as always,

    Totally agree with @Rashidix,

    travian is a game based on math, formulas and calculations without any random variables in the core functionality. Real case scenario: My friends and I tend to plan whole development of villages, strategies and everything right before the server, because we know that this village with these building will produce this amount of units per hour, so we have to deliver this amount of crop and because of it, we have to make this amount of support villages and this goes on and on. If you would bring random factor in such things, whole game balance will get hurt and it will be less competitive.


    This sounds really interesting. What do you think about that players will have 3 options where their hero will go for adventure:

    • Abandoned Farm

      • Higher chance on receiving: Resources, Troops
    • Fearsome Forest

      • Higher chance on receiving: Animals, Cages
    • Bandit Camp

      • Higher chance on receiving: Armor, Weapon

    This doesn't remove basically anything from the current functionality, but the random factor wont be that huge, because each player will be able to select what they feel like they need the most in certain situations. Would that make sense?

    Thank you,

    Hi JJ

    First of all thank you for your reaction and opinions. It's a really good thing that you are hearing out your community and discussing players wishes and ideas.
    Yes recently it was from my point of view really irritating experience regarding new changes and special worlds. Personally I wasn't able to play the same version of game two times in a row.

    I understand your point about the testing and making the kingdom Unions. From my dev and QA point of view its totally normal. Estimating things is just a hard thing to do. But as you said, each update is tested internally and then on the public. How would you test the second Unions part on public - test servers? I can imagine that you would put it for a week on test servers and then right away on live ones. But here comes 2 issues:
    1. The most important one - really small place for mistakes
    2. I really doubt that you can get enough data trough this period of time to confidently release the update to live servers
    I am totally into consistent developing of new changes. That's a great thing! But I would prefer that all the changes are firstly updated to test servers for a longer run, where they can change each week, because its a test server and everyone is expecting such things to happen, instead of putting multiple changes through-out the live game worlds.

    Looking forward to reactions on other topics. Mostly to those Natars :) I've got plenty of ideas in my back so lets see where this discussion brings us :)

    Have a good one!

    Hello everyone,

    Travian team is telling us that they are reading every topic and every comment, so here is mine with couple suggestions. Please keep in mind that all these points are from my point of view, many of them might not be totally relevant from the game design perspective.

    Release of new servers + specials
    This one is a huge one for me right now. The way you keep developing game, updating and changing the core functionality feels truly irritating. We are overflowed with updates and changes. I am playing on server “A” for couple months, we are getting used to everything, it feels like we know all the rules and the most efficient ways of playing, so we are planning our strategies for next server but guess what. Everything is different, so we start to learn all the announced rules so we can adjust our tactics, but guess what again. Next server is going to have Night Truce.. And again rework of everything, nobody wants to play it, but what we can do? Another server is starting in like a month and nobody wants to wait. We are basically “forced” to play it, because we all love travian and we want to keep playing, but these “small things” are really taking away the excitement.
    My suggestion: Release more servers in a row with the same functionality, so we are not
    getting overflowed and ask each language community before putting some special feature onto the server if they actually want it there. Make polls and communicate with your players!

    Release of new updates before testing
    It feels like travian team completely forgot to what are the test servers for. Exemplary case is the current situation on com2x3. You decided to push huge game changing feature directly on game servers, without putting it first on a full round of test server. We all know what’s happening right now as a result. This is like a complete no-brainer for me as a dev. I guess you must have been pushed by deadlines otherwise I can't find any other logical explanation for this.
    My suggestion: Use your test servers for testing. This should be obvious, but feels like it isn't. Do not change things on live servers and do not put there untested things (by players, not just by your QAs).

    Huge kingdoms
    We all know that this one is an ongoing issue. Kingdoms have tons of players and they are just snowballing so the gap between “small” and “big” kingdoms is bigger as the game server progresses. More players = more tributes, more robber camps etc.
    My ideas:
    Rework VP system - remove the thing that you can steal VP only from the higher ranked kingdom. It’s just making the game more passive and easier to “abuse”. Get bonus % of VP if you actually destroy the treasury for each destroyed lvl. Currently if you send solo attack which goes through and destroy the treasury, you will take only 33% of the treasures, because others are redirected to other active treasury. People will again have a reason to actually cata down the treasuries. This whole topic is for a bigger discussion, but definitely there is needed a huge rework.
    Amount of players in kingdoms - currently there is no limit, which makes the snowballing effect even easier. Lets add a feature that you will receive slots for new members once you lvl up embassy/treasury and you will be able to collect tributes only from your actual members.
    Robber camps - This is a next factor which encourage everyone to invite everyone into their kingdoms. I am not totally sure how it is designed right now, maybe it depends on players or maybe it depends on the actual size of the kingdom, but my suggestion is this:
    Completely remove them! What are they for? Guvs and Dukes has robber hideouts, that has to be enough.
    Natars during the gameworld - this might be sort of a replacement for robber camps and might bring some actual variety into the gameplay. Let’s make them attack us! Random targets at random times. Do not display the amount of incoming troops. Might even send fake attacks or something :D They might also send random scout attack and if they goes through, the report will be visible for everyone on the server or something. Bigger kingdoms will receive more attacks or more frequently so it will help with the balancing issues. I believe that natars have really minimal use right now and there are many ways how we can implement them :)

    Sorry for the long post, but hopefully some of these ideas makes sense. Let me know your opinions and I would love to see also reactions from the admin team.

    Thank you for your time,


    ja osobne by som si to urcite zahral :)

    - V takom pripade by ale trebalo urcite urychlit early game. Cize 2x rate na surky a produkciu vojska. Nesahal by som urcite do jednotlivych cien army/infrastruktury lebo to by len mohlo zbytocne rozhodit balanc. Co sa tyka rychlosti pohybu tak asi najskor 1x.

    - Alebo ak je uz dane ze to bude vsetko 1x, tak by mohli vsetci hraci zacinat s vylepsenou dedinou. Napr vsetky sur a obilne polia, hlavka, sypka, sklad na 10 a ostatne by si museli hraci vystavat. Zaroven aj hned KB na dalsiu dedinu. Cize by sa hraci museli rozhodnut ci idu najskor vystavat kasy a armu, alebo idu rychlo robit dalsiu dedinu. Mohlo by to pridat naozaj zaujimavy zaciatok a v podstate hned by boli ludia hodeny do akcie.

    - Posledny tyzden by sa mohli objavit divy ktore by generovali % vitaznych bodov ako pisal Guncek, ale este by sa mohli aj lvlovat (aky bude max lvl nvm), ale s tym ze cim vyssi lvl divu bude, tym viac % vitaznych bodov bude generovat, aby sa na tie divy oplatilo aj utocit a ich aj realne stavat. + este ked vam niekto katne div tak vam zobere znacnu cast vitaznych bodov aby sa predislo tomu ze sa ludia budu sustredit viac na obsadzovanie co najviac divov ako na ich defovanie.

    - Este mi napadlo ze by mohlo byt zaujimave kebyze natari z este neodkrytych divov pravidelne utocili v priebehu servera na random dediny. Mohlo by to byt pekne spestrenie a zaroven akcne ked budeme musiet defovat aj ich a aj ostatnych hracov :) Kebyze este posielaju aj faky tak to by uz bolo inde, ale bola by sranda :D

    Kazdopadne som zvedavy na dalsie napady, znie to zaujimavo :)


    V mobilni aplikaci je pouze moznost stavebni fronty bez automaticke rezerveci surovin. Pote ale po rozkliknuti dane stavby ve fronte suroviny rezervovat lze.

    V mobilnej appke po rozkliknuti stavby nemame moznost rezervovat suroviny Blacku.

    Desktop screen:
    Mobile app screen:
    (Verzia appky 1.2.7370)

    V appke sa to tvari akoby sme suroviny uz rezervovane mali, pricom to tak nie je :)

    Jo mám farmlist 1x10, když přidám nové farmy, nejde přiřadit jednotlivým farmám jednotky.

    Řešení bylo upravit jednotky pro celý farm list (nesmí být rozkliknutý). Dát jednotky, pak už jdou nové farmy upravit individuálně. Prozatímní řešení ;) Věřím, že to bude pracné pro 100x100, ale třeba to pomůže :)

    Ano to je jedina moznost, ale bohuzial ked niekto farmi 100+ dedin a kazdy den tam pridavas nove tak to fakt nejde zakazdym odznova klikat cele :D