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    I hope you do understand that this debates are way too far from this "Kingdom member limitation" idea.


    Test server with:
    Kingdom limit: 30 players(3 royals, 27 members at current version); Union limit: with 60 players (6 royals, 54 members at current version)

    Guys, don't forget it's freaking hard to find really active not replaceable 60 people to stay in that round for the whole time... @Starx, about hurting business, it may come around as people would buy more gold just to catch up too...

    So your way to fight with fire is fire? "Noobs" term is used for a rookie, nothing offensive about it. Why you so afraid to be left aside, just prove yourself useful and active enough, that all what any kingdom would ask for a any governor, but now it seems you feel threatened to be kicked out..

    If you're inactive, you will get kicked and farmed from any kingdom, even without any limits, since it gives more profit, nothing personal about that.

    This game is old, very old, so most of people come there to remember the good old travian days already knows everything about this game, there are no extra tribes added like there are in legends - those rookies playing more active then old dushes if you manage to enrol them.

    I'm not saying just make those limitations happen without any questions or extra suggestions, thats just an idea that most of us would like to try on a TEST server! Try it, only then come there and tell how bad it is, what a terrible idea that is. Please give it a chance, maybe you would like that little tension in a server, where you have more options then 2: join meta or go against meta and look how members around you will start deletion process eventually.

    Thats the thing, you will actually use diplomacy. Don't get me wrong, but from 200 people kingdom, theres only 30-40 people thats actually chatting and doing something for the same cause, but those 30-40 people would be separated into two, three or even more kingdoms due their location and their "friend"list or some other choices, it would give a freaking server to get really interesting again, there was and always will be noobs in any kingdom, thats totally fine by 99% people, if you pay tributes and from time to time act on defence call or other topic.

    But we need changes in this game, since when one big kingdom merges with another simcity based kingdom, that server becomes uninteresting for most of people, so they eventually starts deletion process and server lose up to 30% or even more players in 2 months for no other reason like simcity playing style and no action based playground in meta kingdoms..

    You're talking about wing kingdoms, its not going to disappear, thats for sure, but in the same time, we would minimise their benefits from those "wing" kingdoms in mergin processes with member limitations.

    Nowadays travian spoils all those meta kingdoms with relocation thing and now even menhir update... At least give this game a chance to survive few more years by giving something that would attract people to stay in a server, where he/she could fight for his little or big kingdom and every effort she/he would make would be noticeable.



    As an off player, I can assure you that yes, I play the travian gods. In my immediate environment I decide who lives or dies. It's not a shame, it's the logic of the game that is like that. If the players around me are profitable to loot and don't have the strategy to get by, then they don't get by and end up disappearing after fattening me up. The looting is based on that.

    Beyond that, does a player with a few hundred inhabitants after several months of play really deserve a special place in the kingdom and to hinder sites for more invested players? No, I don't think so.

    I say all this and yet I am committed to helping those who wish to master the game and accept the advice. But someone who doesn't have player time in Travian has to play another game. Because on Travian, space is a resource and wasting it is a luxury that we cannot always afford.

    Monologue? I think Aillas, you're mostly or only 3x speed servers player, E'm right?

    Wings going to exist whatever you going to do.

    Personally I don't agree that a team wouldn't pick new players to their kingdom, I can't see that would happen any way I imagine.. Don't forget that people goes inactive during the server time, so it's always a thing for recruiting new players.. The Big and Huge kingdoms wouldn't be gone with this limitation thing, its just as a tool to get more kingdoms contribute in a server actively.

    Tired of 2-3 kingdoms ruling the whole server after day 40, in best scenario day 60.. I'm hoping you guys wanna have an interesting server the whole time, not just to play in the start and then flow in one of few big kingdom shadow.

    Plus there would be much more action going on for domination in a region - in my opinion...

    But in other hand, it would give us a chance to contribute in our own kingdom expansion a lot more. Team play would be a lot greater then, we would have more teams around, more communities, which could attract more people around.

    Right now, there are maybe 40 active players for each kingdom. The rest just plays along, profits from the defense a kingdom gives. Putting limits on the kingdom members will ensure those smaller players (who play just for fun and when they have time) will no longer have a place in a kingdom.

    Kingdoms is all about the idea that every player, even the small ones, can play their role in a kingdom and get protection

    If you limit the amount of players that can join a kingdom, it means that the smaller weaker players will remain without kingdom, since Kingdoms is based on your location of the map.

    Or: people will start wings with those small players, communicating via SS or discord or something else. Move treasures from wings to main kingdom and force a win in this way.

    All this wing kingdoms is being done now anyway, and about those almost inactive small players, they're being kicked and farmed in a more skilled kingdom, since kingdom would lose more resources if that man would settle his new village in their influence zone, then would gain via tributes.
    So thats not an arguments, if you're not active or just a rookie in this game, I'm pretty sure you not going to get a place in a top5-10 kingdom for no reason. Those wing kingdoms eventually would need to start thinking about their position in the main one, for wining this server, not just participating in it, and quite not whole meta community would fill in that 50 or 60 member gap at least.

    If we could minimise that member number to 50, it would be even more interesting. It would take some time, till any kingdom would manage to fill its area with governors, they would need to take only really active ones, of course some people would make multi-accounts and would use those to support their kingdom treasury with extra foreign governor tributes..

    In any way, it would be much more challenging, we need that to attract people there.
    I would like to see someday whole top 15 or even top 20 kingdoms struggle for victory till the end, not just at starting week on a new server...

    I would like to propose kingdom member limitation, that people would fight for their place in a kingdom, would be more active and helpful, plus community wise every kingdom would be much more stronger, since people would "chat"a lot more and where you're having a good time, you spend way more time and probably some money to stay ahead with your kingdom mates.

    In every server, there are basically one or two kingdoms fighting each other or just laying around, while they will merge all the smaller ones or going to destroy them. Every round after day 50-60, there are only few forces that leads the server, It would be much more interesting if we would have at least top10 kingdoms by that date.

    So my suggestion would be limit 30 members per kingdom, 60 members on union (54 members and 6 royals (2 kings, 4 dukes at current version)). At least try it in TEST server, see how it goes, how people would react, every member has to fight for his place in his kingdom!

    I would say, this game would become a lot more diplomatic then, since more bigger kingdoms would be included and those merging processes wouldn't be so easy as it is right now. Few examples:

    Looks like the biggest problem there is polish domain question... =)

    But you guys have more players in 1 kingdom at international (COM) server then in whole PL domain, so whats the problem.. You already have your community, and its great! You wanna play this kingdom version against your relatives in native server or what?

    If there would be more people in international servers, this game would be much more interesting, I think you do agree with this conclusion too, I do remember those times when "native" servers had over 10k players (not in kingdom version), not even talking about international ones, it was crazy and very interesting, too bad but this game is dying, something has to be done to make it last for some more time =)

    Multi accounts always were and also will be an issue. The only problem is, that with current state of relocating mc15s its easily abusable and in general much more game impacting. Right now its more like a flaw in game design so I can understand why MHs and Admins are in most cases shorthanded, but it definitively needs to be handled. Didn't have chance to play on the newest test server, so I am not sure how well its being handled with the menhir era update.

    On other note, if you see someone doing actually something against rules, grab all the evidence you can and report it. From my experiences Admins were taking that pretty seriously and in most cases if accusations were correct, they were handled pretty fast within 12-24 hours.

    I like your optimism <3

    This is a serious accusation Deacon. Stop throwing bullshit at our players and focus on your own game please. If you think Take_it_easy did anything against the rules, then report it and let admins decide. Or when you chief someone's cropper it automaticaly makes you multiaccounter? Thats a new thing to me

    That's not an accusation, that's a fact, but to prove it, someone would need to check IP's and MAC's, but ech, why should we bother MH and Admins for little problem like that, game is almost dead anyway, right?

    I think limitations would work out a lot. Simple there would be like kicking semi-active members and joining only the active ones. In this way, you would get a chance to create an active kingdom, in example each player can easily get 10 villages, so there would be 500 villages from only 1 kingdom, do you imagine what it would be if we would get at least 10 kingdoms with strong management on the server by the time WW appears? Since now, its only few spikes for a meta kingdom.

    I would agree on a some kind of bonus pool for a wining team.

    But if TRAVIAN ADMINISTRATION not going to do a thing, this game is doomed, you already changed gold usage system to boost gold usage and purchases, but when a game getting rusty, make BIG changes or go home, in this scenario it seems that kingdoms gonna die pretty soon.

    Hello there,

    I would like to suggest some updates, without it this game become more and more boring. In my mind these updates would help to maintain players activity and sustain unlimited friendly kingdoms (wing kingdoms) creative.

    1) 25 members per kingdom. We need this, since now all the servers playing simcity game, one big family - it's the worst thing for players activity.
    2) 50 members per union.
    3) SS management should be more administrative to its creator, like chat system, even the one who created that topic, can't close worthless chats and stuff- that shouldnt be like that.
    4) Whats the code for robbery camps!?!?! During com7 server, all robbery camps appear on the same spot, every time. It shouldn't be like that- if that's a bug, too bad, since it lasts more than 80 days already.

    Going to continue adding stuff there . I hope other people will read this post, and put their own suggestions. <3