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    Hi friends,

    I stopped to play Travian more than an year ago because I became tired of the Kingdoms meta, where all the server run to join one kingdom and there was few true competition.

    How is the meta now, it changed?

    7 years or more in Travian... this was the best browser game I found. You have an unique mechanics, your server have an objective and a final. This is amazing. But even good game designers make some mistakes.

    After one week, I'm not having fun in this new features without alliances (com1). And yes, I'm top player and I buy gold.

    1. It's hard to put your friends inside one kingdom.
    2. The game is more and more concentrated in few players.
    3. All villages close are "friends" and you can't attack. Gauls and Rommans have huge advantage because they have fast horses to farm.
    4. Pay to win more than ever. I buy gold, but it's not fun to became strong only because of gold. Came back with strategy.

    You splitted the players in T4 and T5. It's not good because I can choose what want to I play. It's boring because the servers has low population.

    For now, I'm leaving you dear Travian. I wish you can get your fun and strategy back. I will return to you if it happens.

    I think thats why WOW is the better MMO. I paid every month, but the game is as balanced as possible.

    I'm a gold buyer because I had fun in this game. But this is not true anymore, the game is in a wrong way and I will look for another browser game.

    I think this ideas will not improve team play a lot. Team play always exist between active players, so the problem is not the mechanics of the game but to make player active and not bored.

    1. Make the mid game more important, putting more action.
    a. Attack merge: You invite a friend to make one attack together and the attack will hit like one. Will be easy to hit enemies treasure and steal VPs. (not allowed for same ip/macs)
    b. Minor objectives: How about release minor artifacts in Natars that works for 1 day (maybe alliance effect). Burn troop to get artifacts or use then to hit enemies...
    c. Adopt a player: Players can adopt one other player with pop with 20% pop or less than you to give him production bonus while in the pop 20% condition. This will make players that start late be more relevant.
    d. Make every target more important, not only few villages. Ex: Treasures can hold only 1k but there are 4x more treasures actives. This can split the action.

    2. Tech trees can be nice, but not sharing blah blah blah Just give us more options to customize our game play.
    a. Offensive | Deffensive | Spies | CP generation | Resources | Merchants | Buildings

    Just some ideas.

    Amazing. I think it's a big sacrifice for Gauls and Rommans, but can be really nice to Teutons.

    Last server (playing Gauls) I have c15 100%, 2 barracks (archon helmet upgraded +5%) + 1 stable at full production (my hammer had 70k+ Swords + TTs), and I finish with 600+ stolen goods. Croop was not a problem to me.