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    Hero is Amritam itself. Hero is offender/deffender player. Always ready for adventures, fight, sieges, helping his king, dukes, friends. He is collecting different equipment for all tasks. If he decide to die, bucket is always ready. His name is part of songs and ladies sleeping rooms!

    Damn, it is snowing? All warriors said and look at their Commander :senator: .
    Commander smiled and replied.
    Snow is our secret ally.
    He helps us to see movement of enemy, or to hide our troops in the snow mist.
    He help us to be strong, because we need to clean it.
    He give us fun, because we can play with it.

    Name: Amritam. Server Com2x3

    It was a day which we can find only in old writings. Weather was hard. Strong winds with snowfall were unfriendly for everyone. Betwean building walls of empty streets in small town Nordoc, wind create sounds which was like crying. Two friends was sitting and word which they spoken were part of history written in the stone.

    Little Picasso , governor of small comunity, was sitting near warm fire in his Residence. Near him was Lito, his friend and town scout. Bouth of them were looking in map and letter from king Apoloxis from far away kingdom Eternity.

    „ It is enough. We are not flies. Nobody can catch us in web like spiders. No one likes spiders! . Little Picasso said loudly.

    „It is possible. We can do it!“ Said Lito to him. He hit with his left arm woden bowl on table near him. Red nectar called Oases sheded on surface. „ Ooops…“ He catch bowl before it fall down from table.

    „You shed my vine…“ Little Picasso said quitly but his eyes were fixed on the letter. „ Ah… we need to remove from here. We are like fishs here! Those wild teutons from near Ahru'dung are fishing us here. Old alliancies are dead. Nobody can help us any more!“

    Lito put his hand on friends shoulder. „ If we use those Menhir we can settle in Eternity. Don't cry! You'll find new friends there! There is always new friends around. “

    Little Picasso look in Lito's eyes and said. „ Yes, we will use this Manhir from Apoloxis! We will use old magic and settle far from here.

    Lito answear him. „ I said from beggining that we are not farm. Those teutons will fall one day. Yes, they will fall down from our hands.“

    I decide to play Travian Kingdom on 31st of October like every day. Everything looks normal at begginng, but then I start realised that something is not right. First, my Kingdom fall appart, and my towns were out of borders... I thought: "Shit!". My mind jump with scenario: I will stay without food, because I coudln't sell stolen treasuries... big femine is in front of me. Then I saw that somebody chiefed my second village. My baby was stolen. Aaaaaaa! ...and then I saw that my own attack from yesterday gone totaly wrong. Whole my hammer crashed on the walls... My mind jump again: Ah, now I need build then again, but I will have enough food instead of famine. After 3 bad info and one good (not any more problem with famine) i thought that nothing could be worse..... But, there is always cream on the top of straberry and I saw that cream... I saw new icon of coming attack. Red swords were looking art me. Then come second icon, third, fourth... they were just popin up. After 49 seconds there were "only" 37 coming attacks on my main villa. Then I calculated time of arriving and then realised - all of them are siege. I question myself: Why me? How is this possbile. Answer come in the second - Halloween.

    After freeing my spawn village from robbers, I am looking forward to organise strong kingdom, where all players feal equal, where we all play as one body, one mind. I am looking forward in the future, where my brothers in arm are developed, strong, without fear to strike other in right to defend ourselves. I am looking forward to see bright WW, how it rise as proud town breed from all of us, who have dream - WIN THIS GAME!