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    I think they're waiting for MLTEST to end so they can see results of the new feature and choose to implement it or not. WWs spawn tomorrow night and should take about 5-10 days. So we will probably get a new server by the end of the month I'd say

    In the tittle you mention "Fair game" but the only thing here that seems to point to a fairer game is:

    *Farm List Gold Monopoly.. So, you want be on Top Assault so, PAY FOR IT ! I haven't use gold and I still enter on those listing. However, To me (and everyone other new player) it will be easier if you just not charge for it. I would like to see this game more fear and not a division between player that use gold and the one that who don't use Gold.

    Can you explain how any of these other things would make the game more fair?

    The king can deactivate the treasury if the attack is over 12 hours and the treasures will move to another treasury. In addition a king can have his governors steal his treasures so that most of them are gone when the attack lands, and the king can pick them up from tributes after.

    Achievement symbols
    Spider Achievement: 8
    Facepalm Achievement: 5
    Crown with clock Achievement: 0
    Painting Achievement: 3
    Tribute bag Achievement: 7
    Fish Achievement: 1
    Connected hands Achievement: 2
    Map tiles Achievement: 6

    The numbers not needed in the equation are 4 and 9
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    Can you have more than 1 extra slot in a capital village?

    What buildings are best to put on the new slot(s) Granary(s) to hold more crop and thus more troops?

    You can have 2 extra slots for each village. Most people do end up putting grainaries or warehouses on the extra building slots. Some do end up putting Great Barracks/ Great Stable if they only make their villas cities late in the game

    One option I could see as a solution that would benefit both sides is disabling the deff points of inactive villas from residence, wall, ditch and morale bonus as well as disable reinforcing them. Also increase spear attack to 15. This way all tribes could farm with deff units even. Of course this will still benefit attackers slightly more because they have better raiding units. But it would also allow defenders to raid as well

    In the outset ALL tiles contained 4446 distributions.

    There's 1 big problem with this. Non-standard 6C and 7C would all be gone. This would probably be a major problem, as they are very useful in most scenarios. And the amount of 150% 15C that would exist would be way too much with this. Of course not all of them would have the total 150% because of the way oasis bonus works but it would still be too many.

    This solution removes the unnecessary race to 15C's. It give's all players the option to play the 15C GOLD heavy game if they decides too. There are already so many hurdles to newcomers to this game, and this Fast Expand technic is just so unnecessary. And even to experienced player being 1 hours to late to settle could mean that your enemy got that 15C you had sent your settlers too .. and then you start a server with a pessimistic mood right from day 1.

    I wouldn't say that the race to 15C is a problem for new players. From what I see at least, most newcomers settle in a 6C or 7C. Only the ones that have already played Legends or are willing to spend a lot of money go for those 15C. And some players that are dualling with more experienced players. I really don't think it's much of a problem because it's not that hard to be impactful without a 15C.

    I still dont understand whats wrong with settling on 15c sacrificing whole first villa and rellocating to the friends kingdom. Everyone has a chance of getting 15c near his kingdom, without relocation you have to be really active and settle in max 2 days until all 15c are taken. Its hard even on local server, I can imagine those off players on com servers building vw off in 4446 +100% cause nothing else left

    I don't think the problem is getting a 15C and relocating to a kingdom. The problem is that you can make a terrible 15C into a a 150% 15C. If you look at the map, there are specific areas with 15C and 9C between kingdoms when the server starts. These areas usually have 2 oasis at max, and those croppers are, at max 100% (at least I've never seen any higher and the 100% is 2*50%).By moving them into a kingdom you are more likely to have 50% crop oases or just more oases in general. You can also relocate them multiple times, and get in and out and destroy treasuries really easily. This is the biggest problem.

    Kings currently get more tributes, as they can collect from all dukes, and a part of tributes collected by dukes will go to their tribute fund instead of the villa. In practical terms, Kings get part of a Duke's tributes. Also Dukes have a reduced hideout spawn rate

    They don't require infantry to attack. The good part about offensive cavalry troops is that, when without any infantry, they work at their full speed which is usually at least double of the standard infantry speed. The only thing that changes is that only the Deff VS Cav of the defending units will be counted