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    These guys really can do it.

    From this point onwards all negotiations are off, and the original stance stands: Against Reckless.

    As these guys will try their hardest to bombard all and every thread, real discussion against them cannot be held. So it will most likely happen within the game, if any.

    Note to myself: Never EVER EVER EVER get into situation where you hold a "conversation" with DrugsInc

    That is actually a good idea.

    I will think about making an offer to buy Travian Games. The company that holds the rights for this game.

    Then i would really own this. And you would all trespass within my domain while i do as i like in it.

    If that succeeds, who knows, maybe ill turn this into a Childrens Game then.

    Its clear that there will be some changes happening here.

    Its just, how much they value money over their Brand.

    Money rules this world, except for those it does not.

    So thank you for giving me this idea. We can get back to this if and when i hold the majority of stocks for Travian Games.

    I have some ideas what to make of this game anyway. So might as well buy the whole thing if possible.

    No, everyone have their own.

    If they dont have them already, they probably never will.

    If they do, why would they need mine.

    But in the fields of battle against them, they can use my Strength.

    But them coming here to bomb this thread is one of them. They basically act like they own this place when they come typing on my Thread.

    Finnish men dont like when other people come to Finland to act like they own, or actually own the place. This relates to meaning of Sisu. As i have Sisu, i cannot accept their behaviour. They come to my place uninvited like they would own it, to wreck it, and to destroy it. They also continue to do this against my pleas and wishes. That kind of thing wont fare well againist people with Sisu within them.

    They are clear conquerors, who do not think anything of other peoples belongings and wishes, and this is why i cannot stand them, and choose to act against them. They are conquerors on my land and my land is Finland.

    So to understand why, you should first understand what it means to have Sisu. If you are so interested, maybe you should ask your Finnish team mates to elaborate the meaning to you. It does not matter if you are more numerous than me, or even if i stand alone. I will do so regardless. I will do so to protect my claim that you ought to destroy. Standing in Righteousness against people with No Honor (Kunnia) in them.

    There is no such things. Why would you not be allowed to play with Reckless ?

    Those reasons of who you want to play with must be your own. If you ask me, play where its most fun.

    Standing against them means only that. Even better if they have strong members among them as they will surely need them if it comes to that.

    My reason to stand against them is because i like them the least. You need a target, so much as well be the ones you dislike the most. Happens to be, the core of them are my own Countrymen :D

    But this is how it is, Finnish men can least accept other Finnish men.

    So, open up a serious thread to discuss strategy. End up bombed by Trolls.

    Is this how it goes ?

    I think it is. Happened every time so far. In all discussions.

    Still i am the only one who cannot join this fun. Why ? Because i am superior at what i do. The fact is, that i am TOO GOOD to be allowed to continue. And it really gets into people, unlike these sad attempts. So you have encountered a Superior being. Accept it, and move along with your stuff. These kind of things happen and is part of life. The important thing is to notice this, accept the fact, and stop fighting a fight you cannot win. This is true in Travian too. And in Real Life, noticing this is Crucial.

    The only person here who have any talent in this kind of thing is DrugsInc. Ridiculing, Provoking and generating Anger.

    The reality in your Meme Tiitana goes along these lines: Comes to ask genuine advice, accepts the advice he deems worthy, does not accept advice that he sees as bad advice regardless of the status who told it - Then when the advice is neglected their pride, status or something is threatened and they have to force their way in as no one can have a different opinion than them. Something like this. Add also, they are genuinely scared, that new kind of playstyles would spread that they do not know what to do against, and they are genuinely scared that they would actually lose. - So then start to sabotage and undermine the whole thing as it is see as Truly Dagerous and a threat to their Regime

    All of this is of course pretty low

    The thing i wrote above about Support Romans is genuinely good and effective, and is the best way to play them. Roman is the most Versatile Tribe and that kind of playstyle is only available to them. If you do not want to use this kind of position in your Kingdom, you will only lose from that. Having the versatile way to approach all situations and gameworlds is a serious advantage. Especially if other Kingdoms wont utilize their compositions, and just play "this and that" without any thought on the subject.

    This will not do, if you plan to establish a truly optimal Kingdom. You have to have these things thought out. Nothing will just "happen" or someone just do "this and that". Everything is planned and done in cohesion with others.

    The best part is, these so called Experienced players have usually nothing to say on the subjects they ridicule. They just do so, without giving any alernative advice or solutions. This happens across the line here. So most of the time, no one even have any advice because they do not know, and i am the only one representing anything on the subject.

    So why can others do this but i cannot.

    The reason is, i am better at it.

    So stop this, you have no chance against me in this kind of drag.

    Tiitana, that was really bad. You should not even try this kind of thing as you have no talent in it.

    I held back all the things that came into mind at response. Would i typed them, you would have known.

    Hey! No that kind of content. This is rude.

    When the old thread get closed you try to make the same happen here. Derail it to a wrong direction.

    This is Direct Sabotage you are conducting.

    If you are this unsure of yourself, find some other way to make it happen.

    And as you knew already, this is not advice for new players. So at least that part is true.

    PS. And when you Ridicule me like this, type IstoBEST. Its funnier that way.

    I will start telling about the Support Position.

    Support Position is an important and versatile role within the Kingdom. It does the same as all other Positions combined, and is crucial for any established Kingdom. Support position is best played as Roman because of their multi purpose units that are good both, in Attack and Defense. The higher build time does not hurt them as much, as they do not prioritize larger armies in the same way than Attack players do. Support players produce only one Attack Army, and it will always contain Legionaires + Equites Cesaris + Catapults and they will rarely, if ever attack before they have sufficient number of Catapults available and as their name states, their role in attack is to Support the Main Attackers, their role in Defense is to Support the Main Defenders, and their role in Infrastructure is to Support the Main Attackers Infrastructure. A Support plyer can also easily be converted to Defensive or Attacking position, changinig the playstyle from the start to either Defender or Attacker depending on several factors, such as the availability of the Crop Locations. Other than making one Attack Army that can also be used to Defend, they generate as many Pretorians for Defensive purposes as they can. So their stance can be seen more as Defensive than Offensive, but available to use in Both.

    All the thngs mentioned is the reason, why the Support position is the most Numerous and they are second on the Crop Location priorization right after the Main Attackers.

    As the players need to be Respected, no such vile actions as Farming their own Governors can take place. Instead, if there is need to support the Main Attackers infrastructure, it is done by sending resources within the given limits to multiple players instead. They do have their own Infrastructure and Troop Production to support as well which is seen almost equally as important.

    I would most like to read Guidance about Attack Position.

    No Smacktalk, or Telling who is better in this Thread. Lets be Friends here.