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    I'm sure Namiriel should farm more instead of crying about Sinjin. I'm reading my name at least 4 times when the last post was really about Sissox not me. Apparently it is happening now because people are not playing to win anymore, isn't it obvious? You talk about benefitial tributes when really you had the biggest hammer on the server and never been on the farmlist. Water has made every decision by votes in our leadership, not by me alone.

    I'm not fond of you as well, but please stick to facts and not something you assume.

    Yes, really worried about my "travian future", literally weakest argument you could come up with :D.

    One little inconvenience and look how mad it got you.
    Seems like FnF can only crack jokes when not on the receiving end :P

    Could it be that we don't care anymore? :o I have not even sent rams or hero with my attack and you come at us with "splashing" :D

    Fritolay#EN talking about "humbling us" over here will not get you your village back :) Also calling it a d*ckmove is a bit ridiculous in the light of the recent events, right?

    Take a sip of your own medicine.

    You are named after a scientist and yet lack to find the mental building block that solves the puzzle you dont seem to understand (or act like you dont to be provocative).

    I don't think I will ever have the time to play a game world to full potential again, as that's propably only possible if you work in IT, go to school or have no job.

    Anyway we are yet to see any Avogadro meme, how about it?

    If I would have had one I'd tell you by now, just as you told me you have one.

    If you can't figure out why you should feel dumb then I let you in the believe that one of your Off players is a spy! It's definetly Batko, you should destroy him completly OMG. Actually I'd like to know who yours was but knowing you well enough I assume you will never tell me.


    Have your delicate feelings been hurt?

    Oh i have been caught using spies? Because I'd have to be ashamed if i did that right :'D

    You should feel dumb for confiming that you definetly had one and who is paranoid now ?

    Look how mad Avogadro got because of this haha "no i stop reading now you bad lier"

    Since you are reading all our kingdom chats you should know we are leaving, and what the reasons are and whatever we wrote earlier.

    Call me what you want but I have never lied on here and except 2 special people I believe no one else did too.


    Response on 1) Well, that is the different of using a spy well and using it bad. Do you deny that 20 minutes after Namiriel sent a message to the off team, you messaged the kingdom saying "A bird told me that

    FnF will attack tonight"? I am not using the exact words (if you want me to I can quote you better). You did not say "we expect them to attack" or "they might attack", but they will.

    Oh my god i almost didn't read that :'D this is the sweetest thing i read all server. You stumbled over your own spy telling you the exact thing I wanted him to tell you. It was pretty obvious you would come soon and i shot my shot, didn't know that i nailed the timing this good :D:D:D i hope you feel stupid

    Man just stop talking. Jager left because he was bored and Jallu convinced him to start his own kingdom, he was never kicked what is that BS? If you ask him of course he has some other threadbare reason. It's all logged in our Discord, should i design you a booklet so you can stop spreading more lies? It's just too much for some players to not being on the winning end. Look at your awesome new governor PPCH being banned, awesome guy, really upright and definetly not a person who would crap all over his kingdom because they dont win.

    1) Avogadro#EN(1) stopped at the first line. Why? Because we know for a fact you have a spy in our kingdom (hence he called BS on Sinjin). How do we know about it? Of course thanks to our might spy.

    2) You could have dualed Sissox, but you didn't. Is that our fault? No, so do not whine about IFs and BUTs.

    3) Yes, defending PPCH we lost some def that you wiped out. Congrats on that! But even when that village was inside your own territory, did you not lose more than we did? If you call that a victory well, who am I to call it otherwise. If one of our govs leave us because he is not happy with us, please do defend him.

    4) We spread no half truths, especially not within your kingdom. If you cannot, as leadership, keep your own governors with you and interested, it is not our fault but yours.

    5) Why didn't we opened on COM2? We were coming from playing servers back-to-back-to-back. We needed a break. Some of us played leisurely in other servers under a different kingdom's name. However, more than 60-70% of us did not. So why join a server with only 30%-40% of our players? We do not play a server based on who may or may not be there. We play a server based on the availability of our group.

    1) Give me a name if you are so sure, since if I had one at hand I might have done anything usefull with it.

    2) What about that? The whole point was that I had the opportunity to really mess around with your kingdom knowing I'd register with some friends, but didn't take it, because it kills the game itself. You on the other hand take every opportunity you get to do such things, which you didn't need to do as you propably have more hammer then we have governors. Especially in the light of the overall quality of this server this is totally unasked for.

    3)Is that a competition? I was refering to that specific comment about defense and refute Avogadro, which I claim to just be wrong.

    4) Apparently you do, I got 3 govs PMing me they are reliefed I kicked him because he was just negative, I gladly share those if you need further proof

    5) Obviously I was just being provocotive, I don't really care where you register or not.

    Yes Avogadro I'm pretty sure nobody is the villain in his version of the story but can't argue that putting spies or Jager and then chiefing his village was a cool move.

    Excuse my late reply to that BS you just posted there, i was moving today.

    First off all if I had a spy we might do better. Second we know you have a spy because Turin registered on our getter and many other interesting happenings.

    The guy was being kicked because he refused to update getter, send his troops and in general insulted the leadership for not winning the game - how absurd is that? He wanted us to plan an OP on FnF, he also wanted entrance to our leadership, gettertools rights etc. When being asked what his ideas for that plan were he admitted to not have sent his fakes last time and started to insult the leadership again instead of doing anything usefull. We talked it through and someone (not me) kicked him because we had enough of this behaviour. It's a bit ridiculous you mention the "big offs" that died, since your troops (for once) were wiped every time.

    About our perfomance in general I can only say that I told Sissox 2 months before the server start that i will not dual him because I will not have the time required and will start with Madcake for fun, which is what we did. Yes the deff was not good yesterday, it was a 50/50 chance and we thought you are snobby enough to go for me. So what?

    In general you might want to think about your behaviour. I could have easily infiltrated your kingdom by dualing Sissox.

    You have enough advances like a seasoned premade group of core players and in general twice the amount of members we have. And you still feel the necessity to get all delinquents we kick, put spies, spread half-truths and even support Jager. I assume you didn't register for COM2 (where all the seasoned teams went) because you didn't want any competition, so you can continue to brag about your super awesome winning streak.

    I must think about when Jallu mentioned that my kingdom helped you win on the last server and you replied with "yes because Phoenix made everyone hate them".

    After all it's a strategy wargame - you do you. But from my perspective I'd had expected a little less "dirty" moves after we stopped building our world wonder to level 100 so you can win (even though you broke the NAP and deffed us).

    And no this is not whining that is my honest opinion on what's going on and we will never complain about any hits or losses we take .

    You are a ... person,


    The headline is more like "Science class of 2019 clicks buttons in online game (then continues to brag about their heroic actions on forum)"

    Since Avocado seems pretty eager to get my attention i gave him the guy with the beard :D