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    I would have to disagree to this suggestion. While it is entertaining, I'd rather have a seperate merc camp NPC on the map to recruite neutral races. That would make it an equal thing for all to use. Or by completing quests as an ally you could gain the merc camps. Like an event of some sort where you had to do certain tasks to win access. But as a reward in adventures I'd prefer my own troops. And perhaps more of them since the rewards are not impressive as it is.

    1st: You already have the option to make diplo. I don't see a reason to make forced peace by making accounts invulnerable/unattackable. Simply if you are losing, try to make peace. I have many examples from experience that actually talking to enemies can lead to friendship in the long run. If you're losing bcs you were weaker, the stronger player/kingdom might ignore your request. This is Travian for you. Since the dawn of days

    2nd: There could be a more detailed report option, like some report analyzers that give you resos lost and xp gained. This is available externally now already. The chaining of reports could actually be nice but in order to share you still need accept from both parties to se any details from their report. This is a good feature and rule imo since you don't want your army details floating around out there more than it already does.

    I have been on servers that had bad lag because of many ks moving on rallypoint from 100s of accounts not 10 30 or 50 like mentioned above. While limits are annoying for people who use micro farming, it isn't an issue for 90% of players who never reach more than e.i. 500 on a good day. Therefore these changes that affect all only really affect 10% super adversely. Having a look at the actual average game data would be imencely benifitial since we don't really know the true extend of the problem. Changing the whole core mechs of the units is not the first option that comes to my mind when trying to fix it. Knowing the reason why the limit is there would be nice.

    @Wizzball. Great to hear dev's goals and the thoughts behind the mechs. Much better than just posting short points as discriptions. Changes like these are major and impact the game in so many ways that you devs perhaps don't realize players can't see. That's when this thread changed from balance to PR. Communication and sometimes detailed info about the game is essential to both avoid anger due to ignorance of the details and missed plans because players misunderstood the short patch notes.

    One piece of advice. Sort out the core bugs first then make adjustments. Not the other way around. Once again thank you for finally speaking out and meeting our pasion

    Concidering this is still a developing game I suppose they have to gradually develope the game. New strats and challenges are added. Some are changed and few are rolled back. Launching an actual server is kind of the only way to test how it works. Players expecting a polished product streamlined to perfection will always be disappointed what ever devs do. After 13 years as an active sometimes high level player I've seen changes come on that no one asked for or really wanted and then taken away. I think they're realizing our reactions and balancing it out for a major reworking. This thread has been super useful for both advice, opinions and devs have enganged. Now we players must be patient and let the devs work this one out. Will check back and start actually playing when things get playable again.

    As said above we're currently not planning to have an exact "date" when the midgame starts for everyone. Instead both of the uniting kingdoms have to have existed for at least 30 days. Both of them will individually be informed in time via a major notification that kingdom unions "will be available soon" etc.

    I like this idea of a more fluid game experience when comparing to the old Legends mechs. The halving of dukes is radical and could be a double edged sword. Because there are fewer dukes, kingdoms are smaller but also the chaos of start up will really be desperate with the 10k expansion min. It usually takes quite long to amass that nr in the first place. Perhaps somewhere inbetween is more balanced for less experienced kings. These will have real difficulties under the new mechs. For veteran kings it will be a fun challenge, How this will play out shall determine if its balanced. Also wrt the merging of kingdoms mid game.

    Sounds like you got confused by the attacks on Kingdom and thought it was attacks on you? Your own inc attacks would apear on the village overview screen, making it red boardered. You can go there and see what village is attacked. Finally you can there see inc attacks. Attacks on kingdom gives you direct links to other players inside you kingdoms boarders so you can help them out.

    If you're going for mass troops a 15c 125% is the minimum. 9cs are good capitols is you don't raid but still want some troops, but nothing beats a well built 15s 150% tbh. You do, however, need to be very active and spend gold wisely or you'll waste 100s of k maxing out. This is esp true for 3x servers