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    Thank you all. I am convinced now, especially the sentence that I did not read and did not pay attention to before, which is included in the answer of Titana (any remaning troops and resources will be added to the next wave) /// Perhaps the owners of the game programmed this method based on the fact that the one who preceded in the waves of attacks has the right to loot more than the one who was late and who takes losses in his attacking troops and finding few supplies but no treasures /// But now, in terms of politeness with the members of the kingdom, I will make it a rule to send a (normal) all-out attack, even if not everyone is disciplined with this rule.

    But in fact, I am not sure of your answer. I need an answer from those who designed this game. They are the ones who entered the numbers and know the definitive answer. If you are one of them, confirm that to me please, because in fact there was a dispute between two players on this subject, and regarding the report that You told me that this appears in it. If you are talking about the number of forces that you find yourself having fought in the attack, then they are many sometimes and sometimes few, according to luck and according to the spoils that are there. I mean, their numbers are relative and variable, so if you found spoils are few compared to the numbers of soldiers This does not necessarily mean that the previous player did not complete his work and left behind some of the soldiers that he did not eliminate

    I know there is a little difference between raid and normal attack regarding troop losses , but in my kingdom there was a problem between players around robbers camps ; one of them accused other players of stealing him indirectly by sending a raid attack on this camps instead of sending a normal attack , so he says he loses more troops because of his and he is forced to clean up what this player left behind because he did not finish his job by finishing off all the troops in the attacked robber camps (because he launched raid attack and not normal attack) ; and I think that the attack of a player on a camp robber consists of a wave which completely eliminates the first stage (troops and resources) even if it was a raid , and the next attack of another player finds a completely different stage , that is to say new troop and resource ; am I right or not?

    yes i thought it will be either troop numbers or resource production or village points, but if my troops fell in a battle will the robber hideouts troops also decrease ?