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    pek benden buraya kadar sizin bu yaptıgınız oyunu hiç kimseye tavsiye etmiyorum ve kimseyede önermeyecegimi önemle arz ederim saygılarımla

    ha bu arada ne kadar düşük seviyeli oyun oldugunuzda belli ettiniz bunun için sizleri tebrik ediyorum çok düşük seviyeli oyun oynattıgınızı bile belli oldu tebrikler TRAVİN KİGDON

    Güle güle yağız delikanlı;(

    yes yes you don't know nothing xD

    So suck it up and learn to play better don't cry every time things don't go your way

    There is nothing in the rules against tactically placing players in other kingdoms to gain intel!!!

    You gain friends from kingdoms. They trust you. They share somthing with you. Then, you betray them xD

    You are misarable man.

    I think spiking on gray villages is a tactic too for you xD

    Rofl ! ! Okay, please accept my apologies for the misplaced humor. I'm sincerely sorry about the way my joke turned out. Rip.

    No problem, my problem isn't agaisnt you. I know you didnt write it for racism. Someones use it

    Maybe you don't know (maybe you are just ignorant)

    but it's also against the rules to post ingame messages (in any language)

    You wanted evidence, am i right?????

    Human laguage pls

    What is the ''Human language'' ?????

    Can u explain that? or Bm , attorney of every kingdom against UNTOLD, can explaint that :D

    and about Forum rules... I can see how you are conscious from Ryland's ART ;)

    I don't want the argue with you, just want to play my game. But you don't allow it. If you have some words against us, waiting in our villages BM.:D

    In English please

    racism is about respect & when you show some respect maybe you will earn some in return
    (posting in Turkish in an International English forum is very racist to all other Countries)

    it was a screenschot. How can he change it? They can translate it if they wonder ;) And Unlimited Power translated it shortly

    Maybe we can also talk about the BM spy in Dominion.We know most of the dirty aspects of the BM, but you are spoiled because we don't tell them out loud. We can do as you do in every game world, but we do not like crying very much.

    Stop crying. You are not sincere X(

    Clowns from STARS don't even get to have an opinion. Take a seat.

    Our friends don't know anything, you know everything about us =O


    You are in every kingdoms with spies expect us and you fool them with your spies. Why Dominion was defending Paragon with no reason or why Savoy fight on the other end of the map while standing beside you, aren't u a danger? Maybe they don't see you as a danger like us :D:D:D

    You can do manipulations at all kingdoms expect us and don't try it;)

    And try to be taken reputable enemy by other kingdoms. Nobody cares about you and you try to create an agenda for talking about you. Leave these cheap playz:thumbdown:

    If we talk about integrety and spies, could we then just leave my kingdom chats out of the picture?

    We are transparent bro. Many kingdoms tell lies about UNTOLD, but I can understand it. We fight on one side against SOMBRAS(TEMP+Phoenix) + Dominion + Paragon + Rp Polan [142 players, this alliance had 250 players:/, many of them has left:(], and on the other side against F1C + Savoy [200 players] with only 90 players. Most of them are valued kingdoms. We didn't fight against kingdoms that have 20-25 players. We use ''indigestion'' word for this situation in Turkish.

    Maybe we won't win, but Im sure of that, everybody will be fan of us, BM players too:P

    as i see some BM members like Ryland are just adolescents or asocial. I think you should focus on your team's devolopment and education instead of taking care of our villages, our game style

    If you suspect something report it, no?

    But meh I think you should get your own house in order before you can even start down this path .....

    UNTOLD are abusing at "leaders level" claiming to be great & playing a dirty game, same as many of those accounts do every server they play, maybe one day you'll all be good enough to play a great game without making yourselves look Cheap

    Everybody can see that this was a multi account.

    About us... As u said, if you suspect something report it, no?

    Russians - Always working togheter. That should be fact alone. Several empire medals as well oh and there was a fake op as well that opened for some bvb attacks..
    I still call for a com server where russian ips, flags and names shouldn't be allowed so we for once can enjoy a server without cheat and exploits

    ha ha ha bu oyunda ne kadar ateşkes olsada oyunda ateşkesi ihlal eden çok olur merak etmeyin derim ha ha ha adamlar oyuna biraz dürüst ve adil yapsalar oyun on numara olurdu ama anca 3.yıldız hakediyor her sene bu oyuna puanım %0.3 başka verecek puanım yok oda sohbet oldugu için veriyorum sadece şimdiden ramazan bayramınızı en içten dileklerimle kutlar oyuna adil ve dürüstlük gelmesi dilegimle