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    Click silver icon next to gold icon to enter auctions. When selling use "sell" tab and when buying use "buy" tab. But i guess you already knew that so if offer is grayed that means you do not have enough silver to bid in that particular item and the amount you are willing to pay for the item has to be manually typed in the box between hammer and offer

    That I understand, and I appreciate you trying to help. I am sorry that I did not reply sooner. The issue lies in me wanting to sell items my hero brings home. when I go to the sell tab I just have those items listed and when I click on them the only choice is to sell outright not send to auction.

    I am sorry if I was not clear in my prior comment.

    I find it frustrating to see that if you decide to sell something outright then you are not allowed to offer things in the auction. We really should be able to do both not either one or the other.

    I do not have the offer tab and I never had it from the beginning. I see that others are getting to offer things. I feel a little left out and let down.

    Queen Mist came home from a long journey.

    To find there was an attack.
    There also was no MEAD!

    Where did the :clubswinger: go?

    The :clubswinger: took Queen Mist's Mead to the Cranny!
    There was sadness and more mead for the fire that night and all the nights to come.