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    Best advice to keep new players is to make sure the game is less buggy on mobile. Most people in the world access the internet via mobile devices now. Making a game that is only free of bugs by using a PC is acting like it's the 1990's again. It's 2021. Mobile or bust.

    Was playing the game in a browser on a tablet earlier (don't get me started on the app) and I was using Chrome because it's the best of the bad options for the game. I couldn't move resources between villages without refreshing nearly every time I changed a village on the screen. It's was just plain obnoxious.

    I'm addicted to the game, so you got me. But if I was new to the game and just learning it, I would call this game trash and move on - the very first day.

    Fix the bugs on mobile. That's how you increase the playerbase.

    Spiking is a strategy. Just because you don't like the strategy, doesn't make it less of one. Learn how to play through it.

    It's an obstacle, learn how to overcome it. Use your brain, it's there for these things.

    Removing the ability to stack Inactives with defense is like removing the Siege option for Offensive players who attack Oases. You are overcompensating for a player's weakness.

    Yes, I said weakness. Travian is not a game of player vs. computer strategy. You are playing against real humans, and humans are freakishly creative.

    How do you get someone to stop doing something that bothers you? Do you go to your teacher, your parent, the police, your politicians? No, you either find a way to avoid that person or you find a way to talk to them in a manner that will get them to stop.

    Travian is a game of player vs. player strategy. MOST of the time, player vs. player strategy is more about how you interact with other players, less about game mechanics.

    Travian Kingdoms seems to force players into Kingdoms very quickly and through endgame. Work through the large Kingdoms' leadership structure. Use politics to arrange truces on these types of activities. The odds are they want this as much as you do. Build a common bridge between the Kingdoms. It's called Diplomacy. It may very well serve you throughout the course of your game's round with many other unintended beneficial returns.

    On a side note - players are generally lazy. They won't reinforce inactives across the map. Only a small percentage of players even farm the whole map. Therefore, if you are looking for the spiking player, often times it's a local to that village that is frustrated that they aren't getting free reign to the resources as they believe they have rights to it because it's nearby...or maybe they helped build it as a sitter. Point is, you don't usually have to guess too hard to figure out these things.

    If there are mass spikings on inactive, that's usually a Kingdom vs. Kingdom battle moving into a new battlefield. Those happen and you just have to roll with the punches. Much like you do when the oasis wars take place.

    BUT - nerfing the game because you don't want to dive into deeper gameplay and instead just want to click a farmlist and watch the FREE resources come back every single time, that's greed. Instead of trying to keep your farming record perfect, focus on what your return on investment has been on the troops you are farming with. When you actually do that math, you will find out you are shockingly further ahead than you realized and it will lessen the blow from the lost troops.

    Does it drive you mad when you have another kingdom member outrank you for your prime oasis? Or when a rookie member settles a whole bunch of villages around your capital cropper wheat oasis and takes top rank from you, forcing you to either stack defense in there to take it back or get into a back for forth with a kingdom member?

    Oases and settling villages have become a serious dynamic dimension of gameplay that must be accounted for.

    Here's how I have solved this....

    It all comes down to how you plan out your villages. Back in the old days of Travian we would build 'block empires' and people would not dare settle near someone else's empire area. Now with oases, we need to be more adventuresome with placement of villages.

    1) Settle your capital (cropper or otherwise) with the desired oases

    2) Settle your next village within range to influence at least 1 of the primary oases for your capital, preferably 2 or 3 if possible, while also being within range of at least 2 OTHER oases

    3) Settle your next village in another direction, but still influencing at least 1 of the primary oases.

    4) Repeat 3

    5) Repeat 3

    6) Repeat 3

    By the time you get to the 6th village, you should have 3-4 villages influencing EACH primary oasis. This will likely keep your capital oases on lockdown for nearly the entire server.

    If you want a graphical detail to this, think about a 'spoke and wheel' design. In the center of the wheel is your capital. There are invisible spokes from the capital stretching outward in all directions to your other villages. Each village a short distance away, so that they provide influence to your capital, but are not directly next to it.

    The result of this is, you end up with a POWERFUL area of influence.

    Benefits to this:

    -Strong area of influence on best oases nearby

    -Villages are close by to support each other

    -Ensure value for setting up a treasury close by to cover your villages

    Drawbacks to this:

    -If you are a King or Duke, you will take up many available tiles for tributes and you can't collect via the tribute system from yourself

    -This method limits your expansion to other croppers, unless they are close by

    -This method limits your ability to capture the BEST oases, unless you plan exceptionally well on the area you settled to make your 'empire'

    -Your villages are not directly next to each other (next tile over) for the first 6 or 7 villages you settle, decreased efficiency if you desired that speed

    Share your thoughts below. Nothing is perfect, but this is the best method that I have encountered for managing this dynamic.

    There is a difference between intentionally using spies as part of a pre planned strategy approach in comparison with accepting information from players that reach out to us offering information for free while we had no previous communication with them. Do not accuse Cerberus for such cases. Search internally to find the reason people turned their back to you. Cerberus or as previously known, Phoenix and even earlier Bandits, never used spies. Two things we don't like. Using spies and spiking greys, which by the way your team loves doing.

    There is no ability to make everyone happy. There will ALWAYS be players that either don't play well with others or that just have a bad RL day and bring it into the game for no real justified reason.

    As an opposition leader, you have the CHOICE to use those situations to exploit against your enemies or not. If you choose to exploit that situation, you are enabling Traitors. Which is what this thread is discussing.

    If you choose to lay with dogs, don't be upset when you are covered with fleas.

    It's possibly asking too much, but the ability to see the exact movement of the hero in the rally point is possibly one of the most important needs in the game.

    Farm list versus non-farm lists is a great idea. But ultimately, we are most often concerned with the movement of the hero. So the ability to filter directly to the lone movement of the hero is incredibly valuable.

    Can we have a prompt before doing the above actions too? Just to make sure that is what we intended to do. Because accidentally deleting 30 farms instead of moving them would be quite frustrating.

    Capfan on Com5 defected to the enemy without notice, gave info, attacked friendlies and took massive reins for the inevitable attack. Resulted in several deletions.

    3ctze on Com5 sold out his Kingdom (as Vice King) and gave all Gettertool info to another top kingdom. Organized an attack with that Kingdom and planned to send out all reinforcements before attack landed to give away treasures. Then went on a rampage attacking friendlies, caused over a dozen players to delete.

    Cerberus Kingdom frequently uses spies in other kingdoms. No13 Kingdom as well. Both on Com5 currently. Both use these spies as a means to infiltrate, steal knowledge and launch attacks on smaller players to cause deletion. They virtually never attack a strong player with this information.