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    All of these are important ideas. Personally, the camps is the most immediate change I would like to see. Requiring hero attack looks like a good option and the most active players can still hit more camps (although not all), but there would be more equity.

    1) Fix camps by requiring hero attacks. Also leave kingdom reports for camp attacks so kingdom leadership can keep track of attacks for those who set limit.

    2) I agree with harsher punishment

    3) Agree with email restrictions

    4) Agree with customer support activity

    5) I would like to see the healing tent on regular servers.

    Pre-made kingdoms will be organized and solid. New players and kingdoms will have more turbulence. Assuming pre-mades start right away, if a new player finds the right kingdom on day 20 of a 1x server, they now have all the previous disadvantages PLUS being three levels lower on this threshold for the rest of the server.

    Gold users will now reach each tier fast (4.5 days each level). So now they will have more villages, larger armies, and stronger armies, in addition to the additional resources and advantages they already have. As a gold user, I'm not complaining. But it definitely increases advantage.

    This is also a very good point. A brand new player may end up switching kingdoms multiple times. So really this system rewards metas versus cooperative play. While a new mechanics is nice and exciting, it barely alleviates one problem (large metas with wings) while creating a whole new one (severe disadvantage to newer players or smaller kingdoms that can't get their footing). Arguably, this feature may be a barrier for new players versus something that makes the game friendlier to new players. Would a bonus based on prestige help alleviate this problem?

    If anything, perhaps the levels should be tiered a bit more, in a sense that earlier levels come easier than later ones, and over a shorter period. If someone doesn't land in a kingdom until day 30, they can't enjoy the full benefits of the system until the very late game.

    Not a fan of premium having an additional bonus. If Crop and Resource bonus (which is pretty significant) isn't enough for someone to get gold, why would you add another benefit to premium? This just pushes the game further from freemium to pay to win (arguably two different player populations). I would say you are better off trying to attract new players (and maybe enticing old players) versus squeezing more gold out of existing players.

    Workshop and CP bonuses should swap places. CP benefits everyone, while workshop only benefits off players. The way this is set up now, def players receive benefits every other level versus off players getting a benefit every level (excluding hero XP bonus) early on. CP is also always beneficial, where as the players who are building massive croppers as off players may not even start building workshops to 20 by the second level. So by swapping CP and workshop bonuses, you would likely get better utilization.

    I think a lot of the negative criticism is very valid for this feature. If the rushing of croppers and inactive croppers is the problem, then consider the following:

    1) Don't release croppers until day 25 or around then. Either have wildrerness spots turn into croppers, making this relatively random or mark them somehow for players to plan around them, depending on the objective. Randomness is a better option, but one of the issues someone mentioned was "internal drama" around the croppers.

    2) Make it so a grey player's cap becomes the smallest pop villa, or just remove their cap all together, or simply add that 3 days buffer for either option in the event the player returns.

    Ultimately, you don't need to drastically change the game to fix an issue like this. This disproportionately affects defensive players, and makes getting a cropper daunting for new players and less competitive kingdoms. Even gold using defensive players may not have the resource commitment to meet the chief requirements until much later, and for non-gold using players it would be almost impossible without kingdom support (which may or may not, and some cases cannot, be given).

    Gold usage, and thus profits, aside I don't think these changes will work long term for the majority of players, gold users and non-gold users alike.