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    To be honest, i'm not in leading group and I'm not a jumper, so i don't have these informations. Nevertheless if i have them, I'll definetly not write them here :D
    Well, destroing Rolands villages was not just because spiking. The insults from his side were reason too. But i'm not authorizet to talk here about this thing, questions about this incident are rather for Hobbit.
    As guys wrote yesterday, plan with jumpers was like pocket plan. We didn't want to use it unless it was necessary. Roland and his spiking were not the reasons to use it. The main reason was that right after the start of server, we were alone against rest of the server. And we were forced to try everything to survive. When you are in really bad situation, but you have a secret weapon, are you bad one, when you use that weapon to save yourself? Moreover, we are not saying jumping is good or bad. We simply don't like the way it works, but it's ingame mechanic like every other and everyone can use it. We tryed to change it before this server, devs decided to implement it as it was on test, so here it is. I also don't like gauls traps, I think, its huge advantage in fist weeks, but you know, game mechanic... And as i wrote earlier, spiking is also legal game mechanic. But it's in game for years and during that time, most of players agreed its not fair. If we 'll spike, we'll be same bad as you. As i know, menhirs era 1.0 was just on few servers, its new thing. Right now and right here we are talking about if it's fair or not. We all know, that this mechanic is at least controversial and 'll be better to revork it. And this case is maybe the confirmation, that rework 'll remove one controversion think from this game.

    Well, yesterday, there was topic about this with more than 30 replays including statements from Hobbit, Taz and almost all our leaders. For some reason, moderators deleted this topic. So I won't write it all again. But my opinion, and some others'll agree, is this. Menhirs were tested on test servers. Our leaders tested them and wrote a lot of comments and warnings, that this situation can occur. Devs decided to not change menhirs and implement them in game as they were on tests. So, everyone could test menhirs on tests servers, everyone could read those warnings and prepare for this situation. The fact, that almost nobody did it and almost noone knew about this way of menhirs usage is just unpreparedness. And words like " we don't use them like that because it's abusing and not fair" are all lies in my eyes. Just trying to cover the unpreparedness. On the other way, if someone knew about this system and decided to not use it, it's just his fault, not ours. Those was legal game mechanic like the others in game, tested on test servers and implemented in game by devs. We can longly argue, if gauls village full of traps is also abusing the game mechanic. Our usage of menhirs is the same case. In my eyes, we are not abusers, our leaders just discovered new opportunity, which game offered. I understand that you are angy and frustrated, but i don't think, its our guilt. We just took the opportunity. I, and many others, dont like those pre2.0 Era menhirs, the way they work and I'm really looking forward to 2.0 Era and menhirs rework. Moreover many of us tried to prevent this situation. So this is my oppinion, and maybe some others. Is it enough?
    And to be honest, all those false accusations that we are cheaters, abusers and i don't know what else, were really sad and insulting. Now, we have really bad name in Kingdoms comunity and it'll take time to clear it. And that all just because ego of few feople was bigger, than their ability to admit defeat.

    It's not necesarry to pay multiple VPN's. There are well organized groups of people, which are able to do this as their pocket strategy. And they don't have to be multiaccounts. Maybe a few def players sacrifice their early start to masive boost their leader? After that, they'll play regular game on their regular accounts. Or maybe old friend's, which won't play that server, they'll spend few days, help their friend then delete account and don't play since another server start?There are ways how to do it at least semi legal...