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    fotka na cestovní pas, brzy mu bude šest let, takže se těší na svojí první dovolenou do zahraničí, proto momentálně nikde nebojuje a krásně odpočívá doma!


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    Hello dear players, I would like to start a discusion about a fire hazard in travian.

    As some of you have noticed that some nations are very weak towards fire. As you can see for example a Gaul with their HAY roofs, or Teuton with their wooden roofs. That is all good and expected in some buildings however once we will get a little deeper and look at one specific building called "Smithy".

    Smithy, a building where a smith works with a fire and a very hot metal one would expect a sturdy overall building which would rarely catch fire. However for my suprise I found a WOODEN floor?! Like hello? Every nation even clever Romans have wooden floor.

    If I am correct then a smithy should be a place, where the fire shouldn´t even reach how fireproof usually smithies are, stone floors, walls our of bricks ect. and here we are looking at a Gaul´s smithy with a HAY roof?!

    Please, fix it. We don´t want our villages to be burned down while upgrading our troop´s equipment.

    Thank you for your time.


    1. Candle on the left

    2. Candle in the middle

    3. The drink color, of the guy on the left.

    4. Helmet of the guy on the left has more screws

    5. Flower in between of the guy on the left and the guy in the middle.

    6. The eye of the guy in middle.

    7. There is something on that left guy´s shoulder, probably a rabbit or something.

    8. Transparent apples.

    9. Bone in the meat.

    10. The vase has a different color.

    11. There is a missing strand of hair on the head of the right guy.

    12. There is a rabbit next to he guy on the right.

    13. Tattoo of the guy in the middle, there is a slight difference.

    So my answer is 13.


    I don't know if there is a known script, that tells you those rates, but usually when you find an oasis with only crocs, tigers, elephants in it, you would leave 1 animal there and it would multiply itself. It takes some time and you need to hope that noone will take/kill that one animal. But usually it is worth, to keep one there and let it multiply.

    The first one is kinda useless, when the duke/king can just announce that time in the chat.

    However I like that second one. It would be very helpfull as a leader, to have a way for informing players about nessesary stuff ect.

    The third one is kinda useless? It wont help in any way for the kingdom. The leadership is usually known within the kingdom.

    I like the second one, leaders don't have a way, how to inform players.

    There are currently 3 ways.

    First one:

    PM every players in the kingdom. It takes a lot of time, but the leader knows if that player had read that message.

    Second one:

    Creating a threat in-game - usually called annoucements or something like this. It can inform everyone easily, but you won't know if that player had read your second message, you only know if he has openned that threat.

    Third one:

    Using a different platform - discord ect. can inform everyone in a short while, but not everyone uses discord (ect.) so, you won't have your whole kingdom there (unless your team is made of premades only.)

    So having a way, how to announce something IMPORTANT would be a great way, how to make it easier of the leaders, and I would welcome it.

    The idea itself isn't bad but... Do you seriously think that TOP 10 farmers farm their resources ONLY from grey villages? Just hear me out here. You have idk like 200-300 grey villages on com servers, and like 100 active farmers. Have you ever tried farming grey villages? Usually your troops bring back around 10 resources, if you are lucky. Most of the resources comes from players, who aren't in kingdom, or from a kingdom which is in a war with them, or just a multi abuser...

    What I see as a problem is that, new players cannot learn the mechanics of the game. If someone new joins a server then what he will get is a QUICK tutorial, which won't teach him anything. Like yes, you can learn something, but over all it won't be enough. Create a server, where only players with low prestige can join. Something like a test server, give them some gold and use this to teach them, how to play. Of course, you can't teach them everything, but you can teach them what is better in which situatiuon. And they can try it. However, even expirienced players can have low prestige. Because if you won't accept those rewards you won't "rank-up" with your prestige.

    What I would like to see in that server as a "newbie friendly" change? Remove FL from that server, that will help new players, because they won't be using it, or they won't be using it efficiently. And It would nerf "smurfs". Remove duals, so that new players have equal ground, keep sitters, but restrict their abilities, so that they can only help the owner of the acounty but the owner still needs to do the most for the account to work.

    So I was wondering why is there not a way for us to delete those report, which are stuck on the top of reports? Why are we not able to get rid of them? Like yea, I'm thankful for the information that my units were released from someones traps or that my village moved via menhir, but I don't need to see that the whole freacking server. Why would I care about that after I seen it once? There is no limit to these messages, and when my sitter checks some reports before me, I need to scroll through 2 pages of those reports to get to that report which I want to see... Like yea, I can sort my reports, but why would I need to do that? Just give us some sort of delete button, or something like this...

    Example of those reports

    Screenshot by Lightshot

    What you are typing here is a complete nonsense. Yes, in the early game you can't gain that 20% bonus. I will be comparing Brewery to Roman HDT (horse drinking trough), there is no point in adding traps because they are useless in 90% of the whole server.

    Brewery wants level 20 granary and level 10 rally, HDT wants level 20 stable and rally point level 10 as well you need 652k resources for level 20 stable while for granary level 20 you need only 250k resources.

    So let's talk about bonuses which you get for the cost of these two buildings. Brewery costs 2,6m resources and you gain +20% of your whole army strenght.

    HDT costs 1,6m resources and you gain +20% training bonus in stables and great stables and -1 crop cons. out of all horses.

    So let's use this, 2 players are building an army for 10 days. One is teuton and the second one is roman. Both of them have everything maxed out and no helmet, no weapon, no hero bonus. Teuton is building clubs, teuton knight, ram and Roman Imperian, EC, ram. (Roman would go for cata, but still just for this time let's use this.)

    x3 server stats without Brewery and HDT

    Teuton in 10 days builds an army which costs 47,2m resources and eats 106,5k crop, strenght = 5,75m

    Roman in 10 days builds an army which costs 46m resources and eats 76,6k crop, strenght = 4,65m

    x3 server stats with Brewery and HDT

    Teuton in 10 days builds an army which costs 47,2m resources and eats 106,5k crop, strenght = 6,9m

    Roman in 10 days builds an army which costs 52,6m resources and eats 73,4k crop, strenght = 5,275m

    I guess that can prove you how usefull is Brewery. Well you stated one fact, you cannot aim with drunked troops. Yes, that is true, but you get another 20% for clearing robbers, which means you will have bigger army with less loses which will in the end game quite grow. And another thing, let me just bring up again your "its expensive for just 1%" 1% means A LOT. Brewery level 20 costs +- 600k resources. 600k resources is the same cost as for 233 teuton knight trained in great stables. The strenght of 233 TKs is 44,6k. That is still less then +1% in that 10 day army. And you said "offense % aren't rare" which is another BS. Show me 1 way how to get +1% which another nation cannot. I just want 1 way how can I get +1% which Teuton cannot.

    I would like to see a simple chat mute, as a player in intercom servers I ofter end up in a kingdom with chats in their own language and I'm not interested in these chats. So if someone will silence a chat that chat would no longer appear as a green (Unseen) chat but as a locked (that gray background), he can still type in that chat, read it and everything as a normal chat, but it will no longer pop up in a right down corner when someone types in that chat and it will no longer be green as a unseen chat.