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    Sorry, somehow I missed your post earlier. You are completely right! Exactly, the only right decision would be to dodge your siege. I assume, you did everithing right on this server - built the baracks lvl 10 in time, jumped via menhir exactly at the moment, when it was needed, etc.

    And that is what we're trying to explain here. Thats killing the spirit of the game. Its a game, not a job. And I'm not a dzuba like you.

    In a game, I want to take wrong decisions sometime. I don't want to execute a prescribed programm, like a robot. I want to guess, where its the real attack and where its fake, not to observe your train of three players incoming in one village and dodge it, because its a right desision.

    I wanna play human against human, not dzuba against dzuba.

    By the way, today we took another wrong desision, willingly

    Hey, I don't think it is a disrepect. They write in native language, to get as much as possible ...hmmm... I would say "language shades", because the opponents are russian speakers too. I believe you are not banned from "yandex translator" (Its a way better than google translator in my opinion) so you can get the idea, but without said shades...

    Lots of Russian cheaters around -50/0. It's a bit ridiculous.. I dont understand the fun of cheating. Your whole account is a lie and if you win it doesnt really count. Then if you lose what does that make you? I mean i understand it in sports. Money is on the line but youre losing money if your playing this game. I m just confused at the stupidity of people that cheat. I didnt have to deal with it much last server but this server.... jesus...

    So, you can accept cheating to get money, and don't accept cheating to get fun. Double standarts?