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    I would like to see a simple chat mute, as a player in intercom servers I ofter end up in a kingdom with chats in their own language and I'm not interested in these chats. So if someone will silence a chat that chat would no longer appear as a green (Unseen) chat but as a locked (that gray background), he can still type in that chat, read it and everything as a normal chat, but it will no longer pop up in a right down corner when someone types in that chat and it will no longer be green as a unseen chat.

    What do you think would be a more suitable punishment

    Like at the start of the round? Just delete their account from that server completly, without an option to come back. You can even use equipement for heroes timing for this, 1. tier (1. day to 40. day) will be a punished with deletion of their accs without an option to come back again, 2. tier (40. day to 80. day) you can delete their army, with halfing their levels of buildings (level 14 warehouse will become level 7) and complete destruction for barracks, stables, workshops (GS, GB included), and then the last 3. tier (80. day to ---) you can just keep your old punishment... - 1 level of buildings and delete their army and I would include destruction of racks, stables ect. here as well. What would I like to see is a thing that is already implemented in travian used here as an additionas punishment, that "attack blocade" players get it when they are using menhir, I think it can be implemented here as well... for example for 24 hours? What can be used as well is a prestige drop, because those multiacc users are sometimes players with high prestige so I think a good punishment for an account would be some sort of prestige drop... like 500 points drop.

    Yea... On x5 I think 3 days would be totally fine, but 7 days in my oppinion are just too much, and on x3 probably 5 days?

    So, I was wandering why should speed server suffer the same pain as every other server? I know, that 7 day trading ban is nessesary to avoid early game boost via multiaccs, but why should x5 server have this feature as well? I don't want this feature to be complety removed, but I would like to see it change. For example if it will be changed for idk like 2 days? Because it will not change anything, if players want to trade in a early stage game, they will just sent their resources to their second or third villages and let the other player rob it, and then the player will rob his village as well. If you will keep these 7 days that's 1/5 of the whole server. Most of the players wants to trade with other players from the kingdom, but they cannot because of the market. Even x3 servers have this feature which is not addapted to the speed of the server.

    Btw, You can even use this "merging" for a jumping strategy, you can just settle right next to an enemy treasury, use gold to build 1 granary, fill that up, and merge your army there, if you will combine this with Vacation you can have a village right next to a treasury, with your main army, and with that ability to stop your Vacation whenever you want, you will just wait for your troops to merge in that village and then remove your Vacation and siege that treasury... This will be a new "jumping" meta...

    eeeeh... I think off players will got a much higher advantage then defenders, Imagine a teuton player, spaming clubs in 15 villages. There will be no reason for a player to use GB, GS. Why would they use it when they can open another 3 villages and build clubs there with no loses what so ever? A teuton can build on x3 server 2,7k clubs / day.. Even now armies with 200k clubs are pretty common for a gov, now, if this merging feature would be added that will meant that dukes / kings with a lot of villages would have armies maybe with 1 milion clubs without a problem, because they don't need to build GB, GS. So they don't need cities, just spaming villages, and building racks on level 20 and start poping out clubs. And this merging feature will add another thing. If your main village is about to get deleted by enemy attacks you can just dodge these attacks by merging your army with much smaller army and moving these troops to a completly new village. So your army will be untouchable. Fakes from villages with 300 pop will start to look dangerous, because players can just move their armies whatever they will like to.

    I don't think OFF players have any disadvantage what so ever, like yes, deff players can build troops in 15 villages, but that is OFF players fault, why did they let them expand like this? Why did they not sent their armies to prevent their expansion? Everyone says that playing OFF is hard. Yes, If you let the DEFF player expand however he wants to, then yes, you will most likely lose, but if you will keep him under pressure, destroying some buildings, walls, that will, in a while break his spirit and he will delete or he will start to lack behind, that means, the kingdom will lose +- 200k deff units in the end. I think deff players can expand because off players are just too passive, too afraid to lose portion of his army, if you will keep on attacking soon or later you will get caught, yes, that is clear, but if you will make a party with some active players like 8 players together and choose 1 player who will make some plans for your party then you can change it. Attacking every day, destroying slowly but surely everyones warehouses, granaries, barracks, stables, MB, and you will see how your numbers will became supperior. The game isn't bad here, the players are. The deff players will get their bonuses with the amount of villages where they can build troops. So if you will lower this number of villages, you will have deff player with 1 racks and 1 stables and that's all, off players can easily change it but simply, they don't want to because they are scared. OFF doesn't need any improvements, everyone here says that "playing off is much harder then playing deff" then why every kingdom has problem with low number of deff units? Why everyone has problems with defending more then 2 or 3 targets? When almost the "half" of the server are gauls with deff? Why is everyone so scared of OFF players? I don't think OFF or DEFF are easy or hard to play, both has their pros and cons, but it all ends with, how much time that player gets for his preparation? For how long can he keep on expanding without any threat?

    For me? double storage is a way to go, to make the play easier, I get the point here that we are losing that x5 server feel, because something is not x5 but x2. Well you can just image what a pain would it be to train larger amounts of troops at once, I guess the only possible way of playing that server without x2 storage would be making just storage village with nothing but market place, trade office and everything else would be just warehouses and granaries. It is clear that accs, that are active 24/7 will never have this problem, but players like me, who just doesn't trust random people with their one month work, welcomed double storage as a great thing how they can actually get some good sleep (not like that helped much... most of the time I still did not slept the for more then 4 hours tbh). But yea, Imagine defending a village without double granary space, feeding 1 milion deficit (or higher deficits) of crop per hour with 100k granary, because you can't fit more buildings. That just sounds crazy...