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    hahahha!! Butthurt! xD

    lemme tell u something, the res u invest in fields is paid back by the gains only after a LONG time. And there are a lot of people who do the Field Simming in Travian (especially romans and gauls) in the early days. ( I am NOT saying its wrong, its just a method of play and is a good method infact when used right.) . So then, there are the experienced aggressive teutons who realize that there are a lot of ppl simmming fields without defense. They use all (ALL) their quest bonuses into makin clubs ( Which will hit the economy of the village, atleast in short term). On a simulation , u can find 5-6 accs for every aggressive teut in a normal map (even more simmers per aggressive teut normally early game). Now, these teuts will raid the f out of all the neighbours who r out of bp. Now there r consequences in this approach :
    1) If they dont raid, their investment is lost .
    2) If they lose troops, their investment is lost
    3) Worse, if a hero follows back these clubbie armies, they lose all their advantage in num of troops and are set back real bad

    Overcoming these probs requires experience and smartness and more importantly activity. On the other side, if he cleared 2-3 acc of simmers,
    1) He gets triple the res than any player at that moment
    2) He uses it to make more clubs
    3) He uses res to queue up fields as well
    4) After a week, he will have a proper economy AND a huge Fk*n army :D (prolly catas as well if he decides no no for second villa rush)

    The ONLY Reason why the early-game teuton is at an advantage is because not all simmers have a lot of activity :P, the only reason early-clubbie rush works is because of the Noobs :)


    If you are lucky and get an item at the very beginning you can sell it for 100k silver easy and compete with gold whales when the price drops easily :D

    Wow!! Have you actually tried selling any item? lol. In dreams you get such kinda silver for any item.... Incase you don't know, the selling prices is the avg price of that item in the current auction system .... I liked the older T4 auction system (I know there have been some silver farming issues... they are solvable).

    hello GoDz,

    i think you want Raid amount stats as well in the stats page just like attacker/defender. Well , It would be a huge revealing of who's a farm and who's not ( Simple check : negative robbed amount = farm ) and this is a bad thing :).. i think for a raider, it looks cool but from the point of view of the people getting raided all the time, it actually increases their troubles :)

    So when I started Travian in T4.4, I was awfully addicted to those Forum posts where the top players had made extensive advanced/novice beginner guides for Travian legends. Most of my technique in village development, Farming technique, off tactics had come from there.

    What I notice in Travian kingdoms is a lot of noobieness all over the place. Not many understand the concept of having good seige weapons in hammers and I would not blame them for that. They were simply not guided well. I think the kings should really take initiative to educate govs/newbies on how the game is to be played. I have been lucky in that aspect .. I played with some of the most veteran players in T4 world. So what would really help in this domain is to have Fairly advanced Forum posts on how to become a Good Farmer, good deff player, off player and techniques of Crop locking, VP mechanics, etc .. I am a relatively new player in the TK domain. Only 2 servers old and I feel an ever increasing noobness quotient everywhere. So, TK veterans, please step up and support the newbies in TK to learn to play like a BOSS ;)

    Maybe thats the best TK asset ever!! Coz those guides were sort of like milestones to achieve and they gave me something to strive for. One of the only such post I saw was the 24 hr settling Post and just look at the attention its got!! So the need is REAL !!!

    I have been on the receiving side of this spiking myself. I used to lose close to 60 clubs a day in TEST server due to this. I have been on Top robbers for some time and Spiking really ticks me off but i would spike up farms if i was a deffer churning out phlanx sitting lazily eating crop in my village while I watch the neighbouring enemy teuton raking in 20x amount of res i make because he raids all inactives. I would want to kill them clubs xD .

    But all discussions aside, i think Spiking is here to stay (Its one of the last remaining PvP tactics left in the game) So, please dont kill it. Its genuine to kill enemies in any way possible. (ITS A WAR GAME FFS!!!!) (ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR) (cant think of other quotes but u get the flow right?)

    I would like to suggest one tiny alteration.... Please make it visible who is deffing the inactive farms!!! xD ... So that The GAME just gets INTERESTING ;)

    As a player who expects more warfare in midgame, this is just PERFECT

    Also , to the guys who raised the issue of deffing chiefed farm villages the minute after conquering!!
    I suggest this, Next time someone does that, chief that village back and destroy all the buildings and cata it down. Make them wish they were dead

    So sorry to hear about your strategic issue!Yeah,it's true,information is quite old and outdated as of now.

    You can always make me a duke if your guys can't handle or you might need better placement.I'll happily oblige!

    After all the drama in comx, u actually thought someone would make u duke? LOL