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    lol just build your own scouts ;) or do you prefer free units in a strategy game? I Already have a little bit of a hard time with captured animals being hoarded and 0 normal unit def. But it only works the first couple of weeks. After that animals become less and less significant and economical

    Looks like people are still angry. And they have a right to be. Leaving exploits in an update is very bad from devs. Now I know this feature is used both to gather friends but even with restrictions, cool downs and all that there is still the core option to just let the village cool down in peace and then turn it into a bully nest later. This was implimented to discurage this behavior but we all know the general state of the game: Most major kingdoms don't care about rules, delays and intended use of features. They will do anything anytime to 'win'. This is the cancer that plagues this game. So as long as these individuals/kingdoms don't conform/reform, no amount of forum posts, personal attacks and text walls will save the game. If it's broken, don't use it :/

    start as governor. fast settle on cropper. build treasury. create kingdom and activate. it should be done instantly without 12 hours waiting. if i remember correctly

    if you start as king you have to deactivate treasury in first village ( after 200 pop) or demolish treasury via main building only after that activate in cropper. means 12-24 hours extra. depends which route you choose.

    also as king you are locked down so you can´t use menhir. no resources back from fields which you need to get cropper that fast and you can´t get closer to your target so there is a chance many people will be way faster than you. there are some changes to menhir system so i can´t recall how much those things changed that strategy at this point.

    I never liked this 'feature'. It makes for an uneven playing field and abuse like crop locking with a multi account. F.eks you make focused acc ONLY to do fastest expand and then abandon untill grey timer expires. This and the fact that not all are even aware that this is doable. It isn't exactly hinted anywhere other than these occational threads. Broken and annoying for every one other than the trick user

    It doesn't help when players only ever post about the negatives rather than the positives of the game.

    Sure we've all experienced abusers & cheats, that happens in every online game.

    Lets try to rise above all that and try to "make Travian great again" :)

    Yes, blame the players for pointing out blatent abuse of rules followed by little to no action from devs/CM. Believe me, I would like nothing more than to praise my beloved Travian - if it was deserved. Since there is only now a new update that only addresses 10 of 100 game breaking abuses/exploits, the rage continues.

    The fact that devs are trying to fix the game is commended

    I wish making a wall of a thread with so many good and bad suggestions would help. Unfortunately it will not. You can permaban an IP and the cheater will make new fake one and then start over doing the same untill they get banned again, then cycle IP and there we go. You cannot therefore solve this ever lasting issue... at all. So the CM will just use standard reply: "Please write a ticket and please do it again, and again and again untill you have done the work of our Tech team" This has always been a thing. Nothing will change that as long as Travian is using open source code. Any one with half a brain and some math skills can write a bot or change IP. Now do you understand why it will never get solved?

    "Yes, we are already manipulating the game to the max as it is, so why not change it to lubricate our tractor even more?" It is a joke, I asume, that you would suggest rule changes, when you refuse to even follow the rule set as it is. Just KK :D

    What means to "relocate a hero"? What I have to do to get this achivment?

    In t4 you could que up in each village using hero helmets making you able to use it account wide. The bonus was triggered on perchase of units so you could just cycle hero and produce so many troops. In Kingdoms you have to stay in the village/city you wish to train troops in. Nice little nod ;)

    Ah yes, but the Earth wall is much harder to kill granting better def against early, mid and even late game armies. Teuton def is very underrated. Kings can field big def early as Teuts to def others aswell. Then there is the brewery for pure pounding power using rams and clearing the way for follow up roman cats. This is a lethal combo in any stage of the server

    I think the jumper issue is only really a problem on high speed servers. Due to the fast troop training and with some effort to stay under pop limit. The Menhir feature is very useful but in speed worlds very abusable. I would agree that a troop sending cooldown is vital to deter those enclined to use mecs not as intended. Thank you TG for adressing these issues

    Gaming the VP system is standard procedure these days. It's rage enducing and seems unfair to the attacker. For the deffender it's the most efficient way: Just keep the treasures moving during the days between reset and VP generation then gather defs and protect your main Cities holding and counting all treasures. It's been part of this game for ages.

    It's TK, if you want play without jumpers, kingdoms and other rules - play in TL.

    We are destroy use a lot of tactics a big zerg of legion. But no one didn't see that. Yes sometimes we use jumpers because it's very effectively. If game-designer add some function after relocate like traveling without troops and other we will think about new strategy and rape you again. It's not a problem. Everyone who was raped all time won't back to game, it's a normal. But may be instead that you will talk with other kingdoms and use jumpers too, destroy all of you viilas execept offensive villa and destroy you enemy? Why not? May be because you want make a villas more than play in strategy? Everyone know rules in the start of server and kings will think about protection of treasure. If you can't think about protection - you are weak and will be destroyed, it's a normal. RfR and Doom think about their protection, you are not. If fight a long distance than every kingdom will hidden treasures and def after that and you say "tactics and strategy", when you have a lot chance to destroy enemy offensive without treasure leak. I see that because you start do that but don't w8 our attack on you mega treasure. And know you are wine from situation. Funny :).

    Yes I'm sure that's what the devs intended TK to be. A game of hackers and jumpers. Come on :D At least you no longer have to actually hide anymore since no one patrols the servers anymore relying solely on tickets and igm player to player. No more multihunter. No more sherif to keep the game honest. GL HF

    Well I remember predicting this excact problem when the feature was first discussed. Yet no limits at all was implemented in release. It's easy to imagine abuse knowing the state of pre menhir actual player base and the ease with witch rules are bent and broken and the lack of action from admin team, that this would happen. Any and all holes, querks and glitches, oversights and lose ends wil be used by certain people to gain easy wins or just for the heck of it. Why? Because they can... Simple as that.

    We who have been here since pre-beta of this game know this. I'm sure admins know this. So the devs will know this as well. Or at least now you know.

    Hey guys,

    I understand that you don't really like it when the hero doesn't find anything valuable(well who does?) but we can't expect the luck of the draw to be always on our side. Be2-e4 mentioned that he doesn't fancy finding silver either, do you share this opinion?

    SacredLegend - what do you think should be reworked exactly and how do you envision a future adventures overhaul that you'd enjoy? Or is it just the rewards that you'd like to see changed?

    Kind regards

    Then perhaps you should avoid RNG as a default solution for almost any option in game. We want choises and rewards not RNG and disapointment. Make the adventures better or worse depending on how active you are and how well you play the game. That way they serve also to spur you along. 'nothing of value found' is like a big middle finger to players. Haha you used adventure points. Now you learn not to? Why was this even in the game to start off with?!

    Are you talking about your own robber hideouts or the kingdom wide robber camps? Be aware that the kingdom wide robber camps only spawn on fields that are not occupied by nature plus have another resource field distribution than 4-4-4-6. With the kingdoms being so crowded, it could be that there is not enough free space within the kingdom borders.

    kind regards,


    Then please concider changing this bcs menhir and relocations can actually stop the camps from occuring at all leaving your kingdom at a disadvantage. I propose a zone around the boarders where they can spawn. It doesn't make any sense that robbers have to spawn within boarders when hide outs can spawn outside

    There is a serious depopulation issue on normal servers. Especially when competing with x3 or x5 servers. I think that there are several reasons to this. People don't chat much either bcs they can't be bothered or don't want to stand out or something. This makes it very hard to engage kingdom members as King and Gov. Team tasks will help spur ppl along to work together ALL ROUND instead of only one or 2 important fases of the game in which most ppl again either don't know how to time attacks or don't send in time blowing the entire plan of the leaders. Speed won't fix this at all. It's more generic in how the kingdoms are built and who ends up sticking around past unions.

    I will tell you that in Kingdoms you can indeed play without a cropper if you are def or don't have a huge force. On the other hand if you look at the Hall of Fame hammers you will understand why having a decent 15c is vital for top troop producers of all tribes and playstyles. Even with 40k treasures worth of crop you cannot feed these nrs of troops. Thus you will need a cropper and the good old cropper race is very much still a thing

    If your hoping for something new in this game.....dont hold your breath. Travian cant even fix the simple bugs and exploits in this adding something major like new tribes....forget about it

    Oh I see it's still the same old mess then. Let's hear from the team how to revive this game :P