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    I wont give examples but that game is so old against others. If u want to play a community strategy war game u have a lot of option now(especially last 2 3 years). Turn based strategy games, real time strategy games... Those game types growing everyday:) They need less time, less diplomacy(some of them 0 diplomacy), more action, more fight, more fun

    + Grand strategy games (you know the company who is making that games)

    The gamemakers has to change a lot of things. Graphics, cheats, gaming time (150 days is to looooong)

    one more message, sorry for F1C, you are 4th but you were fantastic:)

    Sometimes every kingdom lives that drama(We were 5th last server). I hope it wont disappoint you, you are a nice and strong kingdom!

    thanks to everybody for these messages:)

    I am sorry for my negative language(especially Dominion, maybe BM):|

    It was a perfect server. At the end BM is 3rd:P

    Savoy did a perfect fight, if they take 2 ww or more they could win. If they didnt take anything F1C could win. The hard thing has done and we won:love:

    I was hopeless at the end of yesterday, was really crying:P but i woke up and saw our victory LOL^^

    It was a bad server for my statics. I had tons of defence(i couldnt use them;() but its not important. Our family is winner! It was honor to play with UNTOLD family!

    we attacked them AFTER we backed out of the treaty seing how we were providing them with defense against you guys and in return we got nothing so we decide to break our alliance with them and take their treasures instead of letting you have them after we paid for them with our troops defending them... clearly shows how uninformed you are about dominions internal affairs

    we did defend our allies in paragon, poland and phoenix like i just stated but not INACTIVES villages mainly their treasury unless you refer to those as "inactives"

    so whats your point there?

    You couldnt defend your WW and tried to defend other kingdoms. I was talking about that. Nice tactic.

    Someone use spies in your kingdom and take infos and you attacked others. That is good tactic too

    Continue that clear game, you can break you alliance whenever you want (it was their worst days but it is not important)


    + dont speak about clear game, as i know hou were in alliance with Phoenix when you attack them. You defended our inactive farming villages of Paragon+Rp Polan

    I mean anyone's victory is in our hands, but we already told you that before I believe

    If savoy has good hammers they will win. If they had no F1C win. If you build some lvl we win and you will be second. It is so basic:D

    And i am sure UNTOLD's lose is more important for your own place for you:P

    So much power in the hands of a single kingdom :P

    Btw, I think its 33% for each one of you to win at this point, it really depends on Savoy hammers and F1C hammers and whatever you guys are sending on our second WW

    Do u believe your words?:P

    I am sorry to say that but our victory in your hands:D So we can say that F1C will win if Savoy has no big hammers. If they have(i hope) Savoy will

    I mean, we had some troops leftover, crashing on Savoy to make no damage and delay the server was pointless
    Crashing on you same you have even more def
    Crashing on Dominion we had the chance of chiefing the WW and have some fun with the remaining troops we had

    Don't worry though, Savoy will chief F1C WWs and you are going to win regardless :) Afterall Savoy was trying to win in the first place, putting you in second place prevented that, you might win!!

    Okay my second option is true then:D

    I gave to F1C %50 chance, %25 to Savoy, %25 to us. Everything can happen

    Working together? What?

    think that, someone use spies in your kingdom, and that kingdom is fourth and you are fifth

    And u dive first one with that defence???

    If they didnt work with u, they are most useless kingdom ever. With 60 players, u cannot give a ww to enemy(they didnt take any attack from any kingdom and they have just 800k def) Worse than a local server kingdom. No tactic, no gaming...

    Or they are with u

    I think this com3 forum surpassed Com2 round 8 posts which was at 1.1k...

    Seems you guys are getting more and more active in forums and less active ingame?

    we had no half player of that server it is a reason. But you are right:)