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    The following are my ideas for a new greek tribe. Please note that I havent thought through every single stat and mathematically calculated balancing.

    The stats are just some ideas based on real usecases of the units and my own comparison to already existing units in TK.

    Please give me feedback with what you are happy or what you would want to change. Ive put quite some time and research into it, so Im happy about everyone taking a look at it.

    Thanks everybody :)

    First you see an overview of the units. After that I went on and firstly stated some historical facts about the named unit and then tried to implement it into the Travian world. At the end there are some general ideas for tribe specific building and features.

    Ive also put in some exemplary pictures with sources, if thats not allowed, please write me and Ill edit this and remove them.

    Also please remember that the stats are just a rough idea and Im happy for everybodys feedback on all of this.


    troop ideas:

    1. Gymnetes (light armor "naked" ranged fighters)

    2. Hoplites (bulk of army, trained citizens)

    3. Polemarch (commander of an army with heavy armor)

    4. Prodromoi (light cavalry used as scouts)

    5. Tarantines (greek mercenary cavalry used as flexible flank defense)

    6. Hippeis (high ranking citizens, guards and specially trained)

    7. ram

    8. catapult

    9. Ephor (5 elected councilmen)

    10. Settler


    -translates to "naked"

    -warriors with none or light armor

    -very low social class

    -positioned and used as ranged fighters

    -used javelins, bows, slingshots or even throwing rocks

    exemplary pictures: Mit Lightshot geschossen


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: slingshot

    training cost: low, focused on clay and wood

    (- rough idea: 70 wood; 65 clay; 25 iron)

    training time: ca. 10min

    stats: low atk dmg; very low defense vs infantry; very very low defense vs cavalry

    (- rough idea: 30 atk; 15 inf. def; 5 cav. def)

    food: 1 crop/h

    speed: 7

    Carrying capacity: 40

    unlocking: instantly unlocked with baracks 1, no research needed


    -standard citizen-soldiers armed with spears, small sword and rounded shields

    -mostly normal citizens paying for their own equipment

    -quite well trained, the largest part of armies

    -the most common troop and bulk of most greek armies

    -fighting fast and short battles, mostly relying on their shields

    -phalanx formation

    exemplary pictures: Mit Lightshot geschossen; Mit Lightshot geschossen


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: Round shield

    training cost: medium and focused on clay and wood

    (- rough idea: 110 wood; 135 clay; 70 iron)

    training time: around 25min

    stats: good defense, basic atk (hoplites were trained citizens, main body of army)

    (- rough idea: 50 atk; 60 inf. def; 45 cav. def)

    food: 1 crop/h

    speed: 6

    Carrying capacity: 45

    unlocking: Academy 3; smithy 1


    -warlord in ancient greece

    -commander of the military

    -senior fighter with a lot of experience and achievements

    exemplary pictures: Mit Lightshot geschossen; Mit Lightshot geschossen


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: fabulous helmet

    training cost: high and focused on iron

    (- rough idea: 100 wood; 85 clay; 135 iron)

    training time: around 30min

    stats: offensive troop

    (- rough idea: 70 atk; 30 inf. def; 20 cav. def)

    food: 1 crop/h

    speed: 6 or 7

    carrying capacity: 55

    unlocking: Academy 3; smithy 3


    -light cavalry

    -roaming and scouting the area

    -useful to find best tactical spot for hoplites phalanx

    Travian implementation:

    -idk just make them similar to gaul scout/roman scout

    Tarantine cavalry

    -fast & light greek cavalry

    -good with slow phalanx, guarding their flanks against fast cavalry

    exemplary pictues: Mit Lightshot geschossen


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: (another horsehead)

    training cost: medium/low for cavalry

    (- rough idea: 260 wood; 300 clay; 175 iron)

    training time: 35-40min

    stats: good vs. cavalry

    (- rough idea: 50 atk; 50 inf. def; 100 cav. def)

    food: 2 crop/h (maybe special troop idea: only 1 crop/h because they were often mercenaries meaning you didnt have to feed them constantly)

    speed: 17

    carrying capacity: 60

    unlocking: Academy 5; stable 5


    -specially trained high ranking greek citizens

    -used as personal guards

    -evolved into great cavalry unit

    (sadly no good pictures found, instead a description from wikipedia:

    "The utility of the Greek citizen-cavalry was low on account of their heavy armour,

    their metal helmet, and their coat of mail, their metal-fringed kilts,

    their cuisses reaching to the knee and their leather leggings. They did not take shields into battle.

    As offensive weapons, they had a straight two-edged sword and a spear, used either as a lance or thrown as a javelin.")


    Travian implementation:

    small symbol: (another horsehead)

    training cost: high

    (- rough idea: 320 wood; 350 clay; 450 iron)

    training time: around 55min

    stats: strong attack & strong vs infantry

    (- rough idea: 160 atk; 125 inf. def; 75 cav. def)

    food: 3 crop/h

    speed: 14

    carrying capacity: 80

    unlocking: Academy 15; stable 10


    - not too many ideas.. maybe 55 atk (between gaul and roman)


    - between gauls and teutons.. maybe 65 atk


    -one of five councilmen

    -devoted to the will of the citizens

    -chief (ephor) stronger because people of enemy villages love the idea of democracy


    - just settlers

    general tribe idea:

    -special building: council -> activate council meeting like a feast -> higher defense (like teuton brewery but for defense)

    -alternative special building: school/university of some sort -> reduces time of building, upgrades in smithy and exploration in academy

    -Can be built fairly early in game - needed: residence 10; rally point 5

    -great speekers who impressed the citizens and motivated them to defend their home

    -greeks known for impressive architecture & democracy

    -greeks had smart "scientist"

    specific tribe features: (just ideas, not all implemented at once)

    -every village automatically 150% loyalty because of democracy

    -chief (ephor) stronger because people of enemy villages love the idea of democracy

    -great architects -> expansionslot at lv15 residence

    I know it was a lot, congrats if you made it till here ; )

    I think most people just want more variety, complexity and replay-ability. Those aspects can only be achieved by adding new tribes with new troops and features, leading to new strategies.

    I have been working on a concept regarding a new tribe. I for my part went for a greek theme, did some research, found names/trooptypes for all 10 troops that are mostly historically accurate and represent their historic task with their stats ingame.

    Its not finished yet and I also cant give any really well balanced stats since I dont have the ability and experience to sort out such details. But if you are interested in the concept and some ideas regarding features and implementations and REALLY CONSIDER using this, I can put some more work into it and send you my ideas. Im always happy to help, if finding specific ideas for new tribes is your problem.

    The parts I cannot do for you is programming and detailed balancing but I can give you creative input and first ideas that hopefully head into the right direction.

    They suck when it comes to taking advice, its not about the code, they only care about Travian Legends <X

    The whole idea of new tribes was brought up years ago.. nothing done about it ;(

    What is the reason for why they only care about travian legends in your opinion? I saw you stating this in some other thread and I just dont want to believe that it is true. Especially since a game like TK doesnt really need that much development resources and travian games as a company has already exceeded such small numbers. Travian Games is a fairly big company nowadays so I cant imagine that they arent able to spare or employ some people taking care of and further developing TK constantly.

    Ive been playing TK on and off for quite some years now and I know that reality paints a sad picture in terms of new content for TK... But I am still hoping for change :/

    Id wish for officials to state something CONCRETE, some facts about future development plans or just anything substantial. Sadly nothing but "we ll look into it and discuss it", "thats a nice idea" etc.

    Transparency is so important because it lets people be excited about upcoming stuff but also understanding about why something cant be implemented or stuff is taking a long time etc.

    Please, if anyone of you guys from travian reads this, unknown or any of you... Give us something to be ready for, to wait for and to hope for. Or just bad news. If you cant develop anything because you dont earn enough revenue with TK, tell us. At least its something substantial and we are a little bit smarter...

    Maybe there is a lot of transparency and I havent found it yet - please show me :).. Otherwise, read whats is stated above.

    I'm confused xD

    Where did I say not to attack ? You spoke about not being able to steal treasuries at the beginning of the server. Totally different.

    That's the point of tactics : what do you target at each step of the game and what is important or not. It's not staying at home farming your off. The most offensive at the beginning, the bigger you are at the end.

    Yes I have to admit I understood you partly wrong. My point still stands in my opinion. It doesnt seem very well thought through if a tactic is in existence that stops the ability to steal treasures at basically no cost in the first half of the game...

    It's not about programming, I think it would be super easy to add additional code,

    it's about balance in the game,

    it would need to test the changes properly and thoroughly to check if the gameplay balance is violated with adding new tribes,

    and that takes a lot of time and resources,

    and it would be too much of an effort for this game.

    hmm I dont know.. They could start test servers that run simultaneously to the normal worlds but with the new tribes implemented. There they could be tested with help of the community and once they feel balanced, they can be released onto the normal servers. TK already had test servers for new features and balancing the new tribes cant be too hard since every tribe has 10 kinds of troops (well 8 that need balancing because chief and settlers dont really need balancing) and every troop has 5 stats (plus crop consumption which isnt too hard to think about) and resources. The developers should have enough experience to instantly roughly know the right stats so its kinda balanced from start and the details like 5 attack more/less can be worked out through test servers and community feedback.

    Here is obviously a large community ready and waiting for new tribes, so they are eager to help and give feedback. I know I am :D

    And lack of ideas for new tribes/troops is really not a problem. Im on this forum for roughly a week now and Ive seen many great ideas that I would like to see implemented right now regarding new tribes. And even more genereal ideas, but this is the wrong thread for that.

    Get real, the only way they will add new tribes is to make completely new game.

    why would they...? I cant imagine its necessary to make a completly new game just to implement 1-2 new tribes.

    On the other hand, I dont have much experience in programming and I dont know anything about their specific case, so I could be complety wrong.

    It's a question of tactics, and the early-mid game does not make the victory at the end. So maybe having an "end game" strategy and ops at the beginning of the game is wrong ?

    You must be joking xD?!

    Are you seriously telling me that it is a matter of "tactics"? Its just a good tactic to not fight at all for the first 80 days of the server??

    I want to use my troops, fight, plan, and play the game also in the first 80 days of every server and not wait till the last third just because thats better in terms of tactics.

    The fact that you are right, yes it is better to wait till endgame, just proves my point. The mechanic sucks! End of story. A mechanic that prevents fighting and promotes a tactic, after which fighting earlier than day 80 is useless, is just BAD!

    You literally proved my point. (please note that "day 80" is only used as an example and not meant as an exact date")

    You're right when you say that off players need to be active and better be experienced and that's it looks easier to play def ("looks" because creating a great def account needs also a lot of experience).

    So it's balanced. Players can choose the role they like. They have to play with constraints, and that's the fun of Travian. Starting as a deffer is not that easy, and an offer risks his troops. What "balance" would be that an offer does not risk that ? He would just be farming def accounts.

    Moving treasuries has an impact on victory points. Defending all treasuries needs a lot of def and a good op can steal a lot of treasures. Even if you don't steal treasures immediately, destroying treasuries prevents the kingdom to generate victory points

    Yes later in the game once a kingdom has a lot of treasuries filled with treasure, what you are saying is correct. But for example: Im playing a server right now and we are roughly on the 60th day, so kingdoms have about 1-2 big treasuries, depending on the size of the kingdom.
    So every time you want to make an op and steal some treasury, they simply destroy their treasury and/or take out most of the treasures in less than 2 hours.
    And yes, maybe, but just maybe you lose one day of victory points. But thats well worth it because you secured your treasures for many days to come...

    I just really hate this mechanic because it prevents real fighting to take place because every time you can just clean your treasury and dodge the attack. Especially in the early/mid game up to day 60-80 where catapults arent around in masses, you can just avoid an attack and lose nothing by moving your treasury if you chose not to try to defend...

    And all that why the attacking kingdom planned an op for hours and sent their troops away for up to 24hours.

    It just sucks, especially in early game!

    I feel like this is the main problem right now. It gets better in late game because then its more difficult to move away all your treasure and attackers often have so many catapults, that you have no choice but to defend otherwise your village will be chiefed/destroyed.. But as I said, for about half the game this is such an annoying feature! It just actively stops fighting and using of troops!

    I don't think OFF players have any disadvantage what so ever, like yes, deff players can build troops in 15 villages, but that is OFF players fault, why did they let them expand like this? Why did they not sent their armies to prevent their expansion? Everyone says that playing OFF is hard. Yes, If you let the DEFF player expand however he wants to, then yes, you will most likely lose, but if you will keep him under pressure, destroying some buildings, walls, that will, in a while break his spirit and he will delete or he will start to lack behind, that means, the kingdom will lose +- 200k deff units in the end. I think deff players can expand because off players are just too passive, too afraid to lose portion of his army, if you will keep on attacking soon or later you will get caught, yes, that is clear, but if you will make a party with some active players like 8 players together and choose 1 player who will make some plans for your party then you can change it. Attacking every day, destroying slowly but surely everyones warehouses, granaries, barracks, stables, MB, and you will see how your numbers will became supperior. The game isn't bad here, the players are. The deff players will get their bonuses with the amount of villages where they can build troops. So if you will lower this number of villages, you will have deff player with 1 racks and 1 stables and that's all, off players can easily change it but simply, they don't want to because they are scared. OFF doesn't need any improvements, everyone here says that "playing off is much harder then playing deff" then why every kingdom has problem with low number of deff units? Why everyone has problems with defending more then 2 or 3 targets? When almost the "half" of the server are gauls with deff? Why is everyone so scared of OFF players? I don't think OFF or DEFF are easy or hard to play, both has their pros and cons, but it all ends with, how much time that player gets for his preparation? For how long can he keep on expanding without any threat?

    I agree on some what you say but on some aspects I also have to disagree.

    While I think you are right in pointing out that there are a lot of ways to weaken deff players as an offer and offers are more feared than deffers, also the fact that defending multiple targets is almost never possible is correct.

    But I think your analysis and thinking is partly wrong. In my opinion offers can be stronger than deffers and it can be very balanced but that is only because those, playing off are mostly experienced players with a high level of activity, while new and less active players tend to play deff, simply because its easier to do with less time or knowledge.

    On why its always difficult to find enough deff players in a kingdom: I think this also has a lot to do with activity. Most of the really active and good players just play off instead of deff because, lets face it, its more fun and rewarding if you know what you are doing (but thats not the point here). One good player is worth more than 5 average players in my opinion, maybe even more. So thats the reason why there are so many deff gauls and deff players, but deff is always needed. Most deffers just arent as good players as offers, since most of the good and active players start playing off, once they know what they are doing.

    And the ways to harrass defensive players that you are pointing out need so much more activity and are way harder to execute than just playing defense. I think off and deff is in reality balanced (cause of fake attacks etc.) but its only balanced because off players are more likely to be highly active and experienced. If we look at the roles as facts and not as reality is often picturing them, deff is definitely way easier and more effective than off.

    Especially the demolishing/transporting treasury tactics are way too OP and need to be removed ASAP!

    It destroys the whole point of an off operation if the enemy kingdom can just pull 90% of their treasure out of the treasury in a few hours, making the attack pointless. Even loss of victory points while doing this is rare and not a good argument to make! And yes, again, there are tactics to beat this tactic but they require way more knowledge, skill and time to organise than the defensive counterpart.

    And we havent even talked about the amount of work you need to put into feeding your army in just one village... (basically impossible to handle without travian+)

    Tl;dr: In reality off and deff is somewhat balanced (apart from the possibility to move treasury away fast with attacks with or without destroying own treasury) but they are only balanced in reality because off players are on average way more experienced and invest way more time into the game, than deff players do. If you would look at the raw facts without this higher amount of skill and activity, I think deff is way easier to pull off and so much stronger with less time investement.

    I personally do think that the tribes are balanced pretty well with advantages and disadvantages on all sides. BUT: a thing to consider is the fact that on every server, gauls make up for roughly 50% of the players while teutons and romans roughly share 25% each. Eventhough I personally dont think they are unbalanced or too strong, something about gauls seems to be more appealing to most of the players... I dont have any advice on hand right now but I guess 1/3 per tribe is what should be the goal. An own thread on that topic might be the best idea.

    Travian Games is quite a big company with almost 200 employees and I assume at least some of them are constantly assigned to travian kingdoms. I cant imagine that its difficult to implement one or two new tribes with new troops, new design and a new buidling and tribe specific functions etc over the time of multiple years.. Developer studios with 10 people or even a lot less have easily achieved more in a lot less time. Especially with you guys having so many years of experience with travian in general and quite a few with kingdoms.

    It would be so nice, make so many people happy and bring veteran players back, I think the time and work put into it would be worth the while!

    There could even be test servers where the tribes are balanced and work on them is done until they are ready for release. Just 2 tribes over the next few years would bring so many new strategies and mechanics to the game..

    I guess you could even ask the community for help with balancing and ideas for new, refreshing troops and mechanics since there are a lot of long time players who really care for this game and know a lot about strategy.

    I hope plans exist that head into that direction, otherwise I see many players losing interest in this game over time, especially since competition is just getting stronger with video games getting more and more popular in the whole world.

    I love your simple yet engaging game with a lot of strategy once you think deeply about it, but since there is no progress and you play roughly the same game over and over, it is necessary to release somewhat big updates and new content at least once or twice per year.

    Thanks for reading through the whole post!

    Hoping for a (to some degree) satisfying statement or an explanation on why my thinking is wrong or why it isnt possible to release new tribes in a somewhat restricted timeframe.

    Hallo liebe Travian Freunde ; ),

    hier die Lösung der Sudoku-Rätsel.
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    Viele Grüße : )