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    Interesting poll rafal92f#PL , I understand that you want to edit the settings of SS after they are already configured and players have decided to be or not to be part of it, right?

    What do you think about the issues lua mentions?

    Your first question. The answer is yes.

    Problems? In serious realms, serious SS where off / deff actions are carried out and all important decisions are made by very trusted people who are not played against the first time. Unless we have a kingdom from a round-up. Anyone and anywhere. But I don't play such things. For me, the organization is at the highest level. Therefore, I would like to have such a tool to control my kingdom. If we play together, the players have no problems with it, that the king checks at any time through the SS what they have in the village (what troops), whether they have a full granary, or whether the troops is dying of hunger.

    I always have two SS. One for all players in my kingdom and also the kingdoms I play with. There is no preview there because I don't know if anyone is a spy and is spying for my enemy.

    The second SS is for my players with whom I play for many servers and there we make the most important strategic decisions. There we have a preview of the army, crop, etc. We trust ourselves. We know no one will betray you.

    But I would like to be able to see through the SS how my kingdom and my players develop.

    This is just an idea. Idea. We ran into her today during the truce. We thought, I wonder how many people are full of granaries in the kingdom and what their activity looks like. Hence the idea.

    Unknown You did not reply to me in the thread about the new gold coin prices.


    As we well know when creating an SS, we can choose three "preview" options. Once the SS is created, we have, say, 100 people in it, we cannot change any of the options that are in the screen above.

    I think it would be a very good option for the SS founder to be able to edit.

    I, as a king, could check the activity of my players in the morning. See if someone's crop is overflowing. Check the condition of troops etc.

    I could turn on this option for a while. Check then turn off. Similarly, at the start of WW, I could turn on the preview of the army and crop. Then everyone in the fraternity would see the crop state at WW. Sometimes I have to make a new fraternity for trusted players so they can preview. Why can't this be changed? I would like to be able to edit the SS.

    It would be a good idea if a dual player transfers their gold to your account, you cannot completely delete it. He moved his gold, he plays with you to the end.

    Secondly, everyone has trusted people on dual.

    I think this is a good option.

    The problem is that allowing raids is enabling bad sportsmanship.

    Games and sports should be designed to enforce good sportsmanship, and not rely on the participants to enforce it.

    This is your opinion. I don't share her. You can also send raids on hidden robbers and somehow don't protest to change it.

    Therefore, many kingdoms decide for themselves whether it is allowed to raid or just attack camps. And in my opinion it is ok. Each kingdom will do its own thing.

    If the above statement is true - wouldn't it make sense for Travian to appeal to the majority of their player base?

    And who is the main customer of this game? Weak players with 3-5 settlements on the server play without coins and cry that they can't get stolen goods from camps? Are the top 10% of players who spend 500 Euro per server and more?

    You are planning changes that will discourage people who maintain these servers :) Because they do not play simcity and do not log in twice a day, but are there all the time.

    Thanks, but most players disagree you, I can see that :)

    Most of the weak players who cannot cope and cannot collect stolen goods from camps ;) And as we know, weak players are the vast majority of travian kingdoms.

    You weren't so outspoken on FRx3. How did my players from Henessy's kingdom clean you ;) You probably remember Captain Bomba? Greets you. I'm just talking to him;)

    It's been a long time since I heard a stupider thing in this game. I see we have a bunch of people here who come into play several times a day and then cry that their camps have missed. Therefore, they come up with some sick ideas with the attack of the hero, etc.

    When you attack your robber hideout, do you need a hero to take out the treasures? No. Why should you also need it on camps? What if someone resurrects a hero? What if his hero attacks other targets? You will get to play simcity, do nothing and just wait with the hero at camps.

    Camps are a bonus for the most active players. They are in the game, they have camps and they can attack them without a hero :D I don't know what this is. Maybe let's make records? Mr. rafal is taking camp number 7 and waves number 1 XD

    Ehh. Funny. You try to change things that are okay, and then you wonder if players run away from this game because it gets boring. Not everyone likes building houses and doing nothing for 150 days x1 server.

    Take care of more serious conversations like gray villages that block the field for 21 days, or crops that are occupied by multi-accounts and hang the entire server for 9 pop. Greetings to the Russian kingdoms from com3. They are masters in it;)

    Or the things on this list:

    The attack color of the robbers' hideout. Error.

    Remove banned players from the map

    Server x2 speed

    It's so first from the top.

    Each kingdom decides what it does with the camps. Can anyone attack them at will, by attacking, raiding, or by siege xd. With or without a hero. Freedom. Each kingdom has a different strategy. Some are better, others are worse.

    You move things that don't disturb anyone else in the game. And if they disturb, players who come to the game twice a day and then cry that they missed their camps and they cannot develop ;) Such players do not prove the strength of the game on travian kingdoms. They have too little experience ;)

    Imagine 30 camps in a large kingdom on a x1 server with the rule that you can only take treasures with a hero. You can only attack 1 camp at a time. After all, it would take two days to clean such camps :D

    I am not alone with this opinion. I just spoke to important players in the kingdom of ILOVEPL and they all share the same opinion. That weak players do not get hold of and cry because they cannot attack the camps because they are not very active.



    I don't know how you got that idea but we have nothing planned. Nor do we have a history that big as a team to be based on past servers. Actually both rounds Cerberus has played so far found us on the South. And on a server we played together with WST we played North.

    I got the information that you are starting in the east. That's it.