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    Well I remember predicting this excact problem when the feature was first discussed. Yet no limits at all was implemented in release. It's easy to imagine abuse knowing the state of pre menhir actual player base and the ease with witch rules are bent and broken and the lack of action from admin team, that this would happen. Any and all holes, querks and glitches, oversights and lose ends wil be used by certain people to gain easy wins or just for the heck of it. Why? Because they can... Simple as that.

    We who have been here since pre-beta of this game know this. I'm sure admins know this. So the devs will know this as well. Or at least now you know.

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    I understand that you don't really like it when the hero doesn't find anything valuable(well who does?) but we can't expect the luck of the draw to be always on our side. Be2-e4 mentioned that he doesn't fancy finding silver either, do you share this opinion?

    SacredLegend - what do you think should be reworked exactly and how do you envision a future adventures overhaul that you'd enjoy? Or is it just the rewards that you'd like to see changed?

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    Then perhaps you should avoid RNG as a default solution for almost any option in game. We want choises and rewards not RNG and disapointment. Make the adventures better or worse depending on how active you are and how well you play the game. That way they serve also to spur you along. 'nothing of value found' is like a big middle finger to players. Haha you used adventure points. Now you learn not to? Why was this even in the game to start off with?!

    Are you talking about your own robber hideouts or the kingdom wide robber camps? Be aware that the kingdom wide robber camps only spawn on fields that are not occupied by nature plus have another resource field distribution than 4-4-4-6. With the kingdoms being so crowded, it could be that there is not enough free space within the kingdom borders.

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    Then please concider changing this bcs menhir and relocations can actually stop the camps from occuring at all leaving your kingdom at a disadvantage. I propose a zone around the boarders where they can spawn. It doesn't make any sense that robbers have to spawn within boarders when hide outs can spawn outside

    There is a serious depopulation issue on normal servers. Especially when competing with x3 or x5 servers. I think that there are several reasons to this. People don't chat much either bcs they can't be bothered or don't want to stand out or something. This makes it very hard to engage kingdom members as King and Gov. Team tasks will help spur ppl along to work together ALL ROUND instead of only one or 2 important fases of the game in which most ppl again either don't know how to time attacks or don't send in time blowing the entire plan of the leaders. Speed won't fix this at all. It's more generic in how the kingdoms are built and who ends up sticking around past unions.

    I will tell you that in Kingdoms you can indeed play without a cropper if you are def or don't have a huge force. On the other hand if you look at the Hall of Fame hammers you will understand why having a decent 15c is vital for top troop producers of all tribes and playstyles. Even with 40k treasures worth of crop you cannot feed these nrs of troops. Thus you will need a cropper and the good old cropper race is very much still a thing

    Since there are no artifacts you need feeder villages instead. Preferably inside you kingdoms boarders since you get stupendous amounts of crop later on from stolen goods. The good old 10GG/2GW and GB/GS is in the past now. Only Cities can make GB/GS and ofc your cap. Standard villas will no longer be able to house large hammers. So plan you expansions wisely and really Traderoutes are a must for decent players since we have so little space for crop. Welcome to the adjustment fase. If you can adjust you might enjoy Kingdoms. If you can't then it's back to Legends (T4 these days), But beware... They have 5 races now so it still isn't the same as 10y ago

    More insentives to work together. Either actual rewards or events that requires and rewards, teaches and builds kingdoms and friendships. Since there is no change to the weird end game we need more fun and team play.

    There could be NPC kingdoms or villages to pillage or conquer to gain powers like artifacts.

    There could be joustings between heros to earn PvP fame or valour. The rewards could be resources or troops, cards or something else. Just more features not breaking nor directly influencing gameplay

    As long as we have a viable, overused and imho broken strategy of demolishing your spawn village to boost your rushed 15c, the late comers and new players, players who dislike or don't know this silly opener will suffer greatly.

    The first step was made making you no longer able to then move your new 15c for free to a new possition. Now you need to clean up the start up and make the game fixed again.

    I suppose we will all now have to build an actual off army if we want a cropper. Including those who go def off the bat. This is the only drawback I see. For an agressive player this is not really too bad since you can cooperate on taking down natars early and get those croppers up early too

    This comment will be deleted probably but still I sugested this kind of change and was deleted a month ago... I don't understand you CMs. You like us to be positive and constructive yet honesty is always the true path. And honestly we need more content, love and features if TK is going to prosper.

    This is really nice loot. I rarely get a weapon before 14d of play. But in test round I got CP hat and spear and it's only d6. They must have tinkered the rewards. The real odd thing in the quote is not a single blank. Btw those blanks should be removed. How can nothing be a reward?

    It's all good and working well when things go well. As soon as things go south the PERMANENT union is broken imo. Because you cannot avoid players taking advantage of game mechanics it's just difficult to make an unbreakable union without major problems if things go wrong. So imo again this needs fixing badly. The tribute/treasure system has been fixed somewhat but not completely. Neither has the treasure/VP hiding/timing issue. Untill these problems are solved we will have the one large meta kingdom and it's hard to avoid it happening during wars/intrigues/inactivity and such areas.

    Also remember to build scouts. a scout shield is very powerful early on as most will be looking for passives with just a single scout or perhaps 10. Having 50 or so around, a good chunk of legos, a built up cranny and a good wall when BP ends is a good goto strat for romans. Rewards also hint you at this and you will need troops. No more simming all first week. It will get caught

    I've been playing a LOT of romans during 10 years. There are a few very important things to note, when chosing romans. Raiders, espesially teutons, will seek you out early on bcs they often suspect you of simming too much and not training the nec troops to defend. Since dodging is very important untill you can properly defend youself, these attacks may ruin your servers golden start. The ultimate weakness of romans is cavalry in weeks 2-3 of a 3x server. So make sure you have spears/phalanx in you villages or go for early EC. This is not ideal since the resos really favor imperian/EI with drinking trough at least lvl 15 and a decent helmet.

    In my own experience it it is best to have do different villages by type. Factories (cities with GS/GB for off-village) surrounded by 3 lvl 10 reso-tile villages(feeders) to ensure constant resos even though you don't actually raid. With raiding it is ofc much easier to amass the resos. DON'T forget the DT!!!

    I've noticed that many romans are top raiders. This is due to the excellence of EI and TS. I usually have one or 2 villages making them for raiding besides the 'hammer' witch is for big attacks.

    I remember the old days where you could send 10 attacks a second. This is not possible in the current version. The really annoying thing is the moving send box when trying to use manual chain waves (cat train). This issue slows and bugs out well planned attacks all the time resulting in one wave attacks from multiple senders the best option. It's simply easier to set up a time to hit than actually sending cat trains.

    Also it might be an idea to write this in the description of the King role. Commitment like that needs to be advertized. The problem with kings are that these are meant to be veterans. Many veterans enjoy the benefits of duke or governer and want the crop from goods and robbers. Thus the role of king is often not nec the most experienced and skilled player. Resulting in the troubles discribed. Making the king role much more attractive and more fun is a good way to engage vets and also allow the lesser skilled ones to emprove and still manage their kingdom. Just trying out a king game is not really an option if you want to make it and have fun. It's hard work.

    Simple question, why'd i go to war with someone, and than let them rebuild after i defeat them, just so they can hit me back or they help another kingdom hit me after they rebuild and maybe my kingdom gets some new loses ? + If my kingdom defeats other kingdom, i want free resources from other kingdom, to rebuild army !

    Stop with this silly ideas to make this game total simcity please, those grey(inactive) villages doing enough damage to the game already !

    There is a point in this. Perhaps there could be some kind of vasal deal. You could give tribute for peace to kingdom or a seperate pool. This would encourage the stronger players to stop attacking and get resos. Again this is a bit wierd for veterans but it would leave a window open for new players who get ganked like mentioned by thread creator.

    Actually, if you pay attention you can make your hero look like an Arab, Turk and even sort of asian. There is quite a wide range of results when messing around with the different hero options. Skin colour would be nice.