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    You will put the final kill stroke / death knell to Kingdoms if you limit kingdom size before fixing multi-accounting and bots. Kingdom servers are already almost too small. I miss the huge maps and long servers. I played the 200k player server in the beginning of Legends...what chaos and so much fun.

    One common thought that keeps getting expressed is "overcrowded". I agree, I long for the whole map opening all the way at the beginning of the server. What I would like is at least more of the map opening not only in space relative to the number of players, but quicker/sooner. Immediately someone will tell me I don't know how Kingdoms works and the kings want their tributes so they will want the crowding. But the crappy quest-line rewards (especially higher up the quest-line), scarcity of space, equipment, elephants, oasis',etc. is annoying, and ever tightening, apparently as a business decision. Then there are the "wilderness" spaces that are for looks only that get in the way. Definitely not "form follows function", but "form follows gold". Maybe we could have a test server that goes completely the other way. Open the map and abundant rewards for quest-lines and adventures, turn the wilderness back into oasis, with the recent test of building a resource field and a building at the same time, support language and flags and restrict the massive teams that will now begin to organize and dominate. I admit 2 things, I love my massive team(s) on Kingdoms and I am back playing on Travian Legends COM1 and look for any classic servers. Sure Noobs like an open map so they can go far out, but new players aren't sticking around long enough to grow Travian Kingdoms either. People take their buddies and go play Fortnight or something. Camping may be bad form but it is effective.

    What if the hero got to gather troops from all his villages? And the wilderness posed a barrier or defensive position causing troops to go around maybe then I would welcome the wilderness squares as having a value.