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    What causes the robber camps to move to the next wave?

    Is it when resources are all taken? If this is the case, then raiding robber camps is an acceptable strategy. You can take all the resource and clear the wave with less troops lost.

    Or is it when all the troops are killed? If this is the case, then raiding camps should never be done. It forces a different kingdom member to kill the troops without getting any resource or stolen goods.

    com6 map expansion #1 happened at 15:30 server time.

    There were 2780 registered players.

    The buffer zone between new account villages and the existing border was 9 tiles.

    What factors determine when the map on a new server will expand?

    Is it determined by the number of accounts? If so, what is the threshold?

    Does it always happen at 00:00 server time?

    Any insights would be appreciated.

    So if I understand correctly... the "birthday bash" will consist of introducing a handful of local x3 servers and a 1x night truce server?

    I know I don't speak for all players, but I was hoping for something a little more exciting... like a 5x international server.

    Having played Travian for 10+ years, one thing I've learned is that the local servers are much less populated and much less competitive than international servers. Sure it's nice for these players to have the choice of playing with players who speak their own language, and I think it's a good idea to introduce more local servers... but not if it's at the expense of the international servers.

    I'm afraid the birthday bash hype leading up to this news will only serve to discourage the competitive players like myself, who are hoping to see changes and events that bring more players and more competition... not the opposite.

    Personally I have little interest in 1x servers and absolutely zero interest in the night truce concept. Part of the appeal of Travian for me has always been that all players are vulnerable 24/7. This encourages us to collaborate with players in different time zones, which in turn strengthens the community. I'm afraid night truce will only encourage simming and solo play. Secondly, it doesn't make sense to have an international night truce server. How do you fairly determine the hours of the truce when the server is comprised of players from all time zones? This concept makes more sense on local servers.

    I'm still enjoying Travian, but I miss the days when we could play on international servers with over 5000 players. I thought the "birthday bash" would help to take a step in that direction.... but sadly it looks like I was wrong.

    This doesn't sound right Georgi, because I have tried timing my final demolition of the first village to coincide with clearing both robber hideouts together.

    I did this on my most recent server. Both hideouts were cleared and the first village destroyed within a 60 second window, but new hideouts spawned at the original location.

    However, I've had a few servers where I was fortunate to have them spawn at the new location, but could not figure the reason.

    Maybe the new hideouts are scheduled after the troops are cleared, rather than the resources?

    I always speed settle at server start, and usually demolish my first village.

    Many times after the first village is destroyed, the first new robber hideouts appear at the old location rather than the new.

    These often take a long time to clear because of their distance, which causes a delay in hideout spawning.

    I haven't been able to determine what causes this or how to reliably get the new hideouts to spawn at the new location.

    Has anyone figured this out?

    Releasing reinforcing troops from a village can be very tedious and time consuming. After a large def call it can take 15-20 mins of expanding tribes and returning 1 village at a time just to send the troops home.

    Is there a reason an option has not been made to release all reinforcing troops (except captured zoo) at once?