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    Get 30% more Gold in ALL our game worlds with your #TravianKingdoms Gold purchases!

    Start: Friday, 31st March at 10:00 UTC+2

    End: Friday, 31st March at 23:59 UTC+2

    Important information:

    • All game worlds are included
    • Please note the images in the Gold store: The promotion is active only when an original Gold value is crossed out.
    • The Gold promotion also applies to all Gold Packages of the APP.
    • Mobile payments are unfortunately not included in the Gold promotion.
    • The "Great Deals" are excluded from the promotion, as they are already... Special!

    Best regards,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team.


    Dear players,

    With our new Discord Feature Events you are always informed about the start of a new game world or other Discord events.

    You will see Events on the left-hand sidebar in Discord; click on it to see all the scheduled events. To receive a notification for when the event goes live, click Interested.

    Did you find them? Which one do you follow?

    Have fun trying out!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Dear players,

    help us improve the Android App version of Travian Kingdoms and join the currently running beta test. A big shout out to all of you who are already part of the Android Beta program! Thank you for participating continuously <3 You will get access to the beta version automatically. Just update to the newest version 1.20.

    If you want to be part of the Android Beta testers, you can open this link on your mobile device:

    Android Beta testing

    And follow the provided instructions.


    We cleaned up behind the curtain to make Kingdoms smaller, faster and better. Even though you shouldn't see changes, you still help us when playing this version. You are providing us with insights about new causes of crashes and finding other bugs that we can fix before we roll out this version for everyone. In fact, we were already able to update this version twice which means, expect regular new updates, even once a day.


    These are regular bug fixes included in this version.

    • Reports: We fixed a bug so that you can change the status of favored reports
    • Several minor bug fixes

    As a participator, you can send your feedback either directly through the Google Play Store through the testing program or, you can share your feedback as a reply to this thread.

    Please also include:

    • The device name
    • The OS version
    • Descriptions and screenshots

    Thank you for participating in the Android Beta program <3

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    No, it was a redundant return, nobody asked for the invitation to be withdrawn after WW level 50, it seems that there is a lack of text interpretation on your part, there is indeed the advice, to have the function of inviting players who were already part kingdom in the last 24-48 hours, unfortunately some only know how to read what they want, and speak without thinking. Don't try to deviate from the subject :)

    Please, before you say something, be objective to the topic and the requests of the players in fact, don't invent something out of thin air.

    Hi there, I am sorry if it was confusing, Let me quote myself here to make it clear:


    I will send in the feedback about the points you are all making, about the sitters, and also about being able to re-invite players that had just been expelled. I dont want to make any promises at this point but I can guarantee you the concerns will be carefully considered.

    Ill be happy to add more feedback if there are additional points.

    It is a great feature that players are not accepted into the kingdom after WW 50, this should not be discussed. Because there may be those who want to enter the winning kingdom on the last day for the medal, or even those who want to enter another kingdom and give their WW as a gift. It is also bad advice to prevent players from being kicked out of the kingdom after level 50 because there may be players who need to be kicked out of their kingdom after WW50. The clearest solution is that the sitters of the king, vice king and dukes are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of the kingdom. I hope they update the sitter properties as soon as possible. As for the server, unfortunately, I don't think the server will be taken back, it is not a system-related problem after all, and therefore administrators cannot solve your problem. Because such a thing will be abused in the future. After a bad event, King X can make such a request by kicking all his players from the kingdom.

    Thank you very much for the explanation @lovegood, this is exactly the reason why it’s not possible to invite players to a kingdom after the WW has reached level 50.

    Unfortunately, CS will not be able to change that either, so sending in tickets will not change the outcome as well.

    I can understand the frustration you must be feeling with this issue and even though we can't change what's going on, we will talk about all the issues you are mentioning.

    I will send in the feedback about the points you are all making, about the sitters, and also about being able to re-invite players that had just been expelled. I dont want to make any promises at this point but I can guarantee you the concerns will be carefully considered.


    Dear players on the Night truce round,

    On Sunday, March 26, summer time is starting again. That means the Night Truce timings will be affected. We will adjust it so that it's going to be back to normal on Monday night, March 27.

    On Sunday, the truce will last until 9 am in the morning and will start again at 1 am in Monday night. On Monday, it will last until 9 am again but will be in place on Midnight.

    Please forward this info to all members of your kingdom so that everyone is informed about it.

    COM1nx3: The daylight saving time changeover in the US time zone was already on 12th March. We decided to change all game worlds at the same time. Therefore, in the last two weeks the night truce still remained in winter night mode.

    Thank you for your help in spreading the word!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Dear players

    Please find game-worlds starting in April below.

    All game worlds starts at 2:00 pm UTC +2

    Tuesday, April, 4th at 2:00 pm UTC +2

    • CZ1x3
    • DE1n

    Tuesday, April, 11th at 2:00 pm UTC +2

    Tuesday, April, 18th at 2:00 pm UTC +2

    • FR1n
    • IT1nx3

    Tuesday, April , 25th at 2:00 pm UTC +2

    • ES1x3
    • TR2

    Dear players,

    we all know it's sometimes hard without a good sitter or dual. Therefore we have this section dedicated to find a good team to play with.

    Sitters can play on the same game round, Duals cannot have an own avatar on the same round. You can enable and restrict Gold usage for both. One avatar can have 2 Sitters and 2 Duals in total.

    Write a comment here, if you:

    • Search for a Sitter or Dual
    • Offer to be a Sitter or Dual for someone else
    • Search for a whole team
    • Already have a team and you still have some vacancies open
    • Offer to be a mentor and teach some interested new players how to play

    or any combination of the listed points.

    Sharpen your swords and let the hunting begin,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Dear players,

    it is again time to sharpen your swords, gather your friends and jump right into action on the new COM2Nx3 game round!

    Many kingdoms will be battling for glory and domination, but can you prevail?

    You are invited to search for fellow players in this thread: Matchmaking

    Don't hesitate to share your journey with us here

    • World start: Tuesday, Tuesday, April, 11th at 2:00 pm UTC +2
    • Game version: Night Truce Speed x3, nigth truce time:Night Truce (EU = UTC 22 - 6)
    • Beginner's protection: 4 days or until you reach a population of 200 in total
    • Vacation days: Up to 7 days, countdown in advance is 24 hours
    • Kingdom Unions: Available after 10 days
    • Closing Registration: on day 14
    • Tier 2 and Tier 3 items: the fancier items will appear on day 14 and day 27
    • World Wonder activation: On day 44
    • Approx. game round duration: ~2 months


    the Travian Kingdoms Team.

    Edited to add the nigth truce time :)

    Hello players,

    We want to share some important news about the forum's future.

    Due to many external and internal factors, including the fact that the forum has become increasingly inactive and maintenance costs have increased, we have to accept the fact that the forum is not home for most of our community anymore. In our last survey, in which we asked you about what kind of content format you wish for and where you are getting relevant game information, it's clear that we need to invest more in our Discord.

    Plus, one of the community's main concerns is enforcing the game rules, especially on bot usage and multi-accounting.

    Therefore, after careful consideration, we have decided to revise the allocation of our budget and will concentrate on the above-mentioned points: rule enforcement and Discord.

    This will come at a cost, though. During March, we will change the ES, IT, and Arabic forum sections to read-only, and we will move the embassies over to the Com section of the forum.

    Players writing in these embassies must write in English or at least post the Google-translated version of their post in the same post.

    We will introduce a language bot on our Discord server so you can at least read it in your own language.

    This change will take effect on March 31st, 2023.

    To see the complete changes, open this SPOILER.

    Dear players, here is a complete list of changes for the ES, IT and Arabic forum sections:

    We understand that this information may be disappointing for some of you, and we want to assure you that we have not taken this decision lightly. We value your loyalty and support and want to continue providing high-quality experiences for many years.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have tried to predict the three most pressing questions and answered them below.


    What about game rounds?

    We will keep the local game rounds open and continue to start new local game rounds. However, the embassies will be in the Com section of the forum.

    What about Help Center tickets?

    You will need to write the tickets in English.

    ES: You can still write tickets in Spanish and get a Spanish answer.

    Does this mean we might close the forum completely?

    Potentially. We do see a declining trend in activity in the forum; most players only read and chat on Discord or in-game. Plus, it would be great to have the changelogs in the knowledge base so that it's easier for you to look up information about unique game worlds, for example. But first, we'll need to analyze the outcome of these changes.

    As always, we are happy to read your feedback,


    Your Travian Kingdoms Team


    Hello! can i ask you why you ask for the wooded area with tier 2 elements?, even if the registration is closed the map can still expand. The more villages settle on the map, the higher the change of the map expanding.