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    another one is fastest completion of the capital to level 18(king, 51 days).

    bauertje did day 47 bro for the fields, though it's with the old taxation system :'P but best of luck bro in your future endevors

    xxx ra!n

    This is very useful guys! I know this game is very versatile talking about making your game plan, but there is always an efficient plan which is better than others. Could someone experienced talk about what to do after settling 2nd village what building we need to focus and other main things in mid game as teuton. Thanks!

    Prolly Barracks -> TS when doing off, or kata's and ramms + stables to full clear farms and start swinging up the palladins. (since you gotta be full clearing the greys)

    I've found teutons to actually be the best farming race, the palladins are obnoxious and just 500(just consider them as fields) clubs a village even lategame tends to sustain themselves with surplus income.

    easy solution is to just have multiple choice options, that you can only use once. Or having tons of premade options but yes they were good

    questions needed to be more clear... since wonder still takes longer that a ts and stuff like this, crops = upkeep so i've had false positives...

    If i remember right it doesn't reset party if u demolish/cata townhall. u can reset it only by re chieffin and then u can keep it as big party

    if the village was zeroed you can

    I am pretty sure that I chiefed villages even from other players and the parties were still running, but maybe I'm confusing it with Legends. However, if you destroy your village, the party is definitely gone aswell. xD

    Well you can't chief from all allies, but if i throw feast you chief you can throw feast again and i chief it back i'd suspect i can throw another party.

    But will prolly have to try this.

    then allow us to build as many of the same buildings we want... instead of just locking up slots

    i'd like 20 merchants over a single trade office etc.

    Removing palace/smithy/academy etc. isn't tin the questlog resulting in many newbies not realizing they don't need them after using them which usually result in them in croplocking themselves due to this problem if it's more logical and supported to also remove buildings in favor of duplicates other than the warehouses/granaries but even those aren't always duplicated by most anyway other then a main. You'd actually open that design space than a half-assed answer that conveniences not doing anything. Like if i want to have 10 parties running in a single city it could really focus a strategy and allow us to make specilist building. Currently it's only really supporting a single file A-line strategy instead of giving an option to B-line things

    if you have 2 villages, you can ATTACK not raid with some units AND your hero to move them from an outlying village to a village into the kingdom. But as a duke it will migrate automatically to any unused treasury. So maybe have a gov do it for you

    instead of wonders we could just start praying to cthulu... and by the time 1billion troops have died the server ends? Might get a lot more fights over treasuries? And not benefitting from the cropbonus might get people moving faster. Also might increase the use of several small barracks.

    About the ban of some players: Nobody knows the background of a ban. Only the affected player and the support know all details. And we don't disclose any information about other players' accounts; including a result of investigations and declared punishments. Because of this a discussion about it is useless and not allowed. Above all as you don't know the facts, you can only speculate about it.

    But I can assure you, we don't block anyone if we are not sure that they are breaking the rules.

    Even the guys who handles those report can neither deny or confirm the reason so no this statement is false. Not even the affected players knows the reason of bans.