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    I totally understand what you are saying. Older Players might find it difficult. They are older players and much more experienced in adopting to change than the new gen of players. with other emails have adopted to 2FA most ppl are aware of the mechanics

    A step-by-step guide is all it takes to understand the how 2fa works

    I agree on your observation however I believe the number of accounts that can be created will reduce considerably.

    Temp Email and Phone issue

    Re Confirm OTP after few days of the server (maybe16th day)
    Using Mobile Authenticator
    adding an official ID to the main Account

    These methods can resolve the Issue.

    Would Like to add one more
    Get the account (what do we call it, I don't remember the exact name or term) main account, where we see the game worlds, Prestige etc ...

    That has to be phone and email verified. This will reduce Multi account by some percentage at least.
    The accounts must get a verified stamp.

    This if enforced, every time anyone registers for a game world OTP has to be generated on both email and phone that was used to be verified and enter the same to register on a game world. Thus, the use of temporary email and phone numbers will be ruled out. If there is a phone and email change frequently. Then a verification needs to be done on that main account.

    So, the reduction and identification of multi accounts can be achieved.

    So you dont use phone at all ? Otp is a one time thing you dont have to carry it every time :P

    I think these steps would considerable reduce the Multi Accounts

    An Account of a Player should Get Verified Status

    How to get the account Verified

    1) Opt on Mobile
    2) Otp on email
    3) if its possible to send a Code to Discord Id automatically

    all 3 needs to be Provided to get the account Verified

    Once its verified the Account has multiple advantage

    1) Extra Gold when Gold is Purchased
    2) When Plus or Resource bonus is Purchased the Number of Days that it provides is 1 day extra
    3) Dual and Sitter option only to Verified accounts
    4) no Auction until Hero does 20 Adventure to non Verified accounts Verified accounts gets it immediately
    5) Extra 3 adventure for Verified Accounts
    6) Verified account that completes a server actively gets a Key that can be used to get into a Championship server

    Also, any account get banned or penalized for 3 times the account loses its verified status.

    account loses its verified status the wait period is 30 days to get the account re registered
    second time it loses its verified status the wait is 90 days
    third time is a permanent Ban to that account

    I am sure these can be achieved with minimal efforts

    Champion server ( x5 ) once every 3 Years

    Server Type Champion

    Registration special Invite keys only 30 to 40 kingdoms teams are given 150 keys each.

    Pre Registration made by King for 150 slots in the server. So a Player registers with the referrer Kings name and a pass code or unique key code.

    So there is no way Multis can register.
    Speed x5 or x10 # of WW 3 that is at the center and in a Gray Area that cannot be settled until 20 days of the server. A Kingdom can claim only 1 WW.

    Building Speed of WW is x3 and Resource required is to build WW is x2.
    Duration 60 Days ( Once every 2\3 years ) Winner of the Round Only the Kingdom reaching level 100 will be a Winner
    Prize xxxx Gold, Unique Emblem & Year

    1) 1 King, 1 Vice King, 7 Duke ( No Union )

    2) 149 Kingdom Member Limit

    3) No Confed \ Allies and no NAP.

    4) No Robbers No Camps and no Inactive

    5) Knock Out Feature - Once all 3 WW are claimed rest of the players are out of the tournament will have Spectator Mode - cannot influence the server in any way.

    6) Limit number of Tribes in the server to set percentages ( Gaul's, Teutons, Romans :- 33% Approx each )

    7) Larger Map and can claim 4 Oasis in 50 x 50 Radius

    8 ) Tier 3 Items are available from the start. Gems are easily available in Adventure. 1 Adventure is added every Hour.

    9) Hall of Fame - Kingdom that won the Rounds and the top 10 Players listed with achievements from the winning Kingdom and the top 50 players name mentioned in a list.

    Please list any features that can be added or should be deleted. Constructive criticism is appreciated :saint: .

    My sole purpose of making the thread is to understand and discuss if about the increase from 4 to 7 Dukes in a Single kingdom with or Without the kingdom union. Idea is to make Dukes not dependent on the kingdom union and a king can name 4 to 7 dukes irrespective of kingdom union based on the number of Treasures a kingdoms owns

    the argument that Kingdom union will benefit big meta and leave the lesser player poor or make a divide between Rich ad poor. I respect the opinion of my fellow players but i disagree on it.

    the Kingdoms can still make allies and plan and settle side by side So the Kingdom Union will not make much of a difference.

    kindly, correct me if I am wrong.

    First of all, Thank you for your valuable comments and feedback appreciate the time given.

    Just like to clarify I am no master of the game and if i make a mistake or the idea seems silly or noobish I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Now, coming back to the Idea - I observed many players don't like or disagree with Kingdom union.

    My original Idea that i posted was to have 7 Max dukes instead of 4. of course they should unlock the slot as and when the treasures grow lets say to unlock the 5th Duke the number of treasures is 100 000 and + 50000 after that to open up the slots.

    Please review the idea and lets fine tune it. anything questions or mistakes please point it out. your views to make the Kingdom better and fun to play is what we are looking for.