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    I would recommend defensive Gauls build ONLY Phalanx (for defense) in all villages before moving onto any calv troop.
    Phalanx are cheaper and more def per crop upkeep and more def per training time.

    In terms of having small off for robbers, swords work good for that :D

    i totally agree with PautheGaul ,phalanx in every village ,train some sword and TT(or haeduan) and 1 ram for seige robber hide out at first time,if you get more resources ,train druids and feed all troops.

    druids has the fastest speed in the game for reinforce ,and phalanxs are really good deff with less training time and resources ,and balance in Inf Def and Cav Def.

    and also another fact in the game is that ,gaul is the most selected ones ,and teuton deff select spear for first ,and Roman deff is really less ,so Cav Def is enough and Inf Def is less .so druids are better than haeduans.

    As we see ,more and more Chinese player played Travian from 10 years ago ,and we still have no Chinese language in the game ,so we can not let more friends go to Travian due to their poor English . hope can see Chinese language in the future ,so we can let more friends go to Travian ,cause Travian is really a good game.