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    Noobs that want to cheat and/or abuse other players, ask for elimination of restrictions ^^

    How do I know you are noobs? Because you don't know that restrictions affect same PC raids too

    I see that none of the devs/admins cared to responde.

    Well, yesterday I've spiked test server for 24 hours and I am #1 in top deff. Do you (devs/admins) think that is fair? What about the 90k farming horses I've killed in that? Those frustrated off players who try hard to make some nice hammers... how do they feel about it?

    I did it for small amount of time with small amount of troops and not coordinated spiking... just putting troops and let them there. But what if I do a dedicated spiking server, controlling the spiking and farming? Spiking and pulling back? All in the end game when every hummer is struggling to survive? Do you think player would find the game more interesting? I think not.

    Is it so hard to implement one of the 2 options I've described in the leading post if this topic? If you don't care about the fun of the game, may be you'll care when this will get to your decreasing income from regular servers (not in free test ones)

    For admins: It would be better if the option to reinforce grey villages would be disabled, or if that is not possible, just make it like natar villages: troops to return after they reach as reinforcement a grey village.
    There are enough problems and complains about spiking the inactive... when would you take proper measures against it? Do we have to spike a whole server and ruin it so you may do something about it?

    I am interested in how many premade groups there are playing in international servers and in which servers are they currently involved in, or if they are waiting on a new server to start.

    Can they make a short presentation of themselves here in this topic? I am thinking in terms of:
    - average number of players/accounts in premade group?
    - how many past servers they played together?
    - how many servers they play during a year?
    - do they prefer any specific season (summer, winter, etc.) or they just random decide when they start?
    - how open are they for new members in the premade team?
    - any other info they may consider suitable to present themselves.

    As a Romanian, and ex-player of romanian servers since... 11-12 years ago... I prefer international servers... less drama ;)
    Though I am nostalgic for a romanian translation of the game...