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    How to add Emoji in travian chat
    1.) right click in the text box
    2.) choose emoji option
    3.) select the emoji you want

    A suggestion:
    A king should be able to see who the current sitters are, for each governor account. They should also have the ability to see the sitter history of governor accounts, which sitter was added and when, in the past (not the login history of sitter). This information should be available in the kingdom profile page so that most of the information can be viewed at the same time. For instance, all current sitters for each account can be seen on the same page right next to the list of governors. And the player profile page of a governor account should show its sitter history. Governors could be given the right to disable sitter information visibility, but it should then show as "hidden".
    If it is difficult to implement on the kingdom profile page, maybe it can be made available for being checked as a sitter. So, in that case, a sitter can see the sitter history of an account he/she is sitting.
    This feature might also help the king with contacting the sitter when the need arises. But obviously, the primary purpose is that it could help control the spy menace to some extent.