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    As I wrote in the Spanish section, this is a step in the bad direction.

    Forum and Discord can live together. They have their own role in communication and it's different from each other.

    As much as Discord is trying to create communities, it's difficult to find information, it's impossible to create long-lasting threads, and you can't make elaborate posts.

    Discord is a private company and can disappear (as well as Travian Games GMBH), and putting all your eggs in an external basket is an awful move.

    It's not even an economic aspect even though you try to use it as an excuse, a forum's hosting is extremely cheap.

    Hopefully you reconsider your move and we can keep it as a communicative channel.

    By the way, it's not that the forum is not used. It's more like the audience is getting lower and you're not promoting it that much, hence you end up with less participation.

    Pues no sé cuánta gente respondió la encuesta. Yo lo hice y una de las cosas que propuse a mejorar era la reactivación del foro.

    Está claro que esto iba a seguir el mismo camino que Travian Legends y es una pena.

    Hay que saber diferenciar Foro de Discord. No son lo mismo. En Discord es mucho más difícil estructurar por temas, buscar contenido y crear textos largos y que perduren.

    ¡Cuánto echo de menos la cultura de escribir un mensaje largo, dándole vueltas y formato, en un foro!

    PD: Mantener un foro no cuesta ni 10€ al mes...