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    It's English server, so the enforced language should be English. International server is where everyone can play, but a regional server that is for English / American players should use English langauage. How would the Russian or Turkish server feel if 30%+ of the players / kingdoms / village names are all in Chinese on their domain. I'm sure they would have some questions.

    Merging regions and languages together is understandable, but there should be an obvious main language chosen, since communcations is important in this game.

    Something to think about is that the lobby is the same for every domain, so if a player plays mainly in the RU game worlds, for mentioning one with different letters, Cyrillic, and eventually the player decides to try his/her hand on the COM, we cannot force them to change the name of the account to a different one to fit the domain... specially since they may be playing as well in the RU domain (to follow the example).

    Is this another sign that you have no clue how the game even works?

    Every game you choose a different name at the start. This has nothing to do with your forum or lobby name. It's 100% possible to force all players to use latin script. English servers should have 100% Enlish the public visibility. (Private chats are obviously fine, but group chats should only support English language).

    Cause national servers are too small. Restricting com servers in terms of language is just punishing the few people that we still have. Pretty much all major kingdoms communicate in English and maybe another language.

    Last NL server was so small that two kingdoms were fighting and we just let a 3rd kingdom peacefully build and complete the wonder just so the server would officially end.

    Having multiple nationalities in the server is very welcome to increase the playerbase, but then there should be a more strict enforcement for naming cities / kingdoms etc. If a new player joins a game and 50% of the player names are Arabic / Russian / Eastern European it would discourage me very much to open communications.


    Returned to check this game out after a long time offline, but one thing that always bothered me with Travian is that all languages are playing in the COM server. Why is this allowed? On the international server this is obviously fine, but if you're a COM server, the main language should be Enlish for players, villages, alliances and main communication.