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    all of the feedback is regularly being forwarded to the responsible people but please understand that we cannot always say whether or not an idea will be implemented and if so, when.
    Rest assured, your feedback is forwarded even if we do not explicitly say so.

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    Of course ;) ...

    You're right. Therefore, the king and the nearest duke should be able to attack the camp of the attacking robbers because his duty is to protect governors. Even when they were already attacking the camp.

    King and prince can do it, but only once in one camp ...

    1. so now I will write, dear Russians, it's a strategy game :)

    Perfect quote. I will add that you used the holiday mode nicely. Right @Fishman? But this, of course, is OKAY: D I suggest you look at your game methods first and then evaluate others.

    Conclusion? And who first connected the kingdoms of Darkness and НЕРВЫ???? You joined the two kingdoms, we from Dominion started to cooperate;)

    Otherwise. We did not officially have a coalition with Dominion. So we could chieft the WW from them :) We have not broken ANY game rule.

    But your idea is ok. Add a ban on multi accounts and it will be great! ;)

    The kingdom of Darkness and Maks also could not join Nerves;) Darkness sacrificed itself for you, and Dominion sacrificed itself for us;)

    Where we helped them by attacking you;) But everyone knows how it was. We will not discuss.

    The war could be declared not later than 111 day, and couldn't be finished after 111 day. (this 2nd point is the topic to think about)

    I don't like it.

    I think that after clicking on the best attackers, defenders etc, the TOP10 list should appear.

    TOP3 is now displayed. So the same as in "all statistic".

    I think it should be changed. For many players, TOP10 is something important. Why not show it?

    P.S. We have on every TOP10 players of the week. Strange that we do not have a top10 server players in the lobby ... it's illogical to me ...


    even at the end of the server we get the TOP10 list. Why isn't the same thing in the lobby?Zrzut ekranu (40) — kopia.png

    W pobliżu

    Push, push !! Finish them ;)

    In my kingdom, the player has lost the entire off, because someone has entered his account.

    Another player lost all deff, and another lost all infrastructure in each village ... someone destroyed everything.

    Of course, support will not do anything about it, because they are not interested. Is it enough to check the login IP addresses of these three accounts and maybe it was someone from the game? Ban this player's IP if he has an account here.

    And if there were seals like locking the account for + -30 minutes after 3-5 unsuccessful logins, there would probably be no problem. There are many safeguards that SHOULD be here for a long time. But that's how you care about player safety.


    ps. Why can't I edit posts here? ...

    Bad idea. Multikonts will occupy the majority of 15c, and you will be minus 50k of crop and 15c or 9c missing. You will have to spend a lot more coins on the NPC. But you probably mean it? Are you going to the pay to win model? P2W?

    In my opinion, it should be possible to take over gray capitals on the 9c and 15c crops. If someone does not play, why should he occupy the right places on the map?

    Crops should be more. But, of course, it will not be, because I wrote the reason above (P2W) :)

    OFFy for a WW will be smaller and it will be easier to defend a WW. Players OFF will have more difficulties and players DEFF more easily.

    This is not a good solution. It will end with the fact that people who do not spend a lot of money on the game will have even harder time and will leave it. You lose the players and that's it.


    Simple question. We will choose com server. 90% polish players plays in com :) I do not know anyone who plays on russian servers :)