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    1. 10k rams will almost always demolish the wall. If they didn't demolish the wall then either:

    a) you sent a raid

    b) you don't have nearly enough of clubs/TKs with rams

    c) wall is already demolished

    2. You can create a lot more def troops, but they have to be divided between multiple targets. Learn to do a proper fakes and which targets enemies need to defend and plan accordingly.

    As off player you get to pick when and where to fight. You should only take fights you think you can win and not run blindly into a wall and expect to win.

    Guys, please. It wasn't ignored. NoAllyNoClan was banned along with ~4 of his multis for 2 days, after which NoAllyNoClan got -10% pop and empty warehouse, and these 4 multis got deleted. Also hour after deletion completely unrelated new accounts got relocated to the empty spots.

    This is punishment if someone proves you run 20+ multis.

    You could share attacker troops on all but last screenshot since they are dead now anyways and its trivial to figure out from dead def troops anyways. Aside from that, great job on breaking through!

    1. 2 Villages give better income than 1 city. You should go for City capital + rest villages. Unless you settle on a cropper, then city those.

    2. If you're not farming as an off player then what are you even doing? Few mil res per week is hardly "so small we can ignore it". If you want to go for crop heavy army then you need to be a decent farmer.

    3. Imo teuton biggest strength isn't creating biggest ww hammer. It's creating decent hammer quick and cheaply to be frontliner in off ops.

    Yes, but why not check the fact first. We play with a group for some different years now. Experience players all around, as a teuton it's easy to farm fast. You don't need to cheat to get so many rss, attack everyone who has 200 pop and have an account working for 24/7. It's sad that they get banned, before they check what is going on. So in my opinion this means i can report just anyone i don't like and they get banned immediatly. Which i can use in my own best interest. In the past they checked much more facts first, before you got a ban or at least within 24h of the ban.

    What are you even saying? They wouldn't get banned if they didn't cheat.

    Also, are you saying that you can rob 500k res on a 3rd day of the server, all without killing a single troop?

    Excuse me Bukka, do you seriously think player #3 and #4 can be normal player and NOT multiaccounts of #1 and #2?

    Why any normal player should play like #3 or #4?!?!?!? Is it funny to play reck that way?

    Given that multiaccount is impossible to prove thanks to VPNs let's assume all those players are legit.

    So since game rules about abuse are very vague, I'm wondering if following situation is considered abuse or fair game.

    So let's say there are 4 premade players.

    #1 - Creates king account

    #2 - Creates king account, spawns next to #1

    #3 - Creates gov account

    #4 - Creates gov account

    Now #3 and #4 are building up fields, collecting quests and mehniring around.

    Next day they hit 200pop and mehnir to player #2. Now they are out of beginner protection and have 200k ress in mehnir packs each.

    Player #1 start raiding #3 and #4 and just before the attack they fill their warehouse with mehnir packs and equip chicken boots.

    This continues until #3 and #4 are out of resource packs and at that point they delete the account and start new one.

    Now player #1 has 400k extra resources at day 2-3 of the server, while top robbers are reaching 30k~50k.


    Also, does the verdict change with number of gov accounts or not?