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    Sept 16th is sooooo far away! Maybe then we will have something to do!

    So sad so many quit before even trying!

    Oh well, back to starving troops, hopefully they will be fat and happy soon! 🤞

    Wow, this COM4 forum is trippy, but I presume it's all part of the game. There will always be whiners, criers, and cheaters.

    Too bad some of you feel like you do, by not having fun anymore just because you believe that the game is lost with 57 days of play.

    Where's the spirit of competion?

    Where are the goals going that you have set for yourself when you decided to play this server being it Leader or Gov.

    We've all played long enough over the years to know that:

    spying ~ change your tactics

    multiple accts ~ report them to admin

    gold buyers ~ it's their money and our Hammers

    simmers ~ it's their time and you need them for T's

    hammers ~ are the WOW part of the game!

    It was designed like that. It's a 'Lord of the Flies' concept.

    Set up a Quiz night, Who are you chat, sports night, music chat, story telling, tactics, hints, noobie chat, joke chat, etc...

    besides all the Def/Off, market, scout, battle, settle and the endless chat rooms some kingdoms have and yes those are a necessary/mandatory part of the game but make it fun again for yourself and eachother!

    Discord, snapchat, etc... plus the game chats who has time to read all that and figure out their own strategy plus plan ops for Def/Off for 10-50 players!

    Sorry people I am still having fun and making new friends and hopefully keeping the old friends as well.

    So can we move on to something else, like ????

    I played the Dry Season on we FnF won on COM6.
    The hammers were much smaller due to the crop issue, so that made it a little easier for more players to do battle against eachother.
    It was at times a little boring more like a sim farmville which many had to do to feed their armies. It took gold buying to build/upgrade with any kind of speed, so your strategy on troop/res/building was defiently a challenge, especially for new players, ended up teaching many to keep them in the game, especially for those that don't buy gold, so building Def seemed to be the way many played. You need hundreds of players in your kingdom since the armies weren't huge for the Def of the WW, which if I remember correctly we had 4.9mil mixed def troops to defend with.
    You need to balance it out if you start another with some kind of higher reward for crop to lv 10 and city lv15. Maybe higher lv for cities. change the bonus crop from active treasures probably delete it. Then it would be DRY, very dry season.
    Depending on when it starts I would play it again. ;-)

    My purchase gold tab won't download. I just keep getting the spinning dotted circle!
    No adblock, I play from the US. I would like to buy but can't. Help please! :/

    Where did the troops go after they were captured then released from the attack? They were in my inbound but then never showed up! What happened to the horse when hero died on attack? Are these
    a new rule or a glitch on com5?