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    So sorry, I will write something about it tonight. was busy with the game :)

    Finally found some time to write...

    • Let me first add some info about a hero double. I think you should be able to buy hero double at the market or win it in an adventure.

    Hero double could mean that you have same hero twice for a limited amount of time. Imagine you can send 1 hero to an adventure and 1 hero with an attack. Or defend with 1 hero and attack with the other. The only thing is that the hero will always be identical to the other. My guess is that this is a lot of work for the programmers.

    • B-Day hero mode

    Well, here you can go as crazy as you like :) You can give him a B-day hat or dress him up in B-Day clothes. You can win a Present on an adventure to open it and get a pressurize. Make the horse in B-Day mode. Example:

    You can put flowers in hero's hand or put a B-day had or show presents in the background. You can change all the weapons to a bit of a birthday look.


    • Now a bit about hospital

    It is nice how you guys added the possibility to heal 30% or was it 40% of your troops in Legends. For an attacker this is great news.

    I think it would be nice to have the hospital in the beginning of the game, cause this would make raiding a bit more difficult and a bit easier start for a defender. This also means that all the new players have a better fighting chance and will stay longer playing Travian and maybe become long term players.

    Every lvl can heal a certain amount of troops but to get to a much higher building lvl you need to have like a lvl 20 academy and do the research. So in the beginning of the game you would be able to heal 500 troops in total. You could make healing a very long process to not make it to easy for defenders.

    Anyway these are just some ideas :)

    Here is my list of what extra's you could add to your B-Dsay Bash

    • Hide more rss in cranny
    • Train troops faster
    • New building (hospital)
    • A Hero double for a certain time
    • A new kind of animal in oasis
    • Village/City B-Day Skins
    • Hero in B-Day mode
    • Firework in villages

    I think the game has endless possibilities and so many ideas can be thought of by the community.

    Good luck guys and Happy B-Day ;)