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    Right now you can switch your dukes and king too easily, so you can make the attacked player a governor right before the attack lands to protect your VP from being stolen (cause VP can only be stolen from dukes and kings now).

    Maybe put a deadline before the duke/king is dismissed would help with that. If for example, there is a 12 hours waiting time between the time he abdicate and the time he's treasuries are deactivated, it could let some action going. The goal of the new kingdom version was to make more fights for vp. But with the abdicating, there are no reasons to attack somebody to get vp, since he won't be duke or king anymore when you get there. So the only way to win is to take vp from friendly alliances. There are just no points on playing this game if it stay that way.

    This merge was planned a long time ago. If the rule of no changing alliance for the wonder owner's would have been there, we would have just done it before. The result would have been the same^^ No, in fact, we would have finish with way more victory points because of all BOB treasures...